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Zen and the Art of Laptop Battery Maintenance

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Zen and the Art of Laptop Battery Maintenance

Keep your notebook or netbook's power pack in tune

We all own more battery powered products than ever before, and in most cases those laptop batteries are rechargeable. Laptops, music players, phones - they all have rechargeable power packs, almost all of them using lithium.

These batteries don't last forever. No matter what you do, their capacity to hold charge will decline over time, typically down to 80 per cent after 12-18 months in the case of laptop batteries.

That's a range, not an absolute cut-off point, so how can we make these batteries last as long as possible? Ignoring the exceedingly rare risk of a fire, is there any way to ensure we get the best performance from our portable power supplies?

Follow some basic rules, and the answer is yes.

The model usage pattern is the mobile phone. Of all the rechargeable laptop batteries we've used, the ones in phones have always proved to retain their capacity longer than batteries in laptops, cameras and MP3 players. It takes a long time, generally speaking, for a phone battery to reach the point where no matter how long you charge it, it goes from full to empty in a very short space of time.

Contrast that with the netbook battery sitting next to us, which although less than a year old will discharge from full in under 20 minutes. That's with the netbook just sitting there, screen on, connected to the internet. It should last eight times that.

The keys to pa3420u-1brs battery longevity are regular usage and making sure cells are recharged before they become empty. Phone batteries typically take a couple of days to run down and tend not to be constantly on and off the charger during that period. Rather than waiting until the phone has so little power it switches off, most handset owners recharge their phones when they get a low-charge warning, usually around ten per cent capacity.

This ensures a steady, even cycle of charge and discharge, and if there's an operating condition lithium batteries respond well to it's regularity.

The 6t473 Laptop batteries won't, of course, give you two days of usage, so it's not necessarily practical to follow that charge-discharge-recharge pattern exactly, but you can get close. Make sure you regularly use your laptop on battery power. Don't work on it with it always plugged into the mains.

If you do use the mains as your primary power source - as you might well if the notebook's your main machine - at least make sure you use your laptop on HP Pavilion DV4000 battery power a couple of times a week. This is what we didn't do with the netbook. It has stayed attached to its AC adaptor for most of its life, with the battery barely being used.

The connected battery will charge to 100 per cent and then the battery pack's electronics will ensure the cells receive no further charge. At this point, the biggest threat to the battery is heat from the laptop's internals. Make sure your laptop's vents don't become covered. Beyond the heat generated by its operation, a laptop can safely be left connected to the mains.

There's no harm in removing the battery from a laptop that's going to stay connected to the mains for a while. Just make a note of the optimum HP Pavilion DV1000 battery storage conditions - more on this later - and don't inadvertently yank the power cable. With no battery, there's no back-up for your laptop's memory.

Apple machines are an exception, and others may be too: they auto-underclock the processor when the battery's removed, so despite being connected to the mains, they won't run at full strength. We think that's daft, but that's Apple for you.

When you use your laptop on PB995A battery power, make sure its charge drops to at least 80 per cent. But don't let it drop to zero. Depending on which operating system you use and how its power settings are configured, you'll get a low-power warning first and, later, your machine will sleep, hibernate or shut down.

At this point, your battery should still be charged to 5-10 per cent of its capacity, and you should now charge it, whether you want to continue working or not. If you're not going to be able to do so for some time, make sure you've saved your work and your laptop's shut down or hibernating rather than sleeping. These two modes turn the laptop off whereas sleeping just keeps it ticking over, but power is still being drained and you run the risk of emptying the battery.

Completely draining the battery is a no-no. Battery manufacturers and laptop makers say that it's a good idea to drain the HP Pavilion ZV5000 battery as far as the laptop will allow every so often and to then charge fully in order to synchronise the various capacity monitors within the power pack and the laptop. That ensures that your capacity read-outs are as accurate as they can be.

There seems to be a consensus that daily-use laptops don't really need this, and certainly not on even a monthly basis. Occasional-use laptops, on the other hand, may benefit.

Eking out the charge while your using your computer on Pavilion ZV5000 battery power is simply a matter of disabling Bluetooth and Wi-Fi if you don't need them, making sure your system spins down the hard drive when it's not required, and - perhaps best of all - dimming the screen's backlight.

