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Fujitsu use biodegradable plastics for its computer keyboard

By laptopsbattery - April 29th, 2010, 15:53, Category: General

Fujitsu is using biodegradable plastics for two parts of its KBPC PX ECO computer(Sony VGP-BPS2C battery) keyboard. he keyboard base mouldings supplied by Amper are injection moulded in the Biograde C 7500 CL cellulose ester compound from biodegradable plastic compounds producer FKuR.

The plastic is produced with lignin sourced from waste wood and paper from compound producer Tecnaro.These two renewable plastic materials account for 45% of the plastic content of the new keyboard, says Fujitsu. The keyboards USB cable is also made of PVC-free plastic.

Rajat Kakar, VP of clients group at Fujitsu Technical Solutions, says that as the new high-grade Sony VGP-BPS8 keyboard has the same price as a keyboard made of conventional plastics, we are making it easy for users to decide in favour of the environment.

Sigrun Harsch Senior Manager Public Relations, Corporate Communications at Fujitsu Technology Solutions told EPN ,however: "We are working on changing the remaining parts, so that a Sony VGP-BPS9A battery keyboard can be offered in future that consists of 100% renewable raw materials."

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Glass industry for electronics products

By laptopsbattery - April 29th, 2010, 15:53, Category: General

The world's largest maker of liquid-crystal-display glass said it expects robust demand for LCD-TVs, laptops and Dell latitude 131l battery desktop computers, along with an improved retail outlook for those consumer electronics products, will bump up LCD glass industry volume in 2010.

It previously forecast a range of 2.8 billion to 3 billion square feet this year.Sales in Corning's display Dell vostro 1520 battery technologies segment more than doubled to $782 million in the January-March period from $357 million in last year's first quarter. "We were essentially sold out," said Chief Executive Wendell Weeks.

In the United States, "we continue to see a very rapid growth in flat-panel TVs even at a relatively late stage in the adoption cycle," said DisplaySearch analyst Paul Gagnon. "The year-over-year growth rate actually increased compared to 2008, which you wouldn't expect for the global Dell inspiron b120 battery economic situation. That has led to us increasing our outlook for 2010 and beyond."

LCD glass is Corning's biggest business by far. Based in western New York, the 159-year-old company also makes ceramic auto-pollution filters and is the world's largest producer of optical fiber and cable. It employs 24,500 people.

Sales in Corning's telecommunications unit fell 5 percent to $364 million, hit by lower optical fiber sales in China. Environmental technologies sales on Dell latitude e6400 battery jumped 75 percent to $192 million, driven by higher-than-expected demand for auto-pollution filters, especially in China and North America.

Propelled by Gorilla glass, a chemically strengthened, nearly scratch-resistant cover glass now used in 80 consumer devices from phones and latitude d610 battery laptops to touch-screen displays, specialty materials sales rose 60 percent to $96 million.

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Drivers remain sceptical of battery technology

By laptopsbattery - April 26th, 2010, 16:17, Category: General

For all the feel-good rhetoric about electric cars, the inconvenient truth is that drivers remain sceptical of battery technology that can carry them only 160 kilometres at a time.It envisages a global network of thousands of charging points for short trips and Lenovo 3000 v100 battery-switching stations for motorists making longer journeys.

The pilot program between the Silicon Valley company Better Place and Nihon Kotsu, Tokyo's largest taxi company, is the first test of the Sony VGP-BPS8A battery technology before it is introduced in Israel and Denmark next year.

The founder of Better Place, the Israeli-American Shai Agassi, said the Tokyo trial was "the proof that you can build a network of [electric] cars that can go and go and go That would not have been possible if you had to drive for one hour then charge [an electric thinkpad t61 battery battery] for six hours."The 90-day trial is the ideal litmus test, said the president of Nihon Kotsu, Ichiro Kawanabe, because Tokyo's 60,000-strong taxi fleet is the largest in the world.

"Even though it only makes up 2 per cent of Japan's cars, it accounts for 20 per cent of emissions," he said.The chief executive of Better Place Australia, Evan Thornley, a former Victorian Labor MP who quit politics for his latest post of IBM thinkpad t40 battery , said Australia's urban environment made it ideal for electric cars: "We have a lot of large cars that do long distances driving around the outer suburbs."

