How to prevent your laptop from damage

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How to prevent your laptop from damage


Repair notebooks and tablet PC is very expensive. Most warranties or extended service plans do not cover accidental damage caused by the user. If the PC shows evidence or signs of such damage, most warranties or extended service plans will not accept claims, including claims for problems unrelated components. An HP notebook is designed for use in an office environment and can withstand the demands that are in that environment.

The casing, screen and other hardware components are not designed for field or the playground. As such, it is not a toy and should be treated that way. Follow some simple best practices for handling a notebook avoid paying costly maintenance in the future. This document details some of these best practices and also provides a guide to protect your HP mini 110 battery data and personal information. The main causes of damage to the notebooks are heat, moisture, dirt, electrostatic discharge (ESD) and magnetism. Here are some ideas to protect the notebook of such damages:

Heat: heat, both from an external source, such as leaving the HP pavilion dv3 battery inside a car with high temperature or an internal source, such as the power supply itself from the notebook, get out of the sensitive components plate system and CPU on your computer. Block the ventilation holes allows fans of the notebook cool these components, which could melt or be damaged in some way.

Humidity: liquids that fall between the keys of a notebook are dangerous because the major components of it (hard drive, system board and processor) are located underneath the HP pavilion dv6 battery keyboard and are not contained within a waterproof container .

Dirty: Filth dust can block the opening of the fan, which makes the HP pavilion dv8000 battery fans do not effectively cool the sensitive components of the system board and CPU of the computer. Also, playground materials, such as dust, dirt and sand can seep into the cracks of the notebook casing and damage the components. Never use a notebook in a playground.

Electrostatic charge (ESD) and magnetism: magnets can erase the electronic information from Compaq Presario CQ42 battery hard drives and disks. Electrostatic discharge may cause permanent damage to memory chips and CPUs. Do not expose a notebook to magnetism, whether a child's toy or a computer scientist. Never touch the exposed components of a notebook if you are working in an environment grounded antistatic.

5 Advantages of Apple MacBook Pro 15" 2011

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5 Advantages of Apple MacBook Pro 15" 2011

Externally, MacBook Pro 2011 models changes very little compare to the 2010, but their differences are enormous. Apple has tested a 15-inch set with the new Sandy Bridge processors from Intel.


New processors: Sandy Bridge provides best values
The tested Apple Macbook Pro 15-inch battery model features a new 2.2 gigahertz (GHz) has fast Intel Core i7 processor with four cores and four gigabytes (GB) of memory (RAM). The test gave the best values ​​combination: the speed of office applications, and Internet applications in audio, video, photo processing and in programs with high memory requirements convinced all along the line and reached the perfect score 1.00 (very good). Support the programs, the quad-core architecture is optimal, more improvement is possible: in the presentation of an image calculated in the render program Modo in 26 seconds. The fastest MacBook Pro in 2010 took over a minute.

New Graphics: Efficient and fast
The Apple Macbook Pro 15 2011 has low requirements of Intel's economical HD 3000 Graphics calculation. Most the laptop like Dell inspiron mini 10 battery are using the HD 3000. If more performance is required, skip the AMD Radeon HD 6750M with a gigabyte of GDDR5 memory into the breach. The switching is automatic and unnoticeable to the user. Apple promises a three times better graphics performance than its predecessor. This MacBook Pro has grown even modern 3D games. With Windows 7, the calculated unit 35 frames per second for DirectX 9 games and about 25 pictures at DirectX 10 and 11 games. If you are in a particular case, the settings reset something, a fluid game experience is no obstacle.

Lightning Fast: Thunderbolt interface
The inconspicuous flash at each terminal can tell your all. With up to ten gigabits per second that the twice as Dell studio 15 battery, Apple offers for the first time its new high-speed interface: Thunderbolt is a joint development with Intel. Up to six devices can be connected together and supply on demand with up to ten watts. According to Apple's and Intel's desire to help encourage other manufacturers Thunderbolt. At the presentation showed Apple the following scenario: a MacBook Pro controls an editing program that prints the same time via RAID system (composite of multiple disks), four Full HD video streams on a Cinema Display. All components are connected by a Thunderbolt.