How temperature affects a battery's capacity decline
Battery capacity after one year

If running to empty or never discharging at all are to be avoided, high temperatures are right out. Batteries' inevitable capacity decline can be slowed by keeping the inspiron 1150 battery cool

According to website Battery University, a battery kept full will see its capacity drop by six per cent after a year if it's kept at freezing point. Kept at 60C, however, the same battery will lose 40 per cent of its capacity to hold charge after just three months.

At 25C, you're looking at a 20 per cent capacity loss after one year. Since your working environment is likely to be less than 25C, the reduction will you see will be a little less than that, and by making sure the Toshiba PA3107U-1BRS battery is used regularly and evenly, you should be able to delay the point at which the battery has only 80 per cent of its starting capacity to 18 months or more.

Cycle logical: check your battery's recharge count in Mac OS X

Hot-running laptops will have the reverse effect, so if your notebook's like that, consider buying a cooling stand to help draw heat away from the machine and Compaq Presario V4000 battery. Don't keep your laptop in a hot car cabin, or in direct sunlight.

If your laptop's going to remain unused for a long period, keep it cool. Never freeze it, but sticking the battery in the fridge, for example, will prolong its life. Battery manufacturers recommend storing batteries with a charge level of 40-50 per cent.

If you do refrigerate a Pavilion ZD8000 battery, don't start using it as soon as you take it out again. Leave it several hours to warm up to room temperature first. Rapid warming could cause condensation, and you don't want moisture forming inside your battery pack or laptop.

If you have a spare battery pack handy, keep it cool and charged to 40-50 per cent of its maximum capacity until you're ready to take it on your travels. At that point, charge it up and use it as often as you use the other battery, so they both undergo regular charge and discharge cycles.

Charge Cycles Explained

Battery longevity - how long the battery lasts rather than how long it'll power a device from a full charge - is typically measured in cycles, with one cycle being a discharge from full to empty.

This doesn't need to happen all at once. A cycle is reached when 100 per cent of a Latitude D800 battery's potential capacity has been taken, even if it's charged up in the meantime. If you drain a battery by half one day, charge it back up, take 25 per cent the next day, charge it up again then drain it by a quarter on the third day, that's one cycle: 50 per cent + 25 per cent + 25 per cent.

That might suggest the best way to eke out cycles isn't to discharge the battery too much, but don't forget, lithium-based Dell laptop battery like to be used, not left on 100 per cent all the time.

Laptop makers typically say a machine's battery capacity will have declined to 80 per cent of its original capacity after 300-odd cycles.

How to Open a Laptop Battery & Replace the Lithium Ion

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How to Open a Laptop Battery & Replace the Lithium Ion

Laptop batteries, like all rechargeable battery packs, lose their charging capacity over time. Because new laptop batteries are expensive, replacing the individual cells inside the battery casing can save a lot of money. However, rebuilding a battery sometimes does not work as expected, so it's important to be willing to purchase a new laptop battery if the procedure fails.

1. Allow the laptop battery to run down completely. Turn off your laptop, then remove the battery. Write down the model number located on your Latitude D800 battery to help identify the type of Li-ion replacement cells you need to purchase.

2. Split open a small section of the Latitude D800 battery pack (at the seam) with a screwdriver or craft knife. Continue to pry the plastic case loose moving around the outer edge until the entire top is free. This may take a bit of force.

3. Note the number of cells inside the case (usually four to eight). Write down the part number and voltage information printed on the Toshiba PA3107U-1BRS cell casings. Draw a diagram showing the arrangement of the cells and how they are connected, or take a few photos to help with reassembly.

4. Purchase the correct number and type replacement batteries from a local or online dealer, based on your battery model and cell specifications. Six Li-ion cells typically cost around $30 to $40.

5. Carefully remove each cell using a craft knife and wire cutters as necessary. Each Toshiba PA2487U battery pack is different, but the cells are usually wrapped in a plastic casing with metal contacts attached to one end. Lay the metal contacts, wires and casing material aside.

6. Use double-sided tape or a solder gun (only if necessary) to attach the metal contacts to the cells and circuit board. When finished, the old cells should be completely stripped (naked) and the new cells should look like the old ones as much as possible.

7. Place the new Discount laptop battery cells inside the case, referring to your diagram or photos if necessary. Glue the battery pack top back on. Charge the new battery for at least 24 hours before using it.

