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The Digital camera battery daily maintenance

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The Digital camera battery daily maintenance

At present, there are two types of digital camera batteries, professional lithium batteries and 5 AA batteries. The professional lithium battery is very light, high capacity, environmental protection, and no memory effect, but the price is expensive, and canít be use generally. Ni-Mh battery with high capacity, and discharge deeply, and durable to charge and discharge, short charge time and other obvious advantage. The most important of all is cheap and can be use generally.

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No matter what kind of Sony NP-BG1 battery, as long as it company sale with digital camera, the user manual will indicate the attention items, some manufacturers even print out a single user guide of Canon BP-511 battery, and charger. Those manual are the basic but useful maintain instruction, such as the charge method, charge time of the battery. It is necessary for the new users to take few times to read it.

Normal users donít have a professional bag to store the Kodak KLIC-5001 battery when use the digital camera, they usually put the battery randomly no matter the place is clean or wet after replace the battery. It is easy to dirty the battery, and contact with metal things, such as key, it also maybe wet, those are the enemy of battery.

Suggestion: User should find a professional position for the Casio NP-30 battery, and keep its clean. In order to avoid the power losing or any other problem, keep clean of battery two side touch point and battery cover, you can clean it with soft dry cloth when necessary.

If long time no need to use the digital camera, then you must take out the Fujifilm NP-40 battery from the camera and store it in dry and cool environment. Regarding the Ni-Mh battery, it should be discharged fully then store it or store it with power? The two different point, should adopt which one? A lot of people choose the former, but I think it is more reasonable to store the battery with power. Because according to the test, the best condition of storing a Ni-Mh Olympus Li-12b battery is with 80% power. This is due to the Ni-Mh battery discharge itself at 10-15% monthly. As you can as well, the new Ni-Mh battery always have power, it is the same reason.

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Two new camera products from Kodak

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Two new camera products from Kodak

Kodak issued 3 new type digital camera battery products in August, Kodak Z950 with ultraportable body, 10 times optical zoom, 3 inch LCD and HD video shooting function, Kodak M381 featured with 5 times optical zoom and 3 inch LCD, Kodak M341 with 3 inch LCD and 3 times optical zoom, they all use lithium batteries as Sony NP-BG1, Canon BP-511, Kodak KLIC-5001.

Kodak Z950 possess 12.00 million pixel imaging ability, have scene recognition function, quick-starting function enable the power on to shooting only use 0.03 second, the best ISO reach to ISO3200, and card form body design is more favorable for outdoor travelling.

Kodak M381 also have 12.00 million pixel imaging ability, excellent 3 inch LCD display effect, it possess 5 faces reorganization ability at most,It can work about 3hours with Kodak KLIC-5001, the photo and video file can be upload to video website as well.

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Electric vehicle battery trouble

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Electric vehicle battery trouble

At present, Many customers like to buy electric vehicles as their advantages such as light and non-polluting . Mileage measuring of electric vehicles is one main criteria of quality, while the laptop battery is the decisive factors of mileage of the length. In the quality of the many complaints of electric vehicles, more than 95% of the problem is about laptop batteries, what is the wrong of problem?

"Battery Rehabilitation centers" professionals point out that where the problem lies : factory competitive price , reduce the battery cost.

Electric vehicle manufacturers generally use the Dell inspiron 6400 battery that provided by professionals battery manufacturers. Different brands and different manufacturers vary the battery quality. Some manufacturers to participate in market competition and reduce the costs of battery, which is a direct consequence of causing the battery due to jerry-built quality.

Low After-sales service

In accordance with the relevant provisions,Dell Inspiron 6000 Battery electric vehicles as the main components, a corresponding quality of the guarantee period. The failure of the battery during the warranty period, producers should assume responsibility. In real life, some merchants or manufacturers have neither the expertise battery maintenance, the warranty period of batteries do not seriously addressed, consumers are asked to pay only for the battery.

Consumers do not know the proper use of batteries

Some consumers improper use of Ibook G4 12 battery . One is the longer charging time the more adequate electricity; second a long time electricity loss, only charge the battery until exhaust; Third, the temperature too high or too low when charging; Fourth, pay no attention to the battery regular inspection and maintenance.

