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Depth of laptop battery discharge

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Depth of laptop battery discharge

The typical end-discharge voltage for nickel-based laptop batteries is 1V/cell. At this voltage threshold of approximately 99% of the energy is used up and the terminal voltage begins to fall off rapidly if the discharge continues. Discharge below the cutoff should be avoided, especially under heavy load.
As the battery cells can not be perfectly controlled, creates a negative voltage potential, known as cell reversal, if the discharge is continuing unchecked. The more cells are connected in series, the greater the number is likely to be reversed cells.

Nickel-cadmium may be some reversals to tolerate the typically amount to approximately 0.2 V,. During this period of time is reversed the polarity of the positive electrode. Such a situation can persist only briefly, because the development of hydrogen at the positive electrode to a positive pressure and leads to a possible gas leak from the cell. If the Sony VGP-BPS2C cell for a prolonged period of Spannungsumpolung is exposed, both polarities are reversed and the cell is electrically short-circuited. Such an error can not be undone.

Some battery analyzers use a secondary discharge (regeneration) by performing a discharge of the battery up to a very low cut-off point. This device will monitor the discharge current in order to ensure that the maximum applicable current during the regeneration phase of a safety limit. If the reversal continues to develop, the discharge would be so small that no damage can occur. That cells are destroyed during the regeneration is only possible if these cells are either weak or old.

When Sony VGP-BPS2A cells are discharged with coefficients that are higher than 1C, the end-loaded or typically lowered to 0.9 V / cell. Thus, the voltage drop is compensated, which results from the internal resistance, consisting of wiring, circuit protection and contact transitions. A lower cut-off leads to better capacity values when the battery is discharged at lower temperatures.

Among all the nickel-cadmium VGP-BPS2 battery chemistries is the least affected by repeated full discharge cycles. Several thousand charge / discharge cycles are possible. Therefore, nickel-cadmium are working so well in tools and portable radios, where they are in constant use. Nickel-metal hydride is less durable in respect to repeated Tiefentladezyklen.

Lithium-ion is typically discharged to 3.0 V / cell. The versions of "spinel" and "Coke" can be discharged to 2.5 V / cell, and thus gain a few extra percentage points. As far as the device requires no special Battery, the devices are built for a cut-off point at 3.0 V / cell.

A discharge below 2.5 V / cell can switch the Sony VGP-BPS8 battery protection circuit that is active, it prevents future load with the normal charger. Such a battery can be saved with the help of the Boost program, which is present on the battery tray by Cadex 7000 Series analyzers.

Some lithium-ion VGP-BPS9 batteries contain a specially deep Spannungsabschaltepunkt, where the battery is put permanently out of service, if the cell voltage below 1.5 V / cell falls. A very strong discharge can lead to formation of a Kupfershunts, which can cause a partial or total short-circuit. The same can happen if the cell has a negative polarity and this situation persists for some time.
The manufacturers of lithium-ion batteries recommend a discharge depth at 80%. Repeated 100% discharge reduces the specific number of charge cycles. It is therefore recommended to charge lithium-ion batteries more often, rather as they were unloaded too deep. A periodic full discharge is needed because lithium-ion batteries are not subjected to the memory effect.

The recommended end-discharge voltage for lead-acid battery is 1.75 V / cell. The discharge does not follow the mostly flat curve of the chemistries of nickel or lithium base. Instead, have lead-acid batteries have a degree of voltage drop curve, with a steep drop toward the end of the discharge.
The VGP-BPS9/B life cycle of sealed lead-acid batteries is a direct dependence on the depth of discharge. The typical number of discharge / charge cycles at 25 掳 C depending on the depth of discharge is:

路 150 - 200 cycles with a 100% depth of discharge (full discharge)
路 400 - 500 cycles with a 50% depth of discharge (partial discharge)
鈥?1,000 or more cycles with a depth of discharge of 30% (low discharge)

The lead-acid Dell laptop battery should not be discharged below 1.75 V / cell. Nor should it be stored in a discharged state. The cells of a non-charged lead-acid battery is sulfated, a circumstance that makes the battery useless if it only a few days are left in this state. You should be concerned that the open Klemmespannung always 2.10 V or more.

