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9 Steps to save your laptop battery life in Windows 7

By laptopsbattery - May 30th, 2010, 17:02, Category: General

Microsoft recently released a new 14-page technical report titled "Windows 7 to describe power management, power management technologies in Windows 7, the reduction of energy consumption. For those curious, just as is now Windows 7 uses less energy, this is your answer. For those who just want the quick scoop, here are eight different types of Windows 7 at all, save the life of the laptop battery:

1) Idle resources Use

This is one of the largest energy delivery technologies, because idle time is an important part of the time you turn on a computer. Idle efficiency In Windows 7 has been improved by reducing the use of hardware resources, so that Vostro 1510 battery lower-power states for a long period of inactivity in force. This includes the processor, hard drive, memory and network activity on the computer. To show how much energy can be saved, processors consume almost 0 watts at idle, but up to 35 watts at full power.

2) Start shooting Services

The services were usually run automatically just after the start and in the background waiting for an event to occur began. In Windows 7, some services only run when triggered by an event such as the insertion of the device or an IP change. This makes it unnecessary to run all services and reduces the amount of background processes when using Dell Vostro 1520 battery .

3) The improved power management processor

Windows 7 will also device driver support for the latest technologies PPM. MTP enables Windows 7 to the processor state in an appropriate manner depending on the load and are scaled accordingly choose.

4) Display-Brightness

Microsoft said that the average display is set, turns off after 10-15 minutes of inactivity. Often there are shorter periods of inactivity in between. To save additional power of the Asian Development Bank will define dim the display. ADB can also use the hardware sensor technology to adjust the screen brightness according to ambient light to save your Dell Latitude E6400 battery Power .

5) Low-Power Audio

Windows 7 supports the latest Intel HD Audio specification low Dell Latitude E6500 battery power ", which introduces a new power state as D3Cold known. This is the lowest energy state, can fail to respond to get a codec. You can have more energy when an audio device is not in use. Windows 7 also supports selective suspend technology, USB audio device class covers such as microphones and webcams.

6) Timer coalescence

Modern processors reduce power consumption by the use of the waiting period between the instructions, but many PPM technologies require a minimum waiting period before receiving net Dell Latitude D820 Battery energy savings. Coalescing timer inactive increases the average period, so that the core Windows software combines regular activity.
In addition, Windows 7 will move non-critical background activity when the user clicks on a drum kit (netbook or laptop).

7) Bluetooth Power Improvements

Windows 7 it is a state of "selective suspend" when it has detected a Bluetooth device, occurred in a low-power state (Dell Latitude D820 Battery Save mood).

8) Improvements in power networks

Network adapter in a state of low energy (also known as D3), when used with the adapter and the driver if a network cable is removed. Low-power wireless network driver capacity mode has been improved. Low-power Dell Inspiron 1525 Battery mode will only be submitted if the Access Point supports. Vista could not tell whether the method was supported and would lead to the computer suddenly turn off the wireless network. Windows 7 is to recognize the compatibility before entering low-power mode.

9) optimization key-user scenarios

could in addition to the above improvements, Microsoft also looked certain key scenarios, including search, web browsing and casual games optimized. Here is an example of some of the improvements made to a scenario of DVD playback:

The capacity of the CPU in the lowest performance states without affecting the playback performance remain
The improvement of the Windows Desktop Manager (DWM) and Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) for use by structural changes
Let intelligent data caching optical drive spin-down
These are the nine most important ways, Windows 7 is improved power management, saving Dell Inspiron 1520 Battery life far better than his predecessors in Mobile Computing. In addition to these improvements are important to help the Power Management Diagnostics, IT professionals identify problems that could affect energy efficiency. For complete technical information and additional resources, click here to see, download the Microsoft Web site to the White Paper.

How to remove and install the Apple battery

By laptopsbattery - May 30th, 2010, 17:02, Category: General

Usually there are two kinds method of removing and install the Apple Macbook battery as their design.

Learn how to correctly remove or install a Apple battery in your MacBook portable computer.