Keep an eye on the new battery while it charges for the first time. If the contacts are not connected properly, the battery could overheat and cause damage to the laptop.

How to replace battery cells inside laptop battery

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How to replace battery cells inside laptop battery

In the last article, we have introduced "how to hack dead laptop battery" to our readers, but it is too simple. Now we write a detail article about " how to replace battery cells inside laptop battery".

At present, there are many articles about "how to purchase and use laptop battery" on the network , but there are too less article about "how to repaire laptop battery". For this reason, we decided to write a article about,laptop battery repair industry to help notebook users know what to do when laptop battery broken.

To notebook the battery is very important as the mobile work. The notebook become to desktop without laptop battery. There are battery cells and protection board in laptop battery inside. The batteries cells supply the power and the proctection panels protect the board safety when charging. Battery cells are consumable items, the capacity reduce in each using, which directly determine the quality of notebook batteries.

Notebook battery life short suddenly , cant work, laptop battery down suddenly (such as: battery capactiy suddenly reduce from 40% to 10% when working), laptop battery cant be fully charged,notebook battery cant be fully discharged (the notebook closed when the battery power state in 40% or more), the above cases may be caused by batteries capacity declining or batteries cells damage. Of course, there may be due to damage of the protection board, but this possibility is very small.

laptop battery cells

If you find that above failure happened to your notebook, it is necessary to check your laptop battery in laptop battery maintenance business. Now, let me introduce the whole process of laptop battery cells changing (for example Thinkpad T40 battery) .
First, we use professional equipment to detect the cause of the malfunction. There are many types equipment of Battery Fault Detection, such as: Texas Instruments products, MAX products, Ateml products, and even some personal home-made products. Most we use the commonly Texas Instruments (Texas) EV2300

Use professional equipment and related software to detect the cause of the malfunction

Battery Fault Detection

Texas Instruments EV2300

Once detected 92P1101 battery cells faulty , we are prepare to change the batteries cells for notebook battery.

Before the battery cells changing, We would like to tell you about the structure of the notebook battery.

The 92P1102 laptop battery are made up of three parts: batetry shell, battery cells and protection board.

In general, notebook battery can be divided into three parts: the shell, batteries and protection board。

Battery shell

Battery shell. That is notebook battery casing. There are different three types: type, ultrasonic bonding and adhesive bonding type.

08K8193 Batteries cell

Batteries cells group, that is, combination the batteries cells together in parallel and series connection. In accordance with the parallel, in series of different combinations can be divided into: 2 parallel and 3 serial connection (the most common), 2 parallel and 4 serial, 2 parallel and 2 serial, 3 serial and 3 parallel and 3 parallel and 4 serial (relatively rare).

Protection panel

Protection board, which is based on an agreement SMB1.1 circuit board, with power management functions and charge-discharge management.
Protection board, which is based on an agreement SMB1.1 circuit board. There are three chips on it : battery Measurement management chip, charge and discharge management chip and serial EEPROM memory chips

08K8192 Protection board

On positive plate : measuring management chip and charge-discharge management chip

The plate back has a serial EEPROM memory chips

Decrypt and unlock the protection board are two different works. Before you go into the battery management system you must decrypt the protection board, unlock the battery management system in order to change the parameters of the battery and use of information. If you only change batteries cells without unlock, you can not achieve satisfactory results (for example: the battery can only charge to the state "the last full charge capacity", the battery maintenance management information will be displayed the charged number)
We use professional equipment and related software to unlock and decrypt the protection board. Of course, you must choose the appropriate equipment by 92P1087 battery management chip design.

use professional equipment and related software to unlock and decrypt the protection board

choose the appropriate equipment by battery management chip design

related software for unlock and decrypt the protection board


If the protection board hardware damaged , we would also use oscilloscope, multimeter and logic analyzer

oscilloscope, multimeter

logic analyzer

After the deal with the batteries protection board , let me introduce the method to choose the right cells. We must use sub-meter cabinet and the internal resistance to check batteries capacity resistance, separation voltage, select out all specs of parameters for comparison with similar groups. Also the thinkpad R50 battery thinkpad T41 battery thinkpad T42 battery thinkpad T43 battery is the same battery cells.