HP 6-cell Primary Pavilion DV4 DV5 Battery Review

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The Pavilion dv5 is a solid machine. It feels very well built; the lid and wrist rest possess little of the flex found on other low-price laptops. The laptop's single, long hinge keeps the display firmly rooted in place. Weighing at 6.4 pounds, the Pavilion dv5 is a bit on the portly side for a 15-inch. With the 6Cell Pavilion DV5 battery, you can enjoy more video viewing, music, photos, and games without having to plug in your AC adapter in th trip. The 6-cell Battery works with your notebook to reduce power consumption, letting you work longer than with other types of batteries.

The HP Pavilion dv5 battery Specs :

Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium-Ion
Capacity: 6Cell 49Whr
Warranty: one-year limited
Charge fast: our notebook batteries typically require only two hours to fully recharge; in general, 6-cell batteries get up to 4 hours of life
Work with the following laptops: HP G50, G60, G61, G70, G71; HDX16; HP Pavilion dv4, dv5, dv61; Compaq Presario CQ40, Presario CQ45, CQ50, CQ60, CQ61, CQ70, CQ71
Replacement battery code : HP 462890-541, HP 462890-761, HP HSTNN-CB72, HP HSTNN-XB72, HP HSTNN-XB73,聽HP KS524AA,

The HP Pavilion dv5 battery customer review from

Most of the time I use the laptop on AC power. So I was interested in the battery life. This laptop battery barely made it through a two hour film while flying cross country. How disappointing!! Maybe it will last longer with light use."

I just got a new battery EV06 for the Pavilion dv4 notebook battery that I bought just over one year ago. The battery died in a matter of couple of days (discharging in about an hour). I tested the replacement battery after charging it fully. It did not last the minimum 2 hours as per specifications and lasted 1 1/2 hours."

I had my compaq laptop since christmas 2008 and i already have to replace the battery. It used to last about 2 hours but now it dies in 40 minutes. Im getting a new one because im under warrenty but they seem to have to be replaced to quickly. They are not good batteries. HP should fix the problem somehow"

My first one needed to be replaced withn a week as it was defect, so I got my second one in November or December if im correct under my waarranty. Since December, my laptop started to just shut off completely w/ the battery about once a week, so I Ran an HP battery check & it said it needed to be replaced, the next day I did it, it said replace, the next day, it said good, and just yesterday, my laptop started saying warning! battery critical low, and I did the Pavilion dv5 battery check and said its weak & its time to replace it. I would usually get abt 1 hOUR - 1 Hour & 30 Minutes w/ it. This battery is very weak I find & heats up very fast."

"I took the extended warranty but that does not cover the battery.
I just finished a year therefore my original warranty just expired.
Since I always used a continuous power supply, I have never even used the HP laptop battery - I charged it to about 80% and then removed it and never used it for more than 50 hours that too to keep the battery from losing charge and capacity only to have it fail without being used at all. My last laptop was with me for 4 years and I still got an hour of that battery!"

In all the 6-Cell standard HP Pavilion DV4 battery is too weak to power the laptop. Maybe we can select the 12-Cell extended life HP Pavilion DV5 battery.

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The charging of lithium-ion batteries C

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Despite all these preventive measures deep discharges always occur again. Therefore, advanced battery analyzers (Cadex Series 7000) with a "wake" function (boost), ruling that delivers a small charge current to activate the safety circuit when needed and provide the deep discharged cells again with energy. Followed by a full charge and an analysis of the Dell Inspiron 6400 Battery.

If the cell has remained for several days at a voltage of 1.5V/Zelle, but a charge should be avoided. Inside the cells may have been built up by some copper electrical connections that can lead to a partial or general electrical short circuit. The cell becomes unstable. The charging of such Dell Inspiron 640m Battery cells leads to severe overheating and the safety can not be guaranteed.