WARNING: The internal components of your MacBook Pro battery  can be warm. If you have been using your MacBook, wait 10 minutes after shutting down to let the internal components cool before continuing.

1. Remove and install apple macbook pro battery

    Removing the battery:
  • Shut down the computer. Disconnect any cords connected to the computer.
  • Turn the computer over.
  • Locate the access door latch.
  • Push down to release the latch, this sets it in the open position, and remove the Apple A1175 access door that covers the battery.
  • With the latch still in its open position, gently pull up on the battery tab to remove the Apple A1185 battery .

Note: The latch must be in its released, open position to remove or replace the battery and access door.

Installing the Apple A1148 battery:
To replace the battery, make sure the latch is in its open position.
Hold the battery at an angle and slide the lipped edge of the battery below the brackets on the outside edge of the battery bay. Gently press the battery down.

    To replace the access door:
  • Line the access door up with the bottom case and the tabs in the battery bay.
  • Lower the Apple A1008 access door into place.
  • Make sure it is level with the bottom case of your MacBook.
  • Press the latch into place, so it is in the closed position.

2. Remove and install apple macbook pro battery

    Removing the Apple Laptop Battery :
  • Shut down the computer. Disconnect any cords connected to the computer.
  • Turn the computer over.
  • Locate the battery latch on one side of the battery.
  • Use a coin to turn the latch a quarter-turn clockwise. The Apple A1189 battery should pop up slightly.
  • Lift the battery out.
    Installing the Apple Laptop Battery:
  • Place the right side of the battery into the battery compartment at an angle, as shown below.
  • Gently press the left side of the battery down until it sits flat.
  • While holding the battery down, use a coin to turn the latch a quarter-turn counter-clockwise. The battery should lock into place.

Note: Keep in mind that once the new laptop battery is inserted, you will need to press the power button to start up the computer

Solar Energy Phones In the future

By laptopsbattery - May 23rd, 2010, 20:29, Category: General


Solar energy phones are bound to become the must-have product in the future.? As the energy reduced daily, energy saving is an eternal task. The current Acer Aspire 3050 battery cell phones are almost use lithium, Ni-MH are all energy consumption, environmental pollution and difficult to recover. I strongly appeal majority people who with social responsibilities pay attention to this industrys development?

The differentiation competition urge the cell phone emerge one after another, such as business cell phone laptop battery, information security cell phone, invisible cell phone. Recently, a new kind of light energy cell phone shocked this area and attractive enough eyes. Explanting solar energy technology to cell phone has enormous appliance value? What is the technology difficulty? And whether it is becomes to the new sea of cell phone industry or not?

Plenty of consumers cell phone always out of battery, so many people have to take along 2 or 3 batteries when goes out, even someone take along the charger daily. Solving cell phone standby problem is concerned by supplier all along, along with the come forth of cell phone multimedia function, standby problem disturb the Acer Aspire 3620 battery cell phone industry and consumers all alone. Everybody hope to explants convenient, energy saving, safe and reliable solar energy technology to cell phone, make it becomes to the long-term steady dynamic supporting of cell phone in 3G eras wireless life.?

Users obviously feel that the charge frequency reduced dramatically after they use the cell phone battery which utilizes the solar energy technology. The battery working life increased obviously which convenient to people phone conversation with Acer Aspire 3680 battery , , media and entertainment aspects. Meanwhile, new energy, new material is the inevitable trend of cell phone development. Photo-electricity converts technology full of challenges.

Current domestic chips enterprises is in weakness stage in photo-electricity convert chips and low consumption chips technology, it is difficult to achieve mass production, hence, it is difficult to realize domestic purchasing in a short period. Besides, some domestic solar energy monocrystalline silicon wafer company supplied solar energy silicon wafer with low absorptivity universally, it will affect photo-electricity effect directly. Now many Aspire 5550 battery are using the solar panel to design the new battery accessories.

How to increase the solar panel use area under the circumstance of not affecting the cell phone cosmetic, optimize the battery internal management and enhance the photovoltaic conversion will be the further focus and difficulty in technology development of solar cell phone. Now the solar panel can be used in Acer Aspire 5000 battery.

