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The Laptop battery life shorten in 5 reason

By laptopsbattery - August 19th, 2010, 23:33, Category: General

When We buy laptop battery on the market, the battery manufactures also claimed that their laptop battery life is 12 -15 month (300-500 recharge cycles). But after used 10 month our battery failed. For example the Dell inspiron 1545 battery comes with 1 year warranty but it is also dead in 10 -11 months. Why? The Dell's 1 year warranty is Calculated clear about laptop the battery life.

There maybe caused by our laptop battery daily using method. Now List 5 reasons may shorten your laptop battery life below.

1. Heat - Place the power supply to the laptop while the battery is charging hardly over time. Leave the laptop on a screen, radiator or window of the car in the sun the most common cause of decreased heat production (more than a month).

2.Use the battery until it is fully discharged. Lithium ion Inspiron 6000 batteries tend to be longer if you avoid using it when it is nearly empty. Try loading everything right before it is empty (as often as possible).

3. Leave the battery in a fully discharged state. Usually this happens when you change the system again now after a few minutes after the use for low battery, and then we will not charge the battery for several months. The battery does not charge a security mechanism in the battery to prevent overheating and possible explosion, which could result from the imposition of a completely discharged battery.

4. Incorrect AC adaptor used. If the AC Adapter you used with too low voltage or current rating, the laptop can work but the battery can not charge. The situation last a long time and the Inspiron 6400 battery life shorten. So please use the original AC adapter when charging the laptop battery.

5. The extensive use of battery. The lithium ion XPS M1530 batteries are 250-500 full charge / discharge cycles (depending on the assessment of cells), at what point is an ability by 50%. After rapidly deteriorating. All lithium ion batteries have a limited life and must be replaced after each use.

Tip: To prevent the battery fully discharged for long periods when not in use (eg school holidays) at full load and remove the batteries from the notebook and store in a cool place until the next time you need. use

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8 Tips to improve laptop battery running time

By laptopsbattery - August 19th, 2010, 20:27, Category: General

Sometimes we found that the laptop battery running time can not get the maximum as the Laptop manufacture claimed. In Dell website the Dell 9 Cell extend Dell Inspiron 1520 battery can last 7 hours (so long time). But in our daily use the battery only can run 5-6 hours. Where did the rest 1 hours go? In fact the 7 hours is the standard time that the battery run in the strict situation.

Below the list the strict situation for you to get back the lost 1 hours. To increase the Vostro 1510 battery discharge time (maximum running time), try the following tips:

1. Set the Control Panel - Power profile to Max Battery and use timeouts to hibernate the system when not being used for more than ten minutes or so.

2. Set the power settings so that the screen and hard disk are disabled after five minutes of inactivity.

3. Reduce the screen brightness as much as you can.

4. Switch off the wireless card whenever you are not using it that can save Dell inspiron 6000 battery power.

5. Disconnect any peripherals eg if you use a USB flash memory stick, copy any files you need and then unplug it. This can give an extra 20 minutes or so of use.

6. Do not connect PCMCIA cards (PC cards) unless you need to use them. Remove them when not needed.

7. Change the Control Panel - Alarm settings to their absolute minimum (eg 4%). This can gain an extra ten minutes of use (but the notebook may cut out suddenly if you have a degraded Dell Latitude D830 battery).

8. Do not access a CD more than required. If possible copy or install any software you might need from the CD onto the hard disk and then remove the CD.

Though the 8 tips above may reduce our laptop using experience , but to save the cost of buying another battery. We'd better follow the tips when using laptop with the Dell latitude D620 battery .

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Four Tips to Prevents your laptop from overheating

By laptopsbattery - August 13th, 2010, 23:09, Category: General


Laptops now offer many advantages over desktop computer equipment, provided they are not for gaming or design, as the desktop computer equipment are a bit more powerful than laptops. One of the advantages is that notebooks offer portability is to be always connected or anywhere in the house as power supply by laptop battery , but also they are so compact and the fight for processing power and generate more overheating.