Battery experts agree that the loading of lithium-ion batteries are lighter and simpler than nickel-based batteries. Aside from the keeping of smaller voltage tolerances, the charging circuit with fewer variables to be considered to survive. Determining the full charge with a voltage limit and the monitoring of current saturation, which occurs for a full charge, is simpler than the analysis of multiple complex data as it produces nickel-metal hydride batteries. The charging currents are less critical and can vary. Only a small current still allows a clean definition of the full charge. The Dell Inspiron E1505 Battery simply requires a longer charging. The absence of the last brief charge, and the suspended load also helps to simplify the charger. Best of all is that there is no memory effect, but that actually represents only the aging of a difficulty.

The loading procedure of lithium-ion polymer is similar to that of lithium-ion. These Dell Inspiron 1520 Battery use a gel-Elekrtolyt to improve conductivity. In most cases, use lithium-ion and lithium-ion polymer battery chargers the same.

Measuring the state of charge based on the terminal voltage
The open circuit voltage can be used to estimate the state of charge of lithium, alkaline and lead batteries.
Unfortunately, this method is not applicable for nickel batteries.
A lithium-ion Dell inspiron 1545 battery cell, for example a no-load voltage of 3.8 V, there is a charge of about 50%. It should be noted that the use of the open circuit voltage to determine the state of charge is inaccurate, because the cells of different manufacturers have a slightly different voltage profile. This is because the chemical composition of the electrodes and the electrolyte from the manufacturers are different. The temperature also affects the battery voltage. The higher the temperature, the lower the voltage.

How to protect your Wireless Network

By laptopsbattery - March 26th, 2010, 16:47, Category: General

Now we use the wireless network moer and more in our laptop iPhone and other mobile devices. The same time ee enjoy the convenience of wireless, we also face this situation, someone intrude into our wireless network without permission. They steal our network and laptop battery resource by wireless. What should we do, we must protect our wireless network.

Unlike wired networks, wireless networks use radio signals to communicate. Because radio signals travel outside your home network, other wireless devices can pick up unprotected signals and connect to the network (uninvited) or capture information not sent through it. For example, a Dell Inspiron 6400 Battery network could be created at home to be accessible by its neighbor.

Protect your wireless network

Consider the following safety precautions when setting up your wireless network.
Use a wireless transmitter with a function of security features
Many cellular base stations, gateways or routers offer integrated security features such as wireless security protocols and firewalls. With the right wireless transmitter, you can protect your network from the most common Dell Latitude D430 Battery wireless security risks.

Working behind a firewall

a firewall is a barrier that controls the data and data requests sent to the Dell Latitude D420 Battery network and discards any suspicious objects. Firewalls are available in many variants, both software and hardware. Some networks use a combination of both.

Use wireless encryption

There are a variety of sophisticated encryption protocols for your wireless network. Find the best solution for network security work.

Wired Equivalent Protocol (WEP)
Wired Equivalent Protocol (WEP) is a wireless security protocol encrypted or encoded, that all network data before Toshiba Pa3535U-1BRS is transmitted, with a WEP key. Normally, you can assign to your setup to the network, the WEP key. alternatively, you can have your own key to generate a different key, or select other options. Without the correct password, the user may not use the wireless network the resource from

WPa (Wi-Fi Protected access)
Like WEP, WPa security settings are used to encrypt and decrypt data transmitted over the network. But instead of a static security key for WEP encryption, WPa uses Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP) dynamically generate a new key for each packet, and generate different types of keys for each team.

Connect your network

If possible, avoid the network name (SSID) broadcasting by the wireless transmitter. Most networks to transmit the default name, for example all computers in the vicinity of your network is available. By knowing the closure of the network, other Toshiba Pa3191U-1BRS computers, it is less likely that your network is available.
NOTE: If the network is closed and the SSID is not broadcast, you need to know or remember the SSID to connect new devices to the network. Enter the SSID off and store in a safe place before the closure of its network.