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Many People had no qualms about 3D gaming at all

By laptopsbattery - April 26th, 2010, 16:17, Category: General

For movie goers, watching a 3D film is a relatively easy experience. For example, to play the popular online fantasy game "World of Warcraft" in 3D, an inhabitant of Azeroth would need hundreds of dollars worth of gear: a robust Lenovo thinkpad t61 computer setup with a compatible graphics card, monitor capable of displaying 3D and a pair of 3D spectacles.

Movie studios Universal and Disney have released 3D films on Blu-ray, such as "Coraline" and "The Polar Express." Discovery Communications and ESPN previously announced they will launch their own 3D networks, with ESPN first broadcasting FIFA World Cup soccer in 3D this June."One of the big advantages of the gaming market is that it's extremely viral of its Lenovo 3000 v200 battery ," said Neil Schneider, president of 3D gaming advocacy group Meant to be Seen.

For many modern games, the leap to 3D is actually just a step. The medium is well suited for 3D because the majority of today's games are created in three dimensions, making conversion a snap. Eisler said more than 400 current PC games, including "Battlefield: Bad Company 2" and "Resident Evil 5," can be played in 3D with the right battery equipment on VGP-BPS8A .

From what I understand of the initial TV sales at Best Buy, everything went out the door. Why? Because it's of a certain quality, and I think that's what we have to make sure we protect for thinkpad t60 battery ."Last month, Nintendo revealed a 3D version of its top-selling handheld DS system called 3DS that wouldn't require 3D glasses due out later this year.

The biggest hurdle for 3D gaming is perhaps the simplest: Those glasses are just plain annoying. Michael Cai, a video game analyst at research firm Interpret, found in a recent survey of players who had experienced 3D games that having to don shades was the overwhelming aversion to the medium.

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Laptop cann't recognize the camera anymore when connected to USB port

By laptopsbattery - April 22nd, 2010, 19:35, Category: General

Have you tried to connect the cameras more than just the USB port. If so, did work in another port. Likely by the sounds of you did and no USB ports detect them ... Am I right?

If so I recommend installing a different product USB as a memory stick / flash drive / external hard drive to see if it detects anything.

If none of the USB ports to detect all the devices then you can only do 4 things:

1. Boot BIOS and check the USB ports are enabled (if the model)

2. Reinstall the USB drivers

3. Update the computer BIOS

4. Reinstall the operating system

Business with :Dell 6Y270 Dell 75uyf XPS M170 battery Inspiron XPS M1710 battery Dell Inspiron 6400 battery.

The details are as follows.

1. Boot BIOS and check the USB ports are enabled (if the model)

Step 1: Turn on the computer and press any button on the screen says to enter "Setup" or can be called "BIOS"

Look through the options to reset settings option (I believe in maintenance) and accept that reset and do everything he says the screen to save and exit.

Test ports.

Unresolved? Continued ...

2. Reinstall the USB drivers

Step 2: In XP go to Control Panel and then select "Classic View" and then select "System" icon -> Hardware tab-Device Manager

In Vista and Windows 7, click Start and type Device Manager in the search field blank and press Enter

You open Device Manager. Now right click and select uninstall (or remove) all the ads that show a "!" or "?" and accept the deletion. If there are none like this that expand Universal Serial Bus Controllers section and uninstall / remove all the USB root hub and then close everything and restart your computer. Let me load up and wait about 1 minute to finish its trying to install the missing drivers on its own. Now, go back to Device Manager and see if there are any "!" or "?" if not then try the USB port and it should work. It 'very rare for ALL USB ports to fail.

("!" It means that there is a conflict or a problem with the driver. "?" Means that there is no driver installed for that particular part), if not resolved, conitinue ...

3. Update the computer BIOS

Step 3: If the USB ports work rather than go to Dells site and up date your BIOS. Let me give the link if you provide the model or service tag number. You'll have to look that up. Make sure that if you find one that you select the correct operating system or used to work.

NOTE: Never disconnect or turn off the computer while updating the BIOS. Updating the BIOS is "AT YOUR RISK" STEP RIGHT. If this is a laptop, plug the adapter into the wall for sure that your computer stays on.