How to properly charge and discharge

The right to use a certain extent, can play the role of extended battery life. Are on the correct use to be a brief introduction:

Should not have been riding on the charge

Battery life is a decision to charge and discharge cycles. Therefore, do not charge the Ibook G4 14 battery when used, it should be charge the battery at 60% -70% exercise of mileage .

Second, the charging time should not be too long

Many electric vehicles users think that the longer charging time can fully charge the VGP-BPS3 battery . This is very wrong. Charging time generally extended one hour after the lights change. Over a long period of battery charge easily lead to deformation, water loss and so on. Directly reduce the Pavilion ZD7000 battery life.

Third, it is best to use Smart Socket

Many electric vehicle users charge the battery when back home and cut off power when go to work the next day , in fact, most of the charger can not guarantee 100% automatically when the battery is fully charged. The best way is to buy smart sockets, Set the charging time for Sony NP-BG1, Canon BP-511, Kodak KLIC-5001 .

Dont use the electinic vehicles when power loss

Some users only charging the battery when power exhaust, it can damage the battery performance deeply.

Fifth, do not charge the battery when temperature too high or too low.

The process of charging, the battery itself will have a small amount of heat, high temperatures in the charging will increases bottle body temperature, that damage to the battery performance. Temperature is too low. Battery active is not enough, lack of battery power, increase the charge-discharge cycles and shorten Pavilion dv4000 battery life.

Benefit analysis of recycling used batteries

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Benefit analysis of recycling used batteries

In recent years, China's annual consumption for the production of Discount laptop battery to 120,000 tons of zinc, 200,000 tons of manganese dioxide, 20,000 tons of copper, there is a considerable amount of zinc chloride, graphite, asphalt, steel and other material. Mn and other resources need to go through mining, ore dressing, smelting and other processes was already consumed a large amount of resources, but also a certain amount of pollution generated.

Therefore, the used Laptop battery to deal with the sound and comprehensive utilization, environmental protection, the protection of significant resources to support the handling of used batteries imminent industry.

With the increase in battery consumption, improve recycling system, the experts predict that the battery recycling will lead to new business opportunities. China's production of dry batteries ranks first in the world 15 billion annual domestic consumption amounted to 7000 million.

Batteries will be used manganese, aluminum, mercury and other substances extracted, can create larger profits. Experts, to build a Dell XPS M1330 battery factory, although used to be about eight million yuan, but its revenue is very impressive, not only can enjoy the state's environmental protection enterprises preferential tax, at the same time every day as long as 100,000 to ensure the handling capacity of the battery can be 1.5-2 million profit. According to forecasts, the end of this century, China's annual consumption of the battery will reach 7.8 billion.

Recently, by the Beijing University of Science and Technology and Hebei Yixian of used batteries renewable joint treatment plant put into operation. The plant used Dell Inspiron 6400 battery scrap processing technology, is different from Japan's "wet", but also different from that of Switzerland's "dry", nor is it the joint law of wet and dry.

Its process as follows: material is broken down - chemical purification - waste water treatment, and ultimately can be recycled tin, zinc skin, such as copper material copper needle cap, and through access to high-quality electrolytic processing of zinc, manganese products, but also the recovery of mercury and iron by-product of red. The plant has a total investment of 7.8 million yuan, the design was to deal with 3,000 tons of used PowerBook G4 battery.

Supply of raw materials used battery prospects, Beijing 200 million each year battery consumption, for a total of 6,000 tons in 1999, recovered only 60 tons, the recovery rate of only 1%. 10,000 batteries a ton of weight, to achieve 3,000 tons, 100 million will need to used batteries, which means that Beijing's half used Dell laptop battery will be recycled and can be harmless treatment.

Why recycle the used batteries

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Why recycle the used batteries

Batteries are all over the place, we can see it in all kinds of electronic devices. A laptop battery is an electrochemical device to convert chemical energy to electrical energy to provide power to our electronic devices. The chemical used in battery will pollute the environment heavily if the batteries are improperly disposed of. In this article will show you how to safety disposed and recycled a used battery.

Environmental Hazards of Household Batteries

There are more and more batteries using in our household. A laptop battery is an electrochemical device to convert chemical energy to electrical energy to provide power to our electronic devices. Batteries contain heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, and nickel, which can heavily pollute the environment when batteries are improperly disposed of.