Below list Four Tips to prevent the laptop from overheating, it can help in some way to fix the laptop problem caused by overheating.

1. Maintenance-free ventilation .- laptops are very susceptible to heat, and the accumulation of dirt, dust and other debris on all the fans that make your laptop overheating. To avoid this you must keep your computer clean and especially avoid place the laptop to hot dirty, dust animal hair place. if that happens, clean vents, two fans at the bottom and side (base) a cold air making the atmosphere and leads to the inside of the notebook (processor) through cooling systems and the other order to throw the hot air out of the Notebook, with this your computer should work fine. Also you can use the other tools ventilation. My last Dell Inspiron 1545 battery only work for 2 years in the printing house.

2. Keep lit only when necessary. Laptops are very thrifty in terms of energy, so you need not be lit the whole time, if not using it, turn it off or programs energy savings for every certain period of inactivity that goes or hibernate automatically with this simple action saves energy and lengthen the life of your equipment and prevent overheating, and that over time anyway to get this problem if you do not have the necessary care.

3. Periodic maintenance program .- Keep a regular schedule of preventive maintenance that includes hardware and software for your laptop already time to time (maybe every six months), will depend your using environment , usually in mints areas affecting the entry of dust and ventilation in humid areas is oxidized metal parts (source)

4. Using coolers .-It is an accessory common enough for laptops that are used to keep the acceptable temperature, the device is installed at the base of the laptop, depending on the model and price, can help to diminish somewhat the problem of overheating.

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The 6Cell Primamy Lithium Battery Dell Vostro 1310 battery Review

By laptopsbattery - August 13th, 2010, 16:09, Category: General

The Dell Vostro 1310 is a series of Intel processors (from 1.86 M540 2.6 GHz Celeron M Core 2 Duo T9500). There are two offers 13.3-inch screen, a 1280x800 WXGA with matte anti-glare coating and 1280x800 WXGA "TrueLife" glossy display. The notebook can take up to 4 GB of RAM and Dell offers both 32 - bit Microsoft Windows Vista Business. As the Dell last vostro series laptop, the Dell Vostro 1310 battery is the 6Cell lithium-ion battery that can last 3 hours (Dell Claims). Now I select some review about the Dell vostro 1310 battery.

Dell 6Cell Vostro 1310 battery Tech specs :
Device type : Laptop battery
Brand : Dell
Technology : 6Cell Lithium-Ion
Capacity : 2200mAh
Battery Code : T112C, T114C, N950C, 312-0724
Compatible model: Vostro 1510 /1520 /2510 /1310 /1320

Dell Vostro 1310 Battery detail info :
High quality and rechargeable ( between 300 to 400 charge-discharge cycles).
Offers reliable power for dependable performance tested by
The battery can power laptop when you are traveling on business or vacation. It also provides uninterrupted reliable performance you need to get the most out of your system. This product has been tested and validated on Dell systems. It is supported by Dell Technical Support when used with a Dell system. The product has 1 Year warranty.

Dell Vostro 1310 battery Customer Review :

I bought a Dell Vostro 1510 in April 2009 (about now 15 months old), that came with the 6 cell Vostro 1510 battery as standard. Incredibly impressive battery life since the beginning, not more than about 3.5 hours. It has since steadily degrading, since this morning, I got a message saying the operating system that my battery is nearing the end of their useful life.

The replacement review in Amazon

I bought this Dell 1310 battery, then ran two tests of the discharge / charge. Says my Dell 1310 laptop for three hours in both cases, and loads in less than two hours in both cases the same results as the original battery from Dell. At $ 85, unless a replacement battery from Dell, and with one year warranty seems a very good value.

I think that's 8 hours charge time (to write the time of loading long ") indicates your computer, power supply or battery is defective.