If not resolved, conitinue ...

4. Reinstall the operating system

As a last resort, as an "attempt" to solve this problem is to reinstall Windows. This format the entire hard drive and restore your computer to how it was when purchased. Yes you have data, music, photos, videos and programs will be added and deleted only recover again.

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Dell XPS M1530's battery won't charge and plugg in

By laptopsbattery - April 22nd, 2010, 19:35, Category: General

Just a few days ago, my Dell XPS M1530 battery won't charge, and it doesn't recognise the laptop charger adapter.

At desktop, it says "0% available (plugged in, not charging). When I boot it up and enter setup (F2 at the DELL spash screen), it doesn't recognise my adapter (D series, the very same one supplied with the laptop, and which it has recognised for more than a year up until now), and mentions that my "battery has experienced a permanent failure and needs to be replaced".

I get no error message while booting normally either, simply the "0%" icon in the task tray in Vista. The battery status LED on the front of the laptop is flashing red, as if to say the Dell INSPIRON 2600 Battery is simply undercharged.. but the battery just won't charge! I've left my laptop off and plugged in for 2 days, and it hasn't charged the battery.

It turns on just fine with the apple a1036 adapter plugged in and battery removed, the same with the battery installed. I've checked all the contacts on the battery and adapter, they are clean and not broken. I don't have any other adapters or laptops to test with.. when I run the self help diagnostic tool (in the Dell Support Center), it just turns my laptop of as there is zero power. I'm unsure as to whether I need a new AC adapter or battery.. I'm really hoping it's not the motherboard.

When I told such things to my friend who once have the same problem about laptop Battery, he asked me whether my battery is probably just past the one year warranty, his laptop Battery is doing essentially the same thing at only 15 months old. I think Dell purchased a batch of cheap laptop Battery that were engineered to fail outside of the warranty. The whole "battery life depends on your usage" argument just doesn't wash.

I have used my XPS in the same ways as my wife has used her Inspiron and her battery lasted four years. This seems to be a widespread problem for XPS owners- funny, considering this is supposed to be one of the high end Dell laptops. I think Dell owes all of us new batteries. If they meant to sell us a one year XPS M1530 battery, then they should have said so when I was configuring my laptop for purchase. I feel taken advantage of as a consumer. Dell has lost my business until they rectify this.

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the outlook of global LCD TV is quite well

By laptopsbattery - April 19th, 2010, 15:34, Category: General

the outlook of global LCD TV is quite well

Top Asian LCD makers are set to report upbeat quarterly results and may forecast robust demand as buoyant TV sales and new product launches such as Apple's (AAPL.O) iPad reinforce a recovery in the sector Dell vostro 1720 battery .TVs now account for more than half of the global LCD demand and is set to grow further as more households buy LCD TVs for their living rooms, bedrooms and even kitchens and bathrooms.

"The overall trading would be very good and the outlook is also quite positive, as strong demand from China and TV sector will add to a broad recovery in the global technology sector," said Lee Hak-moo, an analyst at Mirae Asset."LCD supply will likely remain tight until mid third-quarter due to strong demand for corporate latitude d630 battery PCs and LED-backlit LCD TVs," said Soh Hyun-cheol, an analyst at Shinhan Investment Corp.

"There might be earnings surprise by LG Display as demand was strong even during the seasonally weak first quarter, which resulted in shipment and supported panel prices," said Kim Jung-soo, an analyst at Solomon Investment & Securities.LG Display, a supplier to Apple's iPad tablet PC Dell vostro 1400 battery said it was struggling to meet demand and is spending $1.3 billion to raise output.

AU Optronics Corp (2409.TW), Taiwan's biggest and the world's No.3 LCD maker, is expected to swing to a profit from a year-ago loss, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S.LG Display shares rose 6 percent and Samsung has gained 3.5 percent so far this year for Lenovo 3000 v100 battery , versus a flat broader market.

Major producers including LG, Samsung and AU are also awaiting approvals from Chinese government to build plants in the country, which is set to become the world's biggest LCD TV consumer Lenovo 3000 y410 battery next year.AU shares fell 11 percent compared with a 3 percent drop in the Taiwan benchmark (.TWII).