China now has more than 400 million mobile phone users with huge potential consumer market. In addition, this technology expect to realize on mobile phone, but also can be expanded to laptop Aspire 5560 battery MP3, DV, DC, Bluetooth and other consumer electronics products, the application value is very wide. With gradual growth of market and increased feedback of consumer satisfaction degree, solar energy cell phone will be like a webcam as an important standard device of cell phone and become as a guideline for consumers to choose cell phone. Experts predict that solar energy cell phone battery will be a bright point next year.

The article Via Solar Chat

Why the battery will not load or no load driver

By laptopsbattery - May 23rd, 2010, 20:09, Category: General

Why the battery will not load or no load driver


You may experience the above problem, when the laptop battery life has come to an end, or due to a defective battery. Be sure to confirm whether the problem is exactly caused by the battery. Check the AC adapter . Connect the AC adapter power supply output without using energy sources such as a surge protector.

If the laptop can not boot with the adapter AC then the problem might be with the adapter AC or its connections. If the laptop fails to start with an AC adapter whn connected to it, the problem may be that the adapter AC which must be repaired or replaced, but if the laptop is turned on with the adapter AC then the problem is with the latitude d620 battery that is capable of maintaining load.

Remove the battery and check for any damage to the Dell xps m1710 battery . If no signs of physical harm can you replace the battery in your laptop and connect the adapter a / C and let the battery charge 10 to 15 minutes.

Now removing the AC adapter and battery in laptop (

Check now if the laptop is capable of igniting or not then the Pavilion DV5000 Battery may be defective and needs replacement. The problem can occur even when the battery life is come to the end.

also update the BIOS, such as updating the new BIOS may solve the problem sometimes. To obtain a new version of the BIOS of your laptop, visit your laptop manufacturer's website and check the drivers page. Make sure the BIOS available on the website is the latest, bad version like blinking can damage your Toshiba pa3420u 1brs Toshiba pa3384u 1brs laptop permanently.

The above steps are basic steps l help you solve the the problem.

The articel via battery blog

The cause of fire blight study in Cambridge identified

By laptopsbattery - May 19th, 2010, 16:33, Category: General

ABSTRACT:Scientists have identified a reason why the lithium laptop batteries in laptops and mobile phones could overheat and catch fire.

Researchers at the University of Cambridge said the growth of metal fibers, called dendrites, could cause short circuits.Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), normally used to identify elements in molecules, has adapted to "see" how to develop dendrites.The researchers said it could help resolve fire safety issues that have been carried out the development of lithium Dell Latitude D800 Battery. The lithium Pavilion dv8000 Battery technology is said to be crucial for progress in the next generation of electric cars.

Fast Reheat

When the laptop batteries are charged quickly lithium dendrites current minutes can form in carbon anodes. These fibers can cause a short circuit, causing the Asus Eee PC 1000H battery to overheat and catch fire quickly, Angel Gray Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge, said. "These deaths lithium fibers were a significant barrier to the marketing of the new generation of higher capacity batteries," he said.

The fire safety must be resolved before reaching the next generation of lithium ion laptop batteries and before they can safely use these batteries in a wide range of transport applications. Now that we can control the formation of dendrites inside the IBM laptop batteries can be identified when formed and under what conditions. "Our new method should allow researchers to identify what conditions lead to the formation of dendrites and quickly screen possible solutions to avoid the problem."

Resource : The cause of fire blight study in Cambridge identified

Fear the fire, sparks battery recall

By laptopsbattery - May 19th, 2010, 16:33, Category: General

Resource : Fear the fire, sparks battery recall

Hewlett - Packard Company (HP) and Toshiba 100,000 and PC manufacturers, Sony has recalled a fire made for fear that the Sony laptop battery can overheat.

Sony recalls coming, 40 cases of overheating, including four cases after a burned light user.

Toshiba recall, 14,400, and Dell, Acer and Lenovo about 74,000 fewer people on the HP laptop battery.

Sony battery target, said the problem was caused by the production line in June 2005 during October 2004.

Recall about 35,000 batteries, the United States, and 65,000 others in the world.