FaceTime now in HD
Video telephony is known at least since Skype. With FaceTime fired Apple's own applications on devices such as iPhone and iPad away. The MacBook Pro is now equipped with a high resolution camera. Bandwidth and a current with a MacBook Pro provided equipped counterpart, you will now enjoy high-resolution (720p) video streams. In the test, the image was convincing with a high level of detail that means you can call your friend face to face instead of start your MSN on your Dell studio 17 battery .

Battery and operating noise
With fully enlightened display, by circumventing the austerity measures, the battery lasted just 2.5 hours. With a little caution in the everyday settings is much more to it. Apple promises even up to seven hours of run time that 2 hours longer than Dell xps m1310 battery 5 hours. At moderate power requirements, the notebook was about one sone really quiet. Under full load it with just under four Sone roared as loud as a desktop computer.

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Some advice when buying laptops

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Takes you through each other's huge selection of laptops? Then helps the interactive buying advice. Large or small? Fast or cheap like Dell latitude d400 battery ? After answering a few questions should COMPUTER you the most popular notebooks for you at the most appropriate category.

What you need
Mobile computers that replace a desktop PC should be equipped with a large screen and see in terms of computing power. Do you want to gamble on the notebook and PC games in your Compaq presario c700 battery , not only the main processor is essential - the graphics performance and memory must be generous.

Hard drive and display: To view the complete music and video collection, a hard drive with enough storage space needed. A screen in widescreen format can play movies with fully size. The Dell latitude d420 battery maybe a good choise.

Weight and battery performance: who travel frequently with his Dell precision m60 battery, the total weight can not be ignored. The laptop that its weight below three kilograms is the best laptop to load the luggage. To achieve independence remain from the next outlet, the battery must work for a long time. Special mobile processors work very efficiently and help to extend the term.
Other important features of purchase: Desk Notebook, mobile office and multimedia station - on what you should pay close attention when buying, can be found on the following pages.

Tablet PCs are better than netbooks and notebooks?
Replace Tablet PCs - most notably Apple's iPad - gradually the Netbooks? Does the operation by touch screen only advantages or are there good reasons to not to buy? COMPUTER compares the strengths and weaknesses.

Why we buy a laptop as replacement for the desktop PC

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We also buy a laptop as the following four reason in our work

1.Replace a desktop PC
2.Flexible throughout the building work
3.Have a complete computer for all cases
4.Occasionally play on notebook

Notebooks are not only flexible traveling companion, also we can take Compaq presario cq70 battery here and there, even at home they make a good impression. Whether at your desk, on the sofa or in the garden: With a laptop you keep moving. And if the mobile computer is not needed, it will disappear in the drawer.

Full power
It is important that your notebook PC as a controlled substitute all the functions you need. The Compaq presario cq60 battery processor does not require the energy-saving model. This indeed reduces the battery life, but this fact is the home-use not as significant, after all, the nearest power outlet nearby. A mobile processor with two cores is a good choice.

Plenty of storage and many connections
The amount of RAM should be at least two gigabytes, four gigabytes are recommended. Videos, photos, MP3s and require much space, so the Compaq presario c700 battery hard disk should be generous, 500 gigabytes, it may well be. DVD burner and various connection options for printers, scanners and other accessories are required. If you connect your notebook to a larger monitor or TV? Then a digital (DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort) are important.

"Guides: Useful accessories for the Notebook

Large display
The monitor should have at least a 15-inch diagonal. Browser and office programs work with fewer, more videos, games, pictures only come fully to bear on a larger monitor, Compaq HP 6715b battery has 17-inch screen .

Game use
Important for gaming performance: The Compaq HP 6710b battery notebook should be equipped with a powerful graphics processor. Graphics chips into the motherboard (onboard) or are integrated into the processor, usually only offer limited gaming capabilities. In each notebook test of COMPUTER BILD is to specify the game speed.

If you already have all the programs you need? If so, a generous software package is unnecessary. If not, look for office software. Programs you need to purchase the event, you easily cost a few hundred euros extra.

