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Laptop battery using tips

By laptopsbattery - February 25th, 2010, 15:08, Category: General

Laptop battery using tips

Should we remove the battery when the laptop powered by Household Electricity?

Do not remove the laptop battery when using the AC adapter. If your area have no steady voltage or electricity, a sudden power failure happend when you at work, the work you have done lost and the machine may also burn motherboards without the battery protect.

Notice when charging

Usually used when the Apple A1078 battery discharges to 10% of charge can be carried out, do not discharge to 0% every time before charging. In general the battery will be fully charged in 2-3 hours with machine shutdown , 4-5 hours with machine using. IBM's notebook can not charge at 95% , COMPAQ laptop in about 90% before charging, this is designed to avoid the repeated charge and discharge damage to laptop. Requests depth of discharge once a month : discharge to 5% of the time , shut down the machine to re-charge. "Note - Do not let the Sony VGP-BPS8 battery completely discharged". Remove the battery if do not use battery for a long time, please charge the battery to 50% before store.

Why do laptop batteries consumed when laptop turned off and cut off the power supply?

please see the following reasons:

1. The computer shut down, the laptop battery will provide power for RTC functions.

2. The power switch is not only the power line switch, but also the management control of power supply switch, the signal sent to the power switch function.

That is, the management of the power supply controller connecting the iBook G4 14 Battery and power adapter has been a state power, so electricity consumption.

Micro-computer circuit to run, even send a message will consume battery power.

VAIO batteries, not just the battery, but also added to monitor the battery status (Apple PowerBook G4 12 inch Battery remaining capacity and charge and discharge current value, the temperature of the battery group, etc.) built-in micro-computer, and at regular intervals Send a signal to the computer functions.

Therefore, loading the battery in the computer will definitely consume electricity, even put out there will be a natural addition to discharge outside the electricity consumption. Thus, even cut off the power supply, battery consumption is normal.

The article via : Thirdshoping.co.uk

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Toshiba Satellite A500-13W Test

By laptopsbattery - February 10th, 2010, 15:54, Category: General

Toshiba Satellite A500-13W Test

The Toshiba Satellite reached a very high work rate and has a large hard drive. As the laptop battery has to offer with the 16-inch screen too, shows the COMPUTER BILD-Test.


Features of Toshiba Satellite A500

  • 16-inch HD Toshiba TruBrite display with 1366 x 768 pixel resolution    
  • Intel Core 2 Duo Processor    
  • Up to 8GB DDR2 RAM    
  • Up to 500GB HDD or 64GB SSD    
  • ATI Mobility Radeon HD GPU with up to 1GB DDR3 VRAM    
  • WLAN, Bluetooth 2.1    
  • 5-in-1 Bridge Media for media card slot    
  • Three pa3450u   1brs USB port and an additional combo eSATA / USB    
  • TV-tuner for analog and digital DVB-T programming    
  • Harman Kardon speakers    
  • HDMI ports with REGZA liNK technology    
  • DVD Super Multi drive    
  • Wide format HD webcam    
  • Multi-touch trackpad    
  • Toshiba laptop Battery life up to 3.5 hours    
  • Windows Vista

Speed :
Was when working with Office programs, the Toshiba Satellite A500-13W PA3356U-3BRS fast. Also programs for image, video and music editing were very quick. The graphics processor (ATI Mobility Radeon HD4650 with 1,024 megabytes of storage) calculated an average of 48 frames per second with the graphics tests. Games with complex 3D effects brought the notebook without annoying stuttering on the Toshiba   PA3399U-2BRS screen.

The built-in hard drive 466 gigabytes of data and programs to fit PA3395U-1BRS - a welcome value. The DVD burner can read all popular CD and DVD types and describe. However, the quality of home-burned CDs is not convincing.

Operating volume, and battery power
In normal operation, the Toshiba notebook has worked quietly  PA3451U-1BRS (0.9 Sone). The processor is fully utilized, it is significantly louder (1.5 Sone). The endurance of the battery is very modest: When working with Office programs, he lasted only 99 minutes by Toshiba   PA3506U-1BRS, for DVD playback was already after 81 minutes layer in the shaft.

For wireless connections to other computers on the Internet or a wireless card with the fast Toshiba   PA3479U-1BRS n standard is built. Weakness was the Toshiba Satellite with the robustness tests: After the endurance test set from the screen hinge and Internet camera  PA3420U-1BRS . When liquid test keyboard and Brenner were broken.