Sub-capacity cabinet

Sub-capacity cabinet manage software

Select the similar cells to make a battery group

Then we will use the spot-welding and Nickel sheet to joint the batteries cells together.


use the spot-welding and nickel films to joint the 92P1011 batteries cells together

The Nickel sheet we use are designed in round corner

round corner and straight angle Nickel sheet

After unlock and decrypt the protection board, connect the battery cells group. We can assemble the shell protection board and cells together.

assemble the shell protection board and cells together

During the assemble, you must take high attention. The steps is also suitable for IBM 40Y6795 40Y6797 40Y6799

After doing the above steps, the battery cells changing is compeleted. The repaired battery quality is the new battery in most function, so you must calibrate it first. Generally, you should fully charged in 1o hours then full discharge it 2-3 times.

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New battery can not be fully charged

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New battery can not be fully charged

Generally the new battery can 100% fully discharge-charge. Last month I buy a latitude d820 battery replacement, as my work dont need to take the notebook out, so I use the notebook with the AC adapter and I store the battery in my drawer. Last Friday, I want to visite my customer with my notebook and show some business projects. So I charged my battery for a whole night, but I only see my battery 70% capacity state charged next morning. My battery is really new, why it can not be 100% charged?

So I query the battery expert Jack Smith that the reason "Why new battery can not be fully charged?". He said that : after the laptop battery not use for a long time, the battery charge must in the low current in the right system power option. And then he give me some adviese to set the power Option. Now I introduce the tips for my readers step by step with detail photos.

A .windows xp system:

1) Go to Start/Control Panel/Power Options and look for the "Alarms" tab.

2) Choose Low Dell CF623 battery alarm and critical battery alarm to make the alarm operation to no operation untick the two boxes(see below picture)

3) Let it discharge the battery till the laptop automatically off.

4) Charge the Dell D820 battery again.
Attention:Do as below:

B: Windows vistar system:

1) Go to Start/Control Panel/Power Options/Edit Plan Settings /Battery/Low battery action/Do nothing.

2) Let it discharge the laptop battery till the laptop automatically off.

3) Charge the battery again.

In the end if you still cant fully charge your laptop battery, you can calibrate the battery and then use the battery fresh program to refresh your battery to calibrate the battery charge-discharge time.

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Hack laptop battery notice

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Hack laptop battery notice

In the last article, We introduce the way "How to hack dead laptop battery". But as far as we know the hack battery is a dangerous and perplexing work for the professional guy. Most of us only know how to take apart the battery pack and solder the cells to the circuit board, this may cause some damage to electrocircuit.

After using for a long time, the laptop battery (A1175) capacity would reduce, resulting in shortened life of the notebook. This is mainly caused by an internal battery batteries aging failure. In serious condition, we cant solve the problem by battery calibration procedures or repeatedly charging and discharging. For this issue, many fans will open the battery case, to find the failure and replace batteries cells, they think that will be able to solve the problem. The actual situation is really so?

Carefully Replace the battery cells

Most laptop battery are made up of lithium-ion batteries cells, and lithium-ion VGP-BPS5A battery life is basically a constant, only 500 ~ 800 times charge life. Therefore, if the regular use of batteries for notebook power supply, 1 ~ 2 years later, due to the internal battery aging, it is easy to achieve the life of the batteries expire. Although we have detected in the open cell batteries, the show is a one or two damaged batteries. even if you replace the failure batteries, the battery return back to normal in a short period of time, it can not be used again soon as the entire failure of other batteries.

In that case, replace all the internal laptop battery can solve the problem? In fact, it is difficult to do this. Because in the original battery, its internal batteries is a precise match, and the capacity of batteries, terminal voltage and internal resistance are in a good consistency. And the battery we buy in the market has not been tested and matched, we can not matching for the batteries under the amateur condition, so the capacity, internal resistance and other parameters will inevitably vary. In the internal battery, the batteries are charged together after the series (in the majority of notebook batteries, the batteries will be divided into eight groups, four in series and then parallel to form a battery pack), as a result of the rechargeable battery the same current, in which the smallest capacity batteries will of course be full of electricity, while the other is not enough battery power, the battery terminal voltage can not set the voltage, charging circuit will continue to charge Vaio VGN-SZ battery pack. In this way, the original fully charged rechargeable batteries will be over-charged.