Apple iPad 2: Faster, leaner, more versatile The left is Steve Jobs does not take: Although dise

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The left is Steve Jobs does not take: Although disease of the Apple boss presented himself before the iPad second COMPUTER you will learn all about the new Apple Tablet PC!

Speed: Dual-core power
IPad 2 has a gigahertz processor, clocked with a "A5 SOC" (developed by Apple) with two computing cores. The manufacturer promises a substantially improved operating speed, in graphic applications sometimes even up to nine times more power than the first iPad. The first practical test shows: Apps start noticeably faster, Apple macbook pro battery applications like video editing with the new iMovie and complex 3D racing games run smoothly agreeable.

Cameras for high-definition video and Face Time
New: The Apple ibook g4 battery iPad 2 has two cameras. On the back is a digital camera with HD video function that films with a resolution of 1280x720 pixels. For video telephony is a front camera with VGA resolution (640x480 pixels) available. The focus is at your fingertips. Geotagging for photos and videos is possible with the 3G version with a GPS receiver, UMTS and WLAN network. IPad 2 with WLAN can carry on this way the digital compass and a location determination.

Smartphones and tablet PCs are increasingly more and more influence daily life. With the right software to make equipment more productive, safer and more fun. The range of programs is now huge and especially for newcomers to overlook. Therefore shows COMPUTER regularly recommended apps for Android, Blackberry, Apple a1175 's IOS, Symbian, Windows Mobile 7 and Palm OS web.

To apps on Apple a1078 devices such as iPhone, iPod, or to install iPad, following the specified COMPUTER download link to Apple's purchase and download platform iTunes Store. Alternatively, call the iTunes Store directly - either on your device or the desktop operating systems Windows and Mac OS X - and search for the particular program name.

Medion Akoya E1226 Review

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With the Akoya E1226 presents discount supplier Medion an ultra portable netbook. However, the mini computer is not working very contemporary with an outdated Intel Atom N455 processor. But the shine machine with fast wireless and wired connections may ..

The Akoya E1226 puts the Intel Atom processor N455, the computational core at 1.66 GHz clock speed running. That's enough for working with office applications and for surfing the Internet, for computationally intensive tasks like video editing or image processing is too slow. Like most netbooks, the Akoya E1226 and Dell inspiron 6400 battery is not graphically complex 3D games are suitable. The processor in the integrated graphics chip Intel GMA 3150 has no own memory, calculates an average of only one picture per second. This action games run smoothly, around 40 frames per second are necessary.

Quick Start and data exchange
If you just briefly to retrieve his e-mails, read news on the Internet or listening will need Windows to not load with Medion fastboot start within seconds a mini operating system. For wireless communication with mobile Bluetooth 3.0 is onboard. Also, a network connection (LAN) and fast wireless internet access are installed. Problems in the test makes the USB 3.0 socket: In some cases, does not recognize the Akoya external USB 3.0 hard drives. According to Medion and Dell inspiron e1705 battery is the latest to launch on 3 March, a driver-update under ready.

solide performance
Current generation processors, the Intel Atom are long with two computing cores to process more quickly forthcoming to face. Medion Akoya E1226 and Dell vostro 1510 battery still installed in the older version Intel Atom N455, which has to do with a CPU core. As in the device class of the usual micro-computer is equipped with 1,024 MB of RAM. Adequately designed, the disk features. The mini computer is home to a disk with a capacity of 250 GB. An optical drive is, as usual in the class of devices, not on board. An external retrofitting is possible.

Good equipment
So that the user of the Akoya E1226 and Dell inspiron 1750 battery can also travel with family, friends or colleagues stay in touch, the netbook has a webcam that works with a resolution of 1.3 megapixels. Video phone calls so there is no obstacle too dar. the radio equipment is worth: How does the contact have been to a corresponding access point over a wireless network module that supports the current fastest n standard. The wireless connect to wireless keyboards, mice and suitable mobile phones of the mini computer is via the standard Bluetooth 3.0 ago. Noteworthy: In addition to two USB 2.0 interfaces, and a faster connection for the 3.0 standard on board, which is - appropriate terminal condition - offers significantly higher data throughput.