Conclusion: Toshiba Satellite A500-13W

The notebook impresses with its extremely fast pace, its PA3450U-1BRS gaming capability. It is equipped with a large enough hard drive. Weakness was the Toshiba laptop in the robustness tests and in Toshiba   PA3421U-1BRS battery life.

Battery : Power in the journey

By laptopsbattery - February 10th, 2010, 15:43, Category: General

Battery : Power in the journey

Who wants to buy is not always fresh laptop batteries for cameras and music players, invest in rechargeable batteries. Eventually, the discharged current donors up to 1000 times more recharge, promises to advertising. But beware: Error loading reduced performance and life of a battery dramatically. COMPUTER IMAGE tells you what to consider when buying batteries and chargers.

For which devices is worthwhile to batteries?

For all devices, which consume a lot of power in a short time. For digital cameras, music player and flashlight Latitude D820 Battery  are therefore better than batteries. Although batteries are in AA (AA) - or micro format (AAA) with about 5 euros more expensive than batteries (75 cents). But an AA battery replaced during its lifetime 200 batteries.

What type of battery is best?

It depends on the intended use. A good price-performance ratio offer the popular nickel Metallydrid batteries. But for some purposes are nickel-cadmium batteries, lead and lithium-ion Dell   Latitude D520 Battery cells better. COMPUTER IMAGE describes the advantages and disadvantages of different types of the next page in this guide.

How long does a battery last?

Many manufacturers advertise the Dell   Inspiron 6000 Battery with claims such as "up to 1000 times rechargeable. But each discharge - this is the complete discharge of the battery marked by prolonged disuse - and every overloading damages the battery. In practice, most power sources to create around 400 charge cycles.

What should I consider when buying a charger?

Buy only chargers that are suitable for the type of Inspiron 6400 Battery . Not every device can load as antiquated nickel-cadmium cells. And for lead or lithium batteries, you need a device with constant voltage. Good chargers have the following features:

  • * Microprocessor control: It ensures that the battery is fast, but also gently loaded.
  • * Power Off: You know when your Dell   Latitude D830 Battery is full (see picture above right).
  • * Maintenance Mode: The device thus determines the battery is charged and discharged completely before recharging it, the so-called "memory-preventing effect". This effect occurs especially for nickel-cadmium Dell   Latitude D800 Battery : they are often discharged only partially formed in the interior of crystals. Result: The battery stores less energy.
    What types of chargers are available?
  • * Universal Chargers: load except AA or AAA batteries, including 9-volt batteries, flashlights, or thick blocks (Baby or mono cells) with high capacity Dell   Latitude D620 Battery. They are available from 25 euros.
  • * Compact charger with microprocessor control: they make up to four Sony   VGP-BPS8 AA or micro-cells in three to four hours afloat again. They are have over 21 euros.
  • * Fast-Chargers: This "turbo-charge" VGP-BPS9/B VGP-BPS9/S batteries to make it operational in 15 minutes. But for up to 6 amps to flow (that's the measure of the strength of electricity), and this shortens the life span to about 250 charge cycles. Most devices do not make it to recharge standard batteries in fifteen minutes altogether. A little bit longer's in practice already.

Laptops-battery.co.uk Hopes that help you in your journey.

Laptop Batteries perfomance optimally

By laptopsbattery - February 8th, 2010, 20:36, Category: General

Laptop Batteries perfomance optimally

Toll: At last, the laptop battery power is sufficient in your notebook for longer work! Read how you get along with the proper battery care and a few more tricks without power.

With its computing power must be portable computers (laptops) can no longer hide from desktop PCs. But right when it counts, they make all too quickly slack: In mobile use with battery-keeping operation by even the best notebook just a few hours without power PowerBook G4 Adapter. With a few tweaks to make sure that the notebook battery hold out longer - see how it's done.

How can I extend the battery life during normal operation?

Abstain from everything that you do not need: Do not take needed CDs / DVDs and memory cards (such as cameras) from the iBook G4 Adapter drives. This allows you to prevent Windows from accessing the media and wasting battery power. Plug in all unused external devices like mice, USB or Firewire devices off. Already with these simple steps your notebook running longer in battery mode for a few minutes.

The biggest energy guzzlers in the notebook is the processor with its electronic components ( "chip"). Also the screen, disk drives and interfaces - the links to networks, or printers - need proper juice. With some settings in Windows, you really save much power. How this is done, check out the photo gallery.