Batteries may produce the following environmental hazards:
Burning the Sony NP-BG1 batteries in public area will pollute the lakes and streams as the metals vaporize into the air when burned and it may cause burns or danger to eyes and skin.

Contribute to heavy metals that potentially may leach from solid waste landfills.

Batteries waste in riverside will pollute the water with strong acid. Animals or human drinking from these water will be harm by the pollution of the water.

What you can do before buying new batteries

So, do you wonder what you can do before buying the new Inspiron 1520 battery to prevent waste and lower the environmental impact of your hand. Here will provide some of the recommendation for you.

Buy batteries that have less mercury and heavy metals. The batteries now are reformulated to reduce the usage of mercury. Some batteries such as the alkaline inspiron 1525 battery have had about a 97 percent mercury reduction in the product. Newer alkaline batteries may contain about one-tenth the amount of mercury previously contained in the typical alkaline battery. Some alkaline batteries have zero-added mercury, and several mercury-free, heavy-duty, carbon-zinc batteries are on the market.

Try to not buy more batteries when you already have enough battery on hand. Most of the people likes to buy more batteries and store it at home but it will not be using in some time. This is a waste and will increase the risk of battery pollution in your house.

Consider using of rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable batteries as inspiron 1300 battery, inspiron b120 battery, inspiron b130 battery has longer life span and use fewer batteries. However rechargeable batteries still contain heavy metals such as nickel-cadmium. When disposing of rechargeable batteries, recycle if possible.

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Electric vehicle battery support skills

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Electric vehicle battery support skills

1. Dont store the Electric vehicle battery in powerless

It is prohibited that store the laptop battery in a state of loss. State power loss is the failure to charge battery in time after use. Stored in the battery state of loss, it is prone to sulfate and lead sulfate crystals attached to the pole on the board, plug the electric ion channels, resulting in under-charging, the battery capacity decline. Idle state power loss the longer the more serious battery damage. Therefore, the battery should be charged fully once a month when not in use, so that the battery can keep in a good health state.

2. regular inspection in time

In the use of process, if the continued line of electric vehicles in a short period of time a sudden drop in mileage of more than ten kilometers, it is likely that the battery pack at least one battery cell appears broken, soft plate, plate active material shedding phenomenon, such as short-circuit . At this point, the battery should be repaired in time to the professional bodies to check, repair or distribution group. This can be relatively extended life Dell laptop battery to maximize cost savings.

3. avoid large current discharge

Electric cars at the starting line, manned, uphill, please use pedal power to help avoid a momentary high-current discharge. High-current discharge easily lead to lead sulfate crystallization, to the detriment of the physical properties of the laptop battery plate.

4. keeping right charging time

In the use of process, should be based on the actual situation accurately grasp the charging time, frequency and use of reference normal mileage situation and pay attention to the capacity of the battery manufacturers to provide the size of note, as well as matching the performance of the charger, the charge current to grasp the size of charging parameters Pavilion DV1000 battery HP Pavilion DV4000 battery such as frequency . Generally batteries are recharged at night, with an average charging time in about eight hours. If shallow discharge (charge mileage after a very short period), the battery will soon be full of and continue to charge-off charge will appear, and that leads to cell loss, fever, lower battery life. Therefore, in order to discharge the HP laptop battery depth of -70% to 60% when an electric charge the best, the actual use can be converted into cycling mileage, according to the need to charge the actual situation, to avoid charging damage.

5. prevent exposure

Electric vehicles is prohibited under the sun exposure. Environment temperature is too high will increase the internal pressure of the battery cell pressure limiting valve automatically opens, is a direct consequence of the loss of water to increase the Toshiba laoptop battery, and battery cell over-activity of water is bound to trigger a decline to speed up the plate to soften, charging shell body fever, from drum shell, deformation, such as a fatal injury.

6. avoid charging plug fever

Charger output plug loose contact will lead to the phenomenon of oxidation, such as charging plug fever, fever for too long will lead to short-circuit plug charging, direct damage to the Sony laptop battery charger, lead to unnecessary losses. So when found out that the situation should be promptly or replace the connector to remove oxides.

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