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AMD is doning well in the desktop chip space

By laptopsbattery - April 19th, 2010, 15:34, Category: General

AMD is doning well in the desktop chip space

During Thursday's call to discuss the most recent quarter's results, AMD's CEO, Dirk Meyer, said he saw "the notebook market as a big opportunity... because we are relatively under-represented there." Meyer said the vostro 1400 battery company was doing well in the desktop chip space, with a market share in the "high 20s," but that AMD's share in the laptop arena is much lower than that, and efforts were under way to boost those offerings.

The portable PC market is a high-volume segment that presents AMD with an opportunity to ship more chips and be more competitive with Intel, analysts said. AMD gained on Intel in the microprocessor market Lenovo x200 battery , Lenovo t61 battery during the fourth quarter of 2009, iSuppli said in a study released late last month.

AMD accounted for 12.1 percent of global microprocessor shipments, gaining 1.6 percent compared to the same quarter a year ago, and 0.28 percent sequentially. However, Intel held a substantial lead, with 80.6 percent of the global microprocessor market Dell latitude d630 battery . AMD processors also go into PCs from Hewlett-Packard, Acer, Dell and Toshiba.

AMD has also increased chip shipments by snagging more PC makers as partners, Brookwood said. Lenovo signed up as an AMD partner late last year, and AMD-based ThinkPad laptops are now being pushed to small and medium-sized businesses Lenovo x300 battery as a cheaper alternative to Intel-based laptops.

There is also a gradual shift in the consumer space from netbooks to mainstream laptops that is benefitting AMD, said Avi Cohen, managing partner of financial firm Avian Securities, in a research note issued on Friday.

AMD will also likely continue to draw interest as anticipation for the next-generation Fusion platform builds, said Craig Berger, a financial analyst at FBR Capital Markets Lenovo y410 battery , in a research note on Friday. The Fusion platform, due in the first half of next year, includes a chip that combines a CPU and graphics processing unit.

The new chips will carry architectural improvements to make laptops faster. AMD in the past has said that Danube processors will increase laptop battery life by up to an hour, while also improving graphics capabilities Lenovo thinkpad t400 battery . The chips, which will ship in dual-core, triple-core and quad-core variants, will also support DDR3 memory.

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The maintenance of cellular batteries B

By laptopsbattery - April 14th, 2010, 16:19, Category: General

The maintenance of cellular batteries B

When trying to save batteries returned to sort some mobile phone manufacturers the laptop batteries after their purchase date. Batteries that were returned within the 30-day warranty period will be marked with the name 'B'. These batteries are grouped and sent to a regional service center, where they are serviced. Batteries that are clean (ie not report coffee residues) and show a capacity of 80% or more, are labeled and newly re-sold at a discounted price. The ability to restore batteries as it may, at over 90% of the returned batteries are used in battery4.us.

Because of the success, some battery-restoration companies have extended the service to Latitude D610 Battery that were aged up to 1 year. The repair of these older batteries was still a success rate of 40-70%. Managers have stated that well-functioning center for battery restoration can make a profit. also important is the aspect of environmental protection where batteries can be restored, rather than disposal.

Battery maintenance on the sales front

The wait of the batteries directly on the sales front is a viable alternative to return the batteries to a central service center. During maintenance on the sales front, the battery remains in the store, where they have been sold. The batteries will be tested, repackaged and are ready for the next customer who has a problem with the battery. This saves transportation costs and frees the manufacturer from its guarantee obligations.

Maintenance on the sales front offers a cost-effective solution for returned batteries.

Larger Zellularnetzbetreiber estimate the cost of warranty returns from batteries to 10 million U.S. dollars per year. It is also known that 95% of these Vostro 1520 battery can be restored and reused.

Modern battery analyzers are equipped with a quick test program that can assess the health status in a few minutes the Vostro 1310 battery. Some analyzers (such as Cadex) offer a Boost program, wakes the seemingly dead batteries when the normal charger the battery can not charge more. This service only takes a few minutes.