About 25 days later: The battery is not - he now leads the team in just two hours and then quits. The laptop is not working properly, as it is turned off with a small Vostro 1520 battery, when the counter shows the remaining 35% if the battery is sealed. returned, the levy of 35%, so it seems, two cells completely failed. My return, the battery of the Amazon.

The spare battery sold here is largely in the original. The fit is slightly worse than the original, so the laptop battery does something less dibasic. The layout is a little less cated, but fortunately, we consider his laptop so relatively rare for a long time from the bottom:) As for battery life, it also seems to correspond to those of the original. This battery is now half a year in use and has not appreciably worsened since.

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iPhone battery Feather Case comes with super-light and spare battery

By laptopsbattery - August 5th, 2010, 23:53, Category: General


Some guys complain in the Apple forum : After I got my 3G gejailbreakt via jailbreakme and installed Apps now the battery working time only last several hours at 100% (no, the iPhone is not the cable).
This has clearly not enough for me, had not thought that this affects the Latitude D820 battery so positive!

Nope, now seriously: Does anyone still have a spare iPhone battery? Did except sbsettings only mywi and iFile it. Did the iPhone too many times gerespringt and restarted. Even the off and on the numeric Apple battery indicator in sbsettings does not help.

Where is just the battery?, In view of the thin iPhone 3G Feather Toshiba PA3534U-1BRS Battery Case, one wonders, in fact, where the manufacturer has placed in the hard plastic shell for the iPhone 3G yet, including a battery LED camera light.

The built-in iPhone Apple A1175 battery lasts a long while, often, unfortunately, never long enough. As an extra battery is just right, most fully in an iPhone sleeve, as the new iPhone 3G Feather Battery Case, who is also the iPhone equips or with a LED camera light that even in low light conditions for a good photo and video recording with the apple mobile phone can provide.

The new case is to weigh only 60 grams and has an integrated 1600 mAh Apple A1185 battery - according to the manufacturer to ensure that the talk time with the iPhone could nearly double. In addition, interesting: The integrated, switchable LED light.

The iPhone 3G Feather Case Apple Battery is available now for 49.90 Euro.

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4 tips to extend Lithium Batteries life

By laptopsbattery - August 5th, 2010, 22:53, Category: General


Most of us use lithium-ion battery in laptop cell phones and iPods. As the developing personal laptop and mobile we will use it more frequently. In the recent 20 years the lithium-ion laptop battery is the best rechargeable battery compare to lead-acid and Li-polymer battery. Now it will be the power supply of the new generation of electric vehicles like BYD.

So it is important to better use our lithium-ion battery, select the following four tips to help prolong the life and non-damage:

1. There are some version we may hear: the lithium-ion Dell XPS M1530 batteries need to be fully discharged before being shipped. But in fact leave the battery empty for a long time or often repeated fully discharged will fall short of lifetime. Most lithium batteries now already have Chamber of security that prevent the access point of powerless. But with the existence of the service they are not sufficient in full if you leave the battery discharged completely for a few days so that the actions of the Department of these safeguards will not be available.

2. Although no one wants to leave the battery empty for a long time, but it is advisable to empty the lithium-ion XPS M1330 battery completely some times and then shipped, if the standard battery power the computer or cell phone indicates the battery is low, charge the battery to return normal.

3. Do not leave the battery in heated place, if a mobile computer (Laptop) leaves connected to power and in business for a year , the capacity of lithium Inspiron 1520 battery will be lose between 60% to 80% of its original maximum Original Max. Capacity. For this People who use laptop as desktop computer will notice that they have reduced the performance and battery life laptop a lot.

You'd better lift and remove the battery while it is always connected to electricity, or you should calibrate the Inspiron 1440 laptop battery once a month.

4. When store the lithium ion Vostro 1000 battery without the use of a period of time, place in the refrigerator at charged 40% state, 40% charged state is enough not to lose the battery power to unnecessary stress.

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