Operation and processing
The Mouse works reliably and accurately. Slightly notchy: The touchpad is indeed operated with two fingers, such as zoom image content, because of the small area but this is tedious. The hinge-life test of the Dell vostro 1710 battery netbook is without injuries: Even after 21,000 repeated opening and closing the screen lid, there are no errors. When liquid test it falls through

Asus ET2203T All-in-one PC and Asus Eee PC T91 with single-touch input

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Asus ET2203T All-in-one PC and Asus Eee PC T91 with single-touch input


From Asus ET2203T Dell inspiron 6400 battery was the another all-in-One PC officially introduced and this is thanks to the combination of dual-core processor, ATI Radeon graphics card and the operating system Windows 7 are primarily used in multimedia applications.

Included in the new Dell inspiron 1501 battery Eee PC features a 21.6 inch model ET2203T Single Touch Anti Glare Screen, which supports a resolution of 1520 x 1080 pixels, and the touch screen input and to follow an Intel Pentium Dual Core T4300 processor with 2.1GHz clock frequency. Continues to follow an Intel PM45 chipset ICH9, 802.11b/g/n an ATI Radeon 4570 graphics card with 256MB video RAM, 10/100/1000 Ethernet LAN, WiFi, 4GB of DDR2 RAM, a 320GB hard drive, a Super-Multi DVD drive, a 1 megapixel webcam, 2 x 3 Watt Hi-Fi speakers with SRS Premium Sound technology, a card reader for SD / MMC / Memory Stick memory cards, connectors 6x USB 2.0, HDMI, headphone, microphone, and included a wireless mouse and keyboard.

The new Dell inspiron 1525 battery Eee PC ET2003T with Windows 7 Home Premium in Germany and Austria now available and the price of the new All-in-one PCs is specified with 799 .

After we had you already presented a number of new Asus Netbooks laptop battery, which in an improved version of Windows 7 will come on the market, now the new Asus Eee PC T91 Tablet PC is available at

The new Eee PC T91 retains this add the 8.9-inch display and the Dell inspiron 1520 battery processor and is a standard 160GB hard drive, Windows 7 operating system, multi-touch support and a choice between the two designs black and white. The price of the new Asus Eee PC T91 should come to about 506 and this is probably right on 22 Be available in October.

9 Tips for saving your laptop battery Follow the detail tips below, you can increase the laptop b

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9 Tips for saving your laptop battery

Follow the detail tips below, you can increase the laptop battery life of a year or more.

1. The first thing you should care about the screen brightness. You should check whether you can adjust the brightness of your laptop screen to the lowest level. Of course this is individell. One wants a little brighter, the other slightly darker. The fact is that you can not only extend the battery life significantly, but also the increas the battery working time.

2. Next, close the unnecessary applications, often running in the background are eliminated. Bluetooth software, etc. You should stop completely, as long as they are not needed. Through these applications, the CPU is forced to run faster, that exhaust the Apple macbook pro 13 inch battery power.

3. Note the settings of the power management features in the operating system. In Windows XP you can make this setting in Power Options in Control Panel. On Vista in the "Mobile PC" also in the Control Panel. After five or 10 minutes of inactivity, the laptop should go into retirement. If you leave your job, then you close the screen.

4. If you want to do a full scan such as fix virus, then you do this only if your device is connected to a power source. Such a scan, the CPU can also load in high rate (over 50% or more) that reducing the Apple macbook pro 15 inch battery working time.

5. Multimedia applications should be kept to a minimum. Even the simple listening to music. It's incredible to consume too much power, even if you only heard a few minutes of music. The discharge of the Apple macbook pro 17 inch battery is accelerated enormously.

6. You should also make sure that all the accessories which is not currently in use is no longer connected to the Laptop. Even small accessories served immediately on the laptop battery. You can connect the accessories any time when you need it.

7. If you are not using wireless connection, you should disable this interface. This will immensely save your Apple powerbook g4 15 inch battery power, because the computer is no longer forced to constantly search for a wireless network. Turn it on again when you need it. Generally, the devices can quickly built up a needed connection.