To reduce the charge time, the current of laptop charging circuit is very big, it will produce great heat when charging, so the liquid 40Y6795 batteries temperature and pressure rise, internal electrolyte easily dry or overflow , so the batteries capacity decline and even explose. The total storage capacity of the battery determined by one of the smallest capacity batteries, and this will turn into a vicious cycle, after repeated charge-discharge, the entire battery capacity will significantly decline.

At the same time, a number of laptop batteries in order to prevent unauthorized users to open the replacement of Dell D820 batteries, have the smart chip protection and anti-line openings. As long as the shell to open the battery or batteries from the battery in the circuit board removed, intelligent protection circuit will stop the output of the battery. Even if we put the batteries back to the battery circuit board or close the battery case, the protection of its smart chip still can not be restored. In this way, the battery will not be able to normal output. We need to reset the smart chip in order to solve this problem, but the amateur conditions, we are unable to reset the smart chip. Therefore, from time to time change batteries cell may cause permanent damage to the battery.

So, how do we solve the battery problem? The best way is to buy a new original battery, but now a new original Thinkpad R50 battery or even a few thousand dollars, to spend so much money is too high, exceeding the carrying capacity of many consumers. However, there are a number of professional notebook repair station, its equipment and technology are good, but there are some repair stations and manufacturers of batteries there is a long-term cooperative relations, the battery can be manufactured to precise matching. This will ensure the maintenance of quality.

In these places the price of batteries for about 300 million, although replacement of batteries on their own to higher prices, but will keep the Thinkpad T41 battery's long-term use. In addition, some maintenance stations for maintenance had also carried out a six-month battery warranty. And we use these six months, as long as there are a hundred times to ensure that the battery charge and discharge around, and battery capacity and stability during this period, then after the battery will enter a stable period, the damage is not easy.

Have know-how to maintain the battery

In any case, replace the batteries do not need our small price to pay, so we have to use in day-to-day attention to the maintenance of the battery to extend battery life.

To protect the battery, first of all to reduce the number of Thinkpad T42 battery, that is to say when in the city, do not use the battery as much as possible. This can reduce the number of battery charge and discharge, longer battery life. While this caused some inconvenience to use, but every time you think about the use of batteries, need money to pay two dollars, or you take it easy.

The internal structure of the battery

Battery calibration procedures can extend the PCGA-BP2V battery life, has been a subject of heated discussion. Support the view that correction can eliminate the battery memory effect of batteries to extend battery life. The opponents believe that the use of lithium-ion batteries have no memory effect, so the correction process will only increase the number of battery charge and discharge and shorten battery life. In fact, understanding these two are not comprehensive. Although lithium-ion batteries to reduce the memory effect, but the memory effect still exists.

Indeed the PCGA-BP4V battery calibration can reduce the memory effect, but this is not the most important, the battery calibration procedure is to establish the main functions of the battery and control circuit so that the control circuit can correctly identify the capacity of the battery, so to avoid battery overcharge or over-discharge phenomenon. At the same time, the system can also be exhausted before the battery shutdown to protect data security. However, the frequent use of battery calibration procedures will increase the number of battery charge and discharge. Therefore, we run once every three months about the battery calibration procedures it.

We in the use of batteries for notebook power supply or power adapter for charging the Sony laptop battery, do not unplug the notebook's battery. Because the battery is charging or discharging state, the currents are very large, if we try to plug the battery, then, it is easy to have a spark, not only will cause contact of ablation, may also be caused by the impact of current circuit board or battery laptop charging circuit damage.

In addition, many people there are still some misunderstanding on the use of batteries. For example, the "new purchase to go through the Apple laptop battery charging and discharging several times to activate," "notebook batteries do need to put a" matter of fact, with the memory effect of lithium batteries and battery to reduce the improvement of internal protection circuits. These factors impact on the battery capacity has been very small, we run on a regular basis as long as the battery calibration procedure of these operations will be able to eliminate the impact of the battery, so we need not care too much for this purpose to wait on your notebook, after all, the battery is used used.

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How to maintain a digital camera

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How to maintain a digital camera

1. A digital camera is a precision equipment, proper maintenance can extend its working life.

2. You should always clean up. You need to use external soft lint cloth, memory card slot of the battery should also be frequently with a soft brush or blow the balloon to clear the dust.