Safety in public places

Wireless networks in public areas or "hot spots" such as cafes and airports can be no security. New technologies are being developed by the Sony VGP-BPS9 laptop manufacturers and suppliers of Wi-Fi to make the public safe and anonymous environment. If you are concerned about the security of your computer in a warm place to limit their activities to the critical network e-mail and basic Internet surfing.

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Extended-Life 12-Cell HP Pavilion DV1000 battery review

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Extended-Life 12-Cell HP Pavilion DV1000 battery review

The HP dv1000 is considered a lightweight entertainment notebook that boasts extra features for playing DVD's and music. But watching DVD and Listenning music are easily to power off you 6Cell standard laptop battery. That is a really disappointed thing when you watching the "Avatar" during the tip, the laptop notice you must turn off your machine as the power off. What should you do, there is no power supply in the plane with

So the HP produce a 12-Cell Pavilion DV1000 battery to Double your work time (compared with the time supplied by a standard 6-cell battery). Take your productivity and entertainment further with this 12-cell battery1 that gives you the maximum power available. It even reduces your power consumption—you can work longer than with other types of batteries2.

The 12-Cell HP battery specs:
Battery Type: Lithium-Ion 12 Cell
Voltage : 11.1V
Capacity : 98Whr
Warranty : one-year limited
Compatibility: HP G3000, G5000, Special Edition L2000, HP Pavilion dv1000, HP Pavilion dv4000 battery, HP dv5000 battery, ze2000, Compaq Presario M2000, V2000, V4000, V5000, C300, C500

Customer reviews :

"I Buy Before 2 Years Ago ... Its Really Pure Power ( :
At First Year Gve Me 4:30-6 Hour With Hard Work Like Playing Music & Video ...
Second Year It Still Work Up To 3:30-4:30 Hours Hard Work ...
I Recommend This HP Pavilion DV1000 Battery A++++"

"this was a great battery. I've used it since december of 06. I am now buying a new one cause it doesn't hold its charge as well as it used to. i am buying the same HP Pavilion dv1000 battery though. its great and since it drops down it props up the keyboard which(i think) make it more comfortable and natural to type on the keyboard. it also keeps the bottom of the laptop off the surface below it which helps keep it from overheating"

"Weight is great and battery life is excellant. It does add additional weight to the notebook but that is to be expected." "this battery is good to use because it last longer than the one that comes with labtop."

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The charging of lithium-ion batteries A

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The charging of lithium-ion batteries A

There is only one kind of charge, lithium-based laptop battery. Can extend the so-called 'miracle-loading devices', which, as is said to produce batteries and their life expectancy, does not exist for the lithium chemistry. No one can administer one Superschnellladung. The manufacturers of lithium-ion cells have very strict guidelines for the loading procedure and the batteries need to be treated with the appropriate regulations.

Lithium-ion are easy to maintain and use any preparations, as in the nickel-based Dell latitude D600 battery, the case is. The first charge is the same as the fifth and the fiftieth. The instructions require a new battery for 8 more hours to take off and land, may lead to nickel-based batteries back.

Most cells are charged to 4.20 volts, with a tolerance of + / -0.05 V / cell. A charge of only 4.10 Volt reduced the capacity by 10%, but results in a greater life expectancy. Newer Dell Latitude D510 Battery cells are now in a position to achieve, even with a charge to 4.20 volts per cell for a good number of charge cycles. In Figure 1 are voltage and current waveform shown a lithium-ion cell during a charging process.

Figure 1: Charging a lithium-ion battery .. Increasing the charge current in a charger for lithium-ion Dell Latitude D520 Battery, can not significantly shorten the charging time. Although the peak voltage is fast enough with a higher current, the full charge takes more time.

The charging time of most chargers is about 3 hours. Smaller Dell Latitude D610 Battery, as used for mobile phones, can be charged with 1C, the larger cells 18650 I need for laptop computers, should be consistent with 0.8c or less loaded. The efficiency of the charge is 99.9% and the battery remains cool during charging. The full charge is reached when the voltage threshold is reached and the current has fallen to 3% of set value, or approximate.