8. You should remove PC cards in your laptop. As the power consumption by PC cards is depressed.

9. You should absolutely make sure that your Apple powerbook g4 12 inch battery is almost completely discharged before you charge it again. It will shorten the life of battery, if you charge a laptop battery in 50% state.

As you can follow the above 9 tips, it's not difficult to increase the life of your laptop battery significantly.

BenQ EW2430 and EW2430V: new LED monitors with high contrast and VA technology

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BenQ EW2430 and EW2430V: new LED monitors with high contrast and VA technology

BenQ out of the house, we announce to you the new momentum of the "Vertical Alignment (VA) LED displays, which are adjustable in height. The new LED monitors bring a further feature, a new 8-bit color panel with him, the 4-5 hours lasting Dell xps m1530 battery and the LED backlighting makes for a very high dynamic contrast ratio of 20.000.000:1. The technical data of the new LED monitors in the overview:

8-bit color panel
Full-HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels
Contrast 3000:1 (static), 20.000.000:1 (dynamic)
Senseye Human Vision Technology
24-inch size
6Cell laptop battery
Interface: 2x HDMI, D-Sub, DVI
Height adjustable thanks to Vertical Alignment (VA)
The new monitors in the first quarter of 2011 in Europe as models and EW2430 EW2430V appear in the trade. Prices we are currently not yet available.

The Taiwanese company BenQ announced last Friday, two LED displays. is on the one hand it is the monitor with the labeling EW2430 and on the other hand, it's about the EW2430V.

Both models come with screen sizes of 24 inches, a resolution of 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) and with a native contrast ratio of 3,000:1. The contrast can be controlled dynamically. Furthermore, there are two HDMI inputs, D-Sub and a DVI port.

The model marked EW2430V is compared to the EW2430 with Smart Focus, Super Resolution, PIP / PIB, 3D deinterlacing and 3D noise reduction to be equipped.

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what cause laptop short circuit

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what cause laptop short circuit


My laptop is short circuiting, and now it can not turn on when I press the power button. the adapter light green but once i put it into the laptop and try to power it up, the adapter light turns off. I give a call to Dell Customer service to get some help, My god they said there are something wrong with my motherboard so I shoud replace a new one with 400$ (the laptop is out of warranty). If I can repair it by myself the 400$ is too expensive? The laptop is an Dell inspiron 1501 battery. Thanks!

Generally physical or electrical damage in your laptop can cause a short circuit. A short circuit will consume all available energy, can not turn on laptop. If your Dell studio 15 battery power supply is lit when plugde into the wall, but then turns off when you plug in the laptop, you probably have a short circuit.

Troubleshooting Shorts

An ohmmeter / multimeter reading less than ~ 3 ohms, if you go to the resistance between the sides of the power in a short circuit. When used Measureing between the power pins and then go to the back of the computer, consider the pins 2, where it is expected that the voltage on the AC adapter. If the resistance indicates a short circuit, this is bad.

A common trick is to isolate the possible problems to eliminate all that it could be a short circuit. Remove the Dell studio 1537 battery, hard drive, DVD / CD, floppy, PCMCIA cards, USB, Mini-PCI cards. See if your computer back on.

You might luck with a thermal imaging camera (see article below), a hot spot caused by the short circuit to find.

Fluid loss

  • Laptops, small amounts of spilled liquids are exposed in some cases repaired. Liquid, the following types of damage:
  • short circuit caused by the wet liquid (problem disappears after the evaporation of liquid)
  • short circuit caused by liquid residue
  • Corrosion (especially bad with soda like Coke or Pepsi)
  • Dell studio 1735 battery Electronics up short damanged

Once a spill occurs, you may want to disable the laptop, turn the laptop upside down (so that the fluid leaves the same way you came), remove the motor and the Dell vostro 1000 battery and let dry at least overnight.

The computer shuts off randomly

The equipment can shut off: congestion in the power supply, overheated processor locked / fan, overheating of the Dell studio 1737 battery , slide the power switch, Windows says the BIOS says loose wires (especially the power cord ) or intermittent short circuit.

The most common problem is cooling. Try a little air conditioning there. End when the fan is defective or clogged with dust (common over HP-problem).

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