Previous record

It also said that after the recovery of 438 000 Baionotopasokon for overheating concerns, Sony has announced a month.

The latest massive recall in Japan, said there are a limited impact on its profitability.

The last memory is of a much larger population in 2006, the Sony laptop battery recall 9.6 million laptop effect.

This week, Sony reported a 71 percent profit decline in three months ending in September, was forced because of the high-value global economic recession of the Japanese yen. All'inizio di questa settimana Sony 猫 stata costretta a segnalare un calo del 71% degli utili per i tre mesi a fine settembre, incolpando la recessione economica mondiale e l'elevato valore di yen giapponese.

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HOW-TO: Reuse your laptop battery

By laptopsbattery - May 14th, 2010, 16:22, Category: General

Admit it. Come out of denial. You know that your laptop was super cool two years ago now gets 15 minutes of laptop battery. It sucks and we all share the same problem over time. laptop batteries (and many others begin), lose their total charging capacity after awhile. It's slow, so I usually do not realize until years later. But when it does, you can not stop crazy. Laptop batteries usually cost a fortune (the battery in my PowerBook 12 "is like $ 130). For this reason, you should take the road less traveled and build your battery.

So what have you done? Well, not too complicated, only replace basically individual cells inside the battery box Sony VGP-BPS13. Any time a car radio, and has had this set of $ 20 at Radio Shack to buy? Well, if you look closely, it is usually only 6 batteries wrapped Saran, along with a proprietary connector. The same goes for these laptop batteries.

Now go, before I would like to issue a warning. While most of us think they are invincible we are not. This is something to be hurt if he could not jump around. If you have to cut the electronics and also what not, no. Does it help to a specialist. We are not responsible for anything that may happen, mkay? Kay. He in VGP-BPS10A / B, VGP-BPS10 / S can be exploited in the course.

Okay can therefore ready to operate. Take the fork from the wall for a moment and check.
Take your Sony VGP-BPS13A / B laptop battery. Try draining all the way, if possible. Check the label on your battery. Somewhere near the warning that says "Do not do this, do not that'blah, blah, blah" You should see a model number for the battery. It is likely that something along the lines of "Lithium Ion Battery Pack n levers" of the battery cover as such.

If you have a PowerBook as I would like the following:


So. Now we have a bunch of cells. Cute. Here you find the part number for them. As you can see in the image of the PowerBook G4 battery, the number is printed on the packaging. In this case CGP345010. OK great. What does it mean? Google and see. Ahhh! It is manufactured by Panasonic. Wonderful. Now we have to get a replacement. If there are six cells, then obviously you need 6 new ones. Try this site for ordering them.

Get your Xacto knife, wire cutters, etc for this. You have to carefully remove all cells. Each bank is different, so I can not say how it will work for you. Just be careful not to throw the old ones.

Remove all metal contacts, etc, until you empty a Sony VGP-BPS13 / S has a battery compartment.


Chances are your cells with the wires to come here to connect to something. No, we do not want this. We need them to put in the drawer! Remove the black and red, but keep all the other left. Generally, in order to prevent short circuits. Next, take the layer around your old batteries and move smoothly in the new. Once finished, you should look naked rechargeable laptop batteries, new and old.

Next you will need to bring the contact. Obviously with the metal. You can weld together properly with a metal strip on the front, or use the correct position of the metal inside the box with the battery cells from Sony VGP-BPS10. I have the second method and it worked for me after some tinkering around.

Almost there. Put everything back together as it was, and be sure to check the finished product with a multimeter to make sure there is a current. If all goes well, pull everything back together and then the laptop. Download the Sony VGP-BPS10 / B battery completely unused and ready. You are my friend, are established.

The article Via Engadgets

Save money and time with UPS Batteries

By laptopsbattery - May 14th, 2010, 16:22, Category: General

For any business a UPS is almost a necessary office component. a UPS , or uninterruptible power supply, a new device that keeps a computer running after a laptop battery power failure to allow proper closing. This can be very important in offices where there is constant data coming in and created beings.