What should I know about batteries?

Current series notebooks are working almost exclusively with "lithium ion" batteries: The current memory is easy to have a high capacity, are quickly charged and are considered maintenance free. However, lithium-ion Dell   Inspiron 6400 Battery  are expensive and age quickly: After two to three years, a lithium-ion battery has lost half its capacity.

The aging, you can not avoid, at best delay. How long does the battery of your notebook retains its performance depends, among other things, the number of Dell   Inspiron 640m Battery charge / discharge cycles and operating temperature. Put in here to lengthen the life of the energy to:

* You exhaust the capacity of the Dell   Latitude D520 Battery  as full as possible from. Avoid unnecessary charging, if you have consumed very little battery charging - charging shortens the lifespan of each!
* Avoid excessive heat stress (temperatures above 30 degrees) and exposure to severe cold (below -10 degrees). Leave your laptop not long in the blazing sun or in winter around in a car.
* If you are working for several days to the electricity grid, remove the Dell   Latitude D600 Battery from the notebook, so it does not permanently high temperature. Make sure that the charge is around 40 percent.

Replacement Battery from 90 Euro

Remember (if you buy a used notebooks as a demonstration model or another Gebrauchtschnäppchens) that the Dell   Inspiron 1300 Battery  can be ausgelutscht already old or incorrect treatment ". When buying new you should notify the dealer from the date of manufacture, as the batteries start to age even with leaving the Fakrik too. Good for the stream any more memory, you need to invest in a spare battery, which costs depending on the notebook manufacturers and about 90 to 180 euros.

A Safety Note: Charge the lithium-ion battery only with the matching charger (laptop), so you do not destroy the Dell   Latitude D620 Battery or even by strong heating occurs burns.

If you have taken to heart all the tips and tricks, stays longer in charge of the green zone.How much additional time to bring these tips?

It very much depends on what components are installed in your notebook and what you use your portable computer. When 3D games and similar complex work () as video editing, you can hardly save electricity. In general, you should be in the implementation of the tips, but a significant extension of Dell   Latitude D610 Battery -note performance.

How can I spare batteries, I do not need a long time?

Do not store the battery separately from the notebook. This, he must be not fully charged: Most notebook manufacturers recommend a loading capacity between 40 and 50 percent for storage. Due to self, you should recharge stored batteries every five to six months to around 50 percent of their Dell XPS   M1730 Battery capacity.

Please refer the storage temperatures: You landfill batteries cool and dry, ideally less than ten degrees. So, the best in the cool cellar, if you are alone a. But: Do not expose the Dell XPS   M1530 Battery  in any case against moisture.

Is it worth buying an extra battery?

The investment in a second battery is useful only if you use the laptop Dell   inspiron 1545 battery frequently. Then you will double by the change in the duration of the batteries away from the wall outlet. It's not worth it if you only occasionally need to travel the notebook. Because even a disused lithium-ion battery over time and lose some of its capacity. It is therefore not advisable to place battery on heap. Buy a new battery only when the old schlappmacht.

Discount-laptopbattery.com hopes that help you. Via battery blog

The laptop 6 mainly hardware problem and prevention Methods

By laptopsbattery - February 5th, 2010, 15:10, Category: General

The laptop 6 mainly hardware problem and prevention Methods


1: Motherboard

Ask the guys who repaired their notebooks around you, the motherboard issues may be the most commen problem of Dell Latitude D410 Battery. The author's first notebook also dead as the motherboard problem. General board problems reasuly the machine unbootable. Motherboard problems usually cases short-circuit of IC (integrated circuit).

We usually should change the motherboard when it is broken. The motherboard prices accounted for 1/4 of the laptop Dell Latitude D610 Battery price, so the motherboard problem is the most expensive problem. We need to take attention that do not let leak fluid into the motherboard (we often do this). Do not refresh the BIOS if neednot. In addition, the motherboard is the breakdown by high voltage also happened frequently. If in the electricity peak or just to restore the electricity blackouts, during lightning storm, I propose to use Dell Latitude D410 Battery-powered, do not access home electricity.