3. Digital camera battery generally have multi-coated lens to compare effemination, would accidentally scratch coating. Generally do not move it, it is necessary only need to be cleaned up, a little bit of dust, generally will not affect the imaging results. If we are not careful the camera on the left hand, it should be cleared as soon as possible because it is a damaged lens. Normally should be particularly careful to protect the lens and the surface of the lens with a very fragile, especially when gently wipe the correct way is: first blow balloon blowing dust, and then drawcircle professional lens cleaning paper, using the BG-E3 grip.

4. There will always be a digital camera with sophisticated electrical systems, more vulnerable, so to avoid high temperature, strong shock and drop from a height, do not suddenly from hot to cold outdoor room. What must be avoided water, fell into the water. Million accidentally soiled water, they should immediately turn off the power supply, wipe dry and then boot, in the case of the use of fog rain put a plastic bag and BG-E5 battery grip.

5. Kept a digital camera should avoid direct sunlight or high temperatures, but also to avoid a room on the wet. To stay away from dust, powder, sand and so on. Antimagnetic also, especially not on television, radio, refrigerators and other household electrical appliances. Long-term need to be taken out the battery Grip because the battery will be leakage, corrosion camera.

6. Although the digital camera is compact, easy to carry on the pocket, but it do not forget to wear a protective clothing ah, in case of multi-tap the touch ah distressed. You can use small Camera put it together, can also be fitted to other attachments nikon D40 battery grip, it is not very convenient?

Digital camera LCD screen is also the most likely to wash hands and clean have to be careful too, because in general there is a layer of LCD-plated anti-glare film, this coating has been damaged can not repair. Do not put pressure on, otherwise the screen will be damaged or malfunction.

7. The laptop battery stored in a dark dry place. The existence of the camera should also be dry, well-ventilated place. If long storage, can have the camera in a plastic bag with desiccant. Desiccant to absorb moisture will be lost after the results, to be replaced regularly and often to check out the camera, pressed the shutter a number of boot.

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Notebook battery Maintenance New opinion

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Notebook battery Maintenance New opinion

What are the laptop battery maintenance mode? What is the use of laptop battery maintenance of the taboo? Notebook battery maintenance of books in the end should be pulled out, pulled out if the power of how to do? Notebook battery maintenance of good access to the longest time? See below, it will know.

Notebook battery life is longer, often dissatisfied with sufficient, or even show damage, if the laptop battery maintenance of peace have not done enough good, then more accelerated the aging batteries! It is necessary to observe in the use of some maintenance tips. Whether you are using a notebook lithium battery as A1008 or nickel-metal hydride batteries.

As far as possible to the battery charge after the exhaustion of the basic (power less than 5%), which is to avoid the battery the best way memory effect. In fact, the lithium-ion battery has some memory effect, Ni-MH battery is more than just much smaller. However important to note that charge when the time is too long to avoid the general control within 12 hours. Notebook battery as A1061 maintenance free with the use with the filling!

Notebook battery life is not determined by the length of time, but by the number of charge and discharge decisions. This is the importance of maintenance of notebook battery - Li-ion notebook battery (M8403) life by the number of charge-discharge decision! If you are using a laptop when the battery has been installed on the notebook instead of taking down, even if the machine shut down and removed AC power, the battery would not like to imagine that as you have maintained a state of full power.

Used because the notebook battery is a Into a control circuit, even when the computer is shut down power consumption. After I connected to AC power, when battery power is not full, so it will start charging. In this way, when the power turned on or off, your laptop battery will repeatedly charge and discharge and shorten VGP-BPS5A battery life, this is the laptop battery maintenance bogey.

To this end, in the use of external AC power supply when the battery pulled out the best. Moreover, the laptop battery if exposed to heat their state will have an impact on life expectancy. Laptop battery for long-term maintenance of non-use, please red discharge at least a month to ensure that the activity of the battery. At the same time, when the battery in the custody of a problem we must pay attention to 8N544 PA3399U-1BRS battery.

That is, the vast majority of laptop battery currently used in lithium-ion batteries do not use if the long period of time, then, often prone to the phenomenon of excessive discharge, may no longer be able to charge a notebook battery. This is the laptop battery maintenance of a free! In order to prevent excessive battery discharge, in a state of semi-rechargeable battery stored in a cool place, and then once every six months, and then half of its electricity to the state of charge. Notebook battery maintenance free Latitude D800 battery storage for too long, as well as the battery over-discharge damage to the battery!