A maximize the Inspiron E1505 battery charge current reduces the loading time but barely. Although the peak voltage is reached faster with a higher charge current, reaching the full charge lasts longer.

What is the best battery

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What is the best battery

Battery newcomers boast of miracles batteries which were running very high energy density, process 1000 charge / discharge cycles and are paper thin. Such properties are certainly achievable, but not in one and the same laptop battery.

A certain battery may be built for small size and big performance, but this Dell Inspiron 1501 Battery is a highly limited life expectancy. Another battery may be constructed for long life expectancy, but it is thick and bulky. A third battery can have a high energy density and long life expectancy, but it is prohibitively expensive for the consumer.

Battery manufacturers know customers' needs and offer batteries that meet these requirements best. The mobile phone industry is an example of this clever adaptation to the market. Here, have small dimensions and high energy density compared to the advantage of long life expectancy. Short life expectancy here is not a problem because the devices are replaced before the Dell Inspiron 6400 Battery is worn out.

Let's look at different battery types, beginning with nickel-metal hydride. The cylindrical nickel-metal hydride batteries have an average energy density of 80Wh/kg and allow an estimated 400 cycles. The prismatic nickel-metal hydride Dell Inspiron 640m Battery is designed for slim geometry and agreed energy density and number of cycles. The battery is estimated to be moderate 60Wh/kg and offers approximately 300 cycles. Especially long-lasting nickel-metal hydride batteries for industrial purposes are constructed as cylindrical cells and revealed modest 70Wh/kg, but are designed for approximately 1000 cycles.

Lithium-ion batteries can be built for different energy densities in a similar manner. To pack more energy in a cell at the expense of safety. While commercial lithium-ion Dell Inspiron 1420 Battery have good security, which are super-high-capacity lithium-ion batteries for safety reasons not made available to the general public.

The following is a summary of the strengths and limitations of today's popular batteries. Although the energy density has the priority, there are also some other important issues such as life expectancy, charge characteristics, maintenance expenses, self-discharge and operational costs. Since nickel-cadmium Dell Latitude D830 Battery are still considered to be standard for comparisons, we will evaluate different chemistries against this classic battery type.

Nickel-cadmium --- mature, but has only moderate energy density. Nickel-cadmium is used where emphasis is placed on a long life expectancy, large Entladekoeffizienten and wide temperature range. Important applications include radios, medical equipment and tools. Nickel-cadmium containing toxic metals.

Nickel-metal hydride --- offers a greater energy density than nickel-cadmium, but has a shorter life expectancy. Does not contain any toxic metallic Sunstanzen. Applications include wireless telephones and laptop computers.

Lead Acid --- cheapest solution for larger installations, where the weight does not matter. Lead-acid Inspiron E1505 Battery is mainly used in hospitals, for wheelchairs, emergency power and lighting unterbruchsichere meals.

--- Lithium-Ion batteries with the greatest growth potential. Offer high energy density with low weight. Protection circuits are needed to limit voltage and current for safety reasons. Applications include notebook computers and cellular phones.

Lithium-polymer --- Similar to lithium-ion, Dell Latitude D520 Battery , slim build, this system allows in a simple construction, but at higher cost for watt-hours. Main applications are cellular phones.

-Reusable alkaline batteries --- your limited number of charge cycles and the low charging current to be compensated by a long shelf life, which makes the battery for portable entertainment devices and flashlights ideal. Tblog Soulcast Friendster Blurty livejournal

Tricks to Keep Your Device’s Battery last longer Part One

By laptopsbattery - March 18th, 2010, 16:21, Category: General

Tricks to Keep Your Device’s Battery last longer


If you’re a recent convert to smartphones, you’re probably still discovering all the amazing things that your new BlackBerry, android phone or iPhone can do. But one thing you most likely found out right away: the more you do, the shorter your laptop battery lasts.