How can a battery in the 'deep sleep fall'. a lithium-ion battery can be useless if it is discharged after use. The Boost (Weck) program creates a weak current that reactivates the protection circuit the battery. a fast follow this process. To demonstrate the efficiency of the boost the program could in the laboratory of Cadex 27 of 92 lithium-ion Dell Latitude D620 Battery will be permanently restored by the apply program boost the battery-C7400 Cadex analyzer.

When formatting a battery with a complete maintenance and regeneration required, the customer is said to come back later. alternatively it could be delivered as a restored battery replacement. Only batteries that have a mechanical failure or a non-repairable electrical problem must be replaced.

Connecting the dell vostro 1000 battery with the analyzer was one of the biggest challenges for the maintenance personnel of a service operation. Setting the proper maintenance parameters of the battery and the choice of programs is another hurdle. If a business sells only a limited number of mobile phones, or if no qualified service person is available, the battery-specific adapter, the correct answer. Battery-specific adapters are built for a specific battery model and allows an easy insertion of the battery. a wrong connection is impossible. zhangling is sb Due to the good contact between the analyzer and battery is a battery-specific adapter, the most reliable service results, mainly in a rapid test. (Cadex battery provides specific adapters with snap closure, which automatically configure the analyzer with the correct service settings).

Maintenance technicians who work with a variety of different Dell Latitude D830 Battery , models, prefer a universal adapter. This requires that the analyzer with the correct maintenance parameters such as chemistry, voltage, current is programmed etc. If these values are determined, they can be stored on the universal adapter. (The Cadex adapters can be programmed with up to 10 different configuration code. If more calls, it is advisable to Battery Shop 鈩?software to use. Can program a PC with the user by clicking the analyzer for the desired battery.

Laptop battery frequently questions answer

By laptopsbattery - April 14th, 2010, 16:19, Category: General

Laptop battery frequently questions answer

Last week I buy a Dell notebook from Dell.com, then I want to know some laptop battery tips and problems by google. I found many frequent asked questions about laptop battery, but there are various answers for them. So I send a email to laptop battery expect "Jack Smith" in http://www.laptops-battery.co.uk/ about these doubts. He reply me in the August 11, below is the reply content.

What is the six months warranty laptop battery?

Generally the laptop battery quality warranty is one year, but we can find many 6 months warranty "Original laptop battery" in ebay and other online shops? What is these six months warranty laptop battery?

Most the six months warranty batteries are the old battery with the new cells, old original battery shell and protection board. You can find the detail introduce here "How to replace battery cells inside laptop battery". As the battery protection board is old one, so the laptop battery can only work properly about six months.

For laptop battery, the higher capacity the better?

For different models (particularly different size) battery, the higher capacity battery can work longer. Exclude the size and weight factors, of course that the higher capacity the better.

However, the same battery type, the same nominal capacity (for example,Inspiron 6400 battery 6600mAh), the actual measurement capacity is different: for example One Inspiron E1505 battery capacity is 6600mAh, and the other is 6700mAh, then the 6700mAh battery is better then 6600mAh?

The actual situation may be that : In the high capacity battery's electrode materials, increase the initial capacity of more things, and reduce the materials to stability of the electrode. It may result that after used for some charging-discharging cycles, the capacity of high-capacity battery reduce rapidly, while the capacity of low battery is still strong. Many laptop battery manufacturers often use such method to produce the high-capacity battery. After used for six months the GD761, KD476, TD347 battery standby time is too less.

Enhance the battery capacity can reduce the battery cycle life. If the laptop battery manufacturers are not make great efforts in battery material, it is impossible to truly "improve" the capacity of the battery.

It is worth to store the fully-charged battery

Lithium-ion batteries have a very bad characteristic, that is the lithium-ion laptop battery aging time. When a lithium-ion battery in storage for some time, even not in recycled, its capacity also lost in the storage. Because the lithium-ion battery anode materials begun the failure process when manufactured. Different temperatures and Latitude D830 battery charged state cause the different consequences statute. You can the get the general conclusion by following data ( the percentage of capacity in the form):
Storage temperature - 40% state of charge ------- 100% state of charge
0 degrees ---------- 98% (a year later ) ------- 94% (a year later)

That is the all, hopes that can help you.

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