UPS Dell laptop batteries out to power, so it is very important to know the battery type so it's always up and running properly.

a UPS is equipped with a Dell Latitude E6400 battery or batteries that light up when the device detects a power loss of main power supply. When a power surge, the UPS intercepts the increase to avoid damage to equipment. Having a UPS is important because if a loss of computer power unexpectedly, all the work or the RaM is erased and thus lost. This can be very costly for companies and is the reason UPS sales have increased significantly.

UPS is equipped with different number of piles and piles of various types depending on the make and model. Seal lead acid batteries used for UPS. When purchasing UPS batteries, two important things to remember are: size of the Dell Inspiron E1505 Battery and terminal style. To determine the type of battery, the UPS must be open and terminals should be inspected. any UPS may have a different number of batteries it uses. Some use only two, while others use 8.

When buying replacement batteries, some battery distributors list by make and model, while others provide a diagram of terminals to ensure it is correct UPS battery. It is important to note that the manufacturers of the times change Dell Latitude E6500 battery specifications without notice. When buying replacement batteries are usually available upgrade options for batteries with greater capacity and longer life. These are very useful when UPS is used more frequently.

Software updates are available for many UPS units. These software updates provide the Dell Inspiron 6400 Battery power supply with a function that allows automatic backup of files once the UPS is activated due to power outage or surge. This is a new major update. If a power surge or power outage while the computer is unattended, no worry about losing the file.

The article Via Laptop batetry blog.

Hardware Repaire D

By laptopsbattery - May 12th, 2010, 16:56, Category: General

Problem: Your cell phone or MP3 player falls into the water and get wet. Is there a way to save the unit for?

Solution: First, you need to turn the wet appliance immediately and remove the battery or the battery. For by the water a short circuit. Next, dry the device. You should do the same in order to avoid corrosion.

Access but not to the dryer, or oven to heat: Excessive heat can damage electronic devices. They also only the water evaporates on the surface and not inside the housing. Better is a uniform drying at room temperature. Take a mobile phone except the battery and SIM card and memory card from the device. Clean with a cloth. The phone should be at room temperature for several days to dry. it is switched on prematurely, you risk damage to electricity.


The replacement of defective notebook components is now easier than with a PC. The brightness of the laptop monitor can easily increase by up to 30 percent. And for unreadable cards last a simple software update.

Unreadable memory card

Problem: You have used a new SD memory card for your digicam. When you insert the card into your notebook, it is not recognized. Solution: You probably can not handle your laptop with the newer SDHC cards. Per driver update can fix that. Microsoft provides this under for download.

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Connect the Network Part B

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Step 3: Connect to network and test

Insert a network cable into the socket of each computer, and connect all cables to the hub or switch through which you want to connect the computers. Two single PC, you can also connect directly. Now test with the ping command if every computer in the network data packets received correctly. If you can assign IP addresses automatically, you must first determine the IP addresses of all computers on your network. Is your network through a router, you can use it conveniently to all IP addresses centrally monitor: (Guide). Otherwise, go to any computer on the Windows command prompt and type the command "ipconfig". Write down all the IP addresses. Then tap one of the network on any computer in the command prompt the following line:


For "IP address" set in each case the IP address of another computer on the network. Get notified by any computer error four data packets, contact your network. Reports ping packets lost, however, may be the firewall of the other computer the error. Let then temporarily in the Windows Firewall under "Advanced, ICMP" "Allow Incoming Echo Request". This solves the problem, check in Device Manager and the Network menu to make sure everything is correctly installed and configured, and check again the tightness of the cables

Step 4: Shares in the network

The most important release in the network is certainly the folders and files. Click the right mouse button on the folder that you want to share and select Sharing and Security ". In the window that opens, select the "enable" the option "Share this folder". The Pro version of XP allows "Permissions" is also a weakened protection of shares. It can be about determining which PCs on the network folder have access and whether the computer of the "Full Control, Modify, or only reading is allowed". Finally, confirm with Apply. In Explorer, you will see under the folder icon, a stylized hand. On the other PCs you can find the folder in Explorer under My Network Places, click on the icon of the PC, on which the folder is shared.

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