While a standard cellphone’s charge can easily go three days or more, many smartphone owners are dismayed to learn that their new mobile laptop battery toy requires charging every 24 hours, or even more often. It was great that I could use one device — my iPhone — to check my calendar and respond to multiple incoming calls during January’s Consumer Electronics Show, but I paid the price when its battery died at 2 p.m.

The answer was not to desperately search for an electrical outlet to recharge the phone (though I’ve done that) or to consider giving up the phone (done that, too), but rather to figure out a strategy to reduce energy consumption while still having it available for essential tasks. Whether you’re using a laptop or a smartphone, the devices can be tweaked to get the most out of its lithium-ion batteries.

Reconsider Your Network

all things being equal, the C.D.M.a. mobile standard used by Verizon uses more power than a G.S.M. network, principally used by aT&T and T-Mobile. If Dell D5318 Dell GD761 battery life is critical, you might want to consider G.S.M. as long as its coverage meets your needs.

Dim It

The brighter your screen, the more juice you’re using. If you’re in a dimly lit room, turn down your LCD screen’s brightness. If your device has an autodimming feature that detects the light in a room, use it. Similarly, if you use your smartphone or Dell Inspiron 6000 Battery to play music, lower the volume.

If you have a BlackBerry, the company’s holster will automatically turn off the screen when you insert the phone.

Stop Searching

It is great that you can use Bluetooth technology to connect your smartphone to a headset, or use Wi-Fi to speed up the downloading of e-mail messages. But when you’re not using that headset or not near a Wi-Fi hot spot, turn off those features on the phone or laptop.

The reason is that portable devices will continue to look for Wi-Fi or a Bluetooth headset, using Sony VGP-BPS9 power. Similarly, put your phone to sleep when it is in standby. On an iPhone, you do so through the “Settings” icon. On a BlackBerry, use the “Manage Connections” icon.

Skip a Generation

Your smartphone is also continually looking for a cellphone signal. If you’re in a weak signal area, your phone must work even harder to find one, decreasing battery life. If you know that there is no coverage in your area, turn off your portable device’s mobile capabilities.

If your G.S.M. 3G network is not available or the signal is weak, the Dell Latitude D430 Battery will drain faster looking for one. Consider turning off the phone’s 3G network or using the slower EDGE network instead. It will make Web access slower but won’t affect phone call quality.

Check Mail Manually

Mobile smartphones can check for e-mail messages and instant messages automatically. Or they can be set to “push” notifications as soon as they arrive in your server’s mailbox.

Both strategies can be power hogs. To increase your Dell Latitude D630 Battery life, turn off push and increase the interval between when the phone checks for new messages. Or better, set up your phone to check for messages manually.

HP 12-cell Extended-Life Lithium-Ion HP Pavilion DV2000 Battery

By laptopsbattery - March 18th, 2010, 16:05, Category: General

HP 12-cell Extended-Life Lithium-Ion HP Pavilion DV2000 Battery

HP Pavilion dv2000 (Core Duo T2400 processor 1.83GHz, 1GB RAM) : Notebooks with 14.1-inch screens seems to be gaining popularity, with other entertainment models like Dell Inspiron 640m and Samsung X11 sporting similarly sized displays. If you get a feeling of deja vu with the HP Pavilion dv2000, that's because it is the fraternal twin of the Compaq Presario V3000 battery minus the integrated Webcam and Zen wave design. Like the latter, the HP dv2000 battery offers a full suite of connectivity ports and entertainment features and--with a starting price of S$2,499 (US$1,790.11)--doesn't attempt to bust your budget while doing so.

Maximize laptop battery more for your games, videos, music Looking at photos and that, without the power adapter into . Connecting Another 12-cell doubling battery1 Your notebook's capacity compared with the power You will receive a 6-cell battery x 2.