2: Hard Disk

The laptop hard drive is more unbreakable than PC hard drive, but they are still afraid of falling repeatedly. Take a look at the label that prompt us to do not throw it. Why? The notebook hard disk is smaller than PC, but the principle is the same, and also due to the complex composition of electronic components. Although the manufacturers optimize the Dell Latitude D520 Battery laptop hard drive break quality. Because of its own composition, it is fear of shock. Remind you, in the bumpy transport, do not use notebook. Be careful not to fall to the ground when place your notebook on the table. As the laptop hard drive is cheap, the information inside is priceless.

3: LCD Screen

LCD is a relatively weak and fragile product of Dell Latitude D630 Battery. LCD mainly make of the glass and liquid crystal, tube composition that are fragile parts. The LCD under organic cover protection, but the protection is very limited. Do not place heavy objects on the LCD, or it would fracture the glass layer. Pay attention Do not let the books hit a hard object. When accidentally dropped on the floor, Dell Latitude D830 Battery LCD is also often bear the brunt. The large LCD value is also a quarter of machine, and it is difficult to repair it but buy a new one.

4: Strings parallel interface

These interfaces do not support hot swap. It is easy to burn the string parallel when plug the USB port or other sevice in Dell Latitude D820 Battery power on. Even worse, resulting in short-circuit board scrap. Although changing string, parallel port is a not too expensive, it is troubleful. There may be someone would say: we are now almost not using the strings parallel port, let them go bad. But the notebooks for engineering debugging that can not lack of the two interfaces.

5: Touchpad

In Summer our hands are dirty and wet. Touch VGP-BPS2 Sony VGP-BPS2C pad with your fingers will make the coating above soon disappear, shorten the life of touchpad and keyboar. So we should wash and clean our hands before open the lapop?


The CD-ROM broken are always caused by someone special love of watching DVD movie. We all know that the original Sony VGP-BPS2C Sony VGP-BPS2A notebook CD-ROM are 150 dollars or more. If always watching disc, your CD-ROM drive will die after one year. If you like watching movie, it is better to buy a DVD player. I just use my T40 combo CD-ROM to installing the software, burn backup, not do other things.

Hopes that hope you. The article Via Battery blog

Extend the life of apple iPhone Battery

By laptopsbattery - February 3rd, 2010, 21:27, Category: General

Extend the life of apple iPhone Battery


Everyone wants to keep its iPhone Dell   Inspiron E1405 Battery  life longer. But how can you do this? The most   important knowledge is to make your iPhone away from the sun, or even hot car   (no exceptions glove box). Do you know will reduce the battery’s performance?   Yes, hot. Please remember to keep out.

Some tips to save your power:

1.switch off Bluetooth: Bluetooth is very useful, but it enables the rapid loss of  A1021 Adapter ,A1036 Adapter  power. Therefore, the importance and   attention to its closed, do not use it.

2.Adjust screen brightness. Brightness adjustment can be low-cost Apple PowerBook G4 Adapter  electricity, when you can make   adjustments to dimmers, battery lfie can be extended. In addition, you can turn   auto-brightness, so that iPhone itself to adjust brighness under the sun.

3.Turn off Wi - Fi: If you do not use the Wi - Fi often, please turn off to   save Apple iBook G4 Adapter power.

4. Check your e-mail if necessary: Do not automatically check your e-mail,   open the auto-check, if possible. Check your e-mail based on your schedule.

5. Updated with the latest software: iPhone in order to try to study the new   software to meet the battery performance. They also believe that the battery is   a big challenge, the greatest Apple iBook G4 Adapter battery life.

6. Locked iPhone: When the iPhone is locked, it can receive calls and   messages, but nothing would happen in your touch display. Save Apple PowerBook G4 Adapter power, locked.

Finally, you should use the iPhone on a regular basis. Do not let it raised   there.Use from time to time it in order to maintain the movement of electronic   and laptop battery is   properly maintained.

The useful tips also can work with : Dell Inspiron 11Z battery , Dell Inspiron 13 battery , Dell Inspiron 14Z battery , Dell Inspiron 1440 battery , Dell Inspiron 1470 battery , Dell Inspiron 15 battery , Dell Inspiron 1545 battery , Dell Inspiron 1570 battery , Dell Inspiron 15Z battery , Dell Inspiron 17 battery , Dell Inspiron 1750 battery , Dell Inspiron 300M battery , Dell Inspiron mini 9 battery , Dell Inspiron Mini 10 battery , Dell Inspiron Mini 10v battery Dell Inspiron Mini 12 battery , Dell Latitude 131L battery , Dell Latitude d531 battery , Dell Latitude d631 battery



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