The images from

The HP Pavilion DV2000 Battery specs :

  • Take more than for other types of Batteries: This Smart Lithium-Ion HP Pavilion dv2000 Battery with your Laptop is working to reduce the power consumption to
  • Recharge in your notebook using the AC adapter Or whether the notebook is turned off
  • Charge up completely, Even if the battery not fully discharged
  • Rely on HP; these specially designed Battery and tested for your HP Notebook Power needs
  • Warranty: limited one years
  • Compatibility: HP G6000 HP Pavilion dv2000, HP Pavilion dv6000 Battery / DX6000; Compaq Presario V3000, V6000, F500, F700

Customer Review :

ove this thing! The battery lifts the back of the laptop, so that air can circulate better than if the computer is lying flat on the desk. Battery life, with a chill-pad into a USB computer port and configure HP recommended settings, so litlle about 4 hours. Quite an improvement over the old 6-cell HP Pavilion dv8000 Battery, which took me only about 90 minutes or so. Keep up the good work, HP! My friends are so jealous ..

I like the 12-cell battery. I like to use it for the DVD on the flight and not worry about continuously supplied with power. I like it possible for the computer, without using the adapter for millennia on end. (Beats Ensure that the 1.5 hours if I do not like the DVD on my old laptop I) the fact that the Pavilion DV5000 Battery sticks down down on my laptop. It helps to cool the machine. I have a rule you the machine run 24 / 7 (all my machines, actually) with a run down about once a week. I also like the fact that sticking the battery from the bottom of my machine has room for my mouse in my laptop carrier. I can now with the mouse in my pocket carrier for other things.

The only thing I think should be changed on the battery, is the quality of the sealing device. The connection feels inadequate and actually unlocked if I included the battery in my grip on the laptop. I want the "Properties" given 5 stars if the battery is already effectively bars. "

When I originally got the 12-cell HP Pavilion DV4000 Battery for my notebook, I was a little skeptical, but I found that the size makes it easier to type on the rise, and the laptop is to be able even to what some chilled on fabric / bed surfaces. Overall, the battery life is pretty good, my original 12 cell that lasts is now about 1.5 years to approximately 2.5 hours (I drain them every day to 0% then recharge them, sometimes several times a day). I have another of the 12-cell battery packs and I mean, this is a brand new easier to use .. the battery lasts about 6 hours to "max battery" and about 4 hours to "maximum performance", which is very good. I also had a 6-cell battery back to the two cells 12 and I DO NOT RECCEMEND who loses 6-cell life quickly, barley, it takes 3 hours brand new to slow-mode and the laptop rather hot, because there is no inclination.

View more content, see laptop battery blog

Discharging of Nokia mobile phone battery

By laptopsbattery - March 15th, 2010, 15:53, Category: General

Discharging of Nokia mobile phone battery

The picture from

Nokia plans new routes loading of mobile phone laptop batteries. The Finnish mobile phone specialist has a patent application in February to define how we can make Self service batteries. This is to be realized by means of kinetic energy. This Nokia relies on a simple system: the kinetic energy to be generated through mobile phone stored in the modules, which are coupled to piezoelectric elements.

Through this mechanical movement of the electric voltage to be generated for charging the phone's ThinkPad R40 Battery . Extent to which a battery can be charged with this method is open. Even the smallest movements are, however, shall have the desired effect.

When the technique can be used, is now open. The fins are also working on other ways to charge cell phone ThinkPad T40 Battery , but the results with, for example radio waves are being reported more überschaubar.Es

Your mobile phone must never run out of juice while you're away. So says the Finnish Nokia, which filed a U.S. patent last week for a phone that loads by energy generation from the movement of the owner.

Nokia sees a cell phone, which supports the heavier components, such as the radio circuitry and IBM ThinkPad R50 Battery are on a stable framework. This framework can move on two types of rails, it can go up and down the other side to side.

Strip of piezoelectric crystals are located at the end of each rail and generate electricity when compressed by the frame. as the user moves, or moves otherwise the phone, the motion generated electricity. These ThinkPad T42 Battery charges a capacitor, which in turn trickle charge the battery keeps it topped up.

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