In addition, the impact of notebook battery life of factors including the use of the environment temperature (30 ℃ suggested that the use of the following), storage inspiron 8600 battery and battery temperature suffered shock size. In the use of laptop batteries after a certain period of time will be aging (no matter how maintenance can not be avoided!), As demonstrated by the internal resistance become larger, in charge when the voltage rise faster, so it is easy to charge control circuit has been found to have full capacity is of course also declined.

Laptop battery will be calibrated to deal with aging is an effective way to the laptop battery, which is many years laptop battery maintenance of a more commonly used! However, only a small number of notebook batteries have a dedicated calibration software. If your notebook does not discharge the exclusive use of the software, then the battery can be carried out in accordance with the maintenance of the following steps:

Disable the screen saver;

  • In the Windows Power Management power scheme will be set to "always open";
  • General tab in the warning "insufficient power warning" is set to 10%, the operation is set to "no operation";
  • will be "a serious power shortage alert," set to 3%, operating as a "wait";
  • the screen brightness to the maximum;
  • confirm all the windows closed, and the preservation of all data prior to the work;
  • confirm inspiron 630m battery after more than 80%, unplug the power and all external equipment.

Discharge after the end of the notebook will automatically shut down after the power plug so that the notebook charge, this process can be repeated 2 to 3 times the battery to enable continuous low current discharge, which discharge the state in our day-to-day use it is impossible achieved, the effect of discharge and those dedicated basically the same software.

The article is from : Green Energy makes our life nature

Notebook battery fully charge and discharge error

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Notebook battery fully charge and discharge error

Notebook computer equipped with the original battery, after a period of time after use, there will inevitably be the case of standby time. Some users said: "depth with repeated charge-discharge method, be able to resume the performance of the battery, thereby extending the battery life.

To a correct understanding of this issue, start a notebook about the type of laptop battery used. As we all know, in 1995, before the production of notebook computers are basically used to power nickel-cadmium batteries. In the use of such batteries, if not the correct way of charging and discharging, the battery will have a "memory effect", thereby reducing the battery's actual capacity, the elimination of this "memory effect" is the best way to repeatedly charge and discharge depth manner. With the emergence of nickel-hydrogen batteries, battery capacity has improved significantly, but the "memory effect" did not completely eliminate the shortcomings.

In recent years, lithium-ion batteries in notebook computers has been rapidly increasing, largely as a result of lithium-ion batteries have been the elimination of the "memory effect" problem, it is used repeatedly to restore the depth of latitude D800 battery charge-discharge performance of the method is not applied. But why lithium-ion battery capacity or the will to reduce the problem? Have a fundamental reason for this situation is used in notebook computers and the original lithium-ion battery in the built-in battery management systems.

Battery Management: At present, in notebook computers, almost all adopted the "battery management" and "charge-discharge control" of two chip-level management systems. The "battery management chip" placed in the notebook computer itself, the chip registers in the memory of the computer used in the capacity of lithium-ion inspiron 8600 battery, operating temperature, ID serial number, charge-discharge state, the cumulative number of charge-discharge and other important information. In the use of these data, the need to constantly refresh the actual situation. The battery built-in "chip control charge and discharge" the most important role is to monitor and control the battery charge and discharge the entire process and be documented.

Charge: Lithium-ion rechargeable battery the whole process is divided into "fast charge constant-current" and "reduced charge constant current" two stages. The so-called "constant current fast charge" means charge has just begun, the charge current and charge voltage to follow a fixed battery terminal voltage gradually increased until they reach their nominal voltage of the charging method. When the inspiron 630m battery terminal voltage has reached the standard value, the controller will automatically turn into "reduced charge constant current" phase, when the charging voltage will no longer continue to rise, while the charge current to follow the battery capacity is rising gradually diminishing, and eventually reach zero, so they all completed a GK479 GD761 battery charging process.

At the same time, the charge generated by the process of charging voltage, current and time data curves will be recorded in the VGP-BPS5 battery's "charge-discharge control chip" of the memory. "Battery management chip" is through access to th

ese data, calculated by the sample data such as battery capacity, which is, in Battery Information in numerical Wh read.

Fixed: After repeated charging and discharging the HP DV2000 battery after use, its built-in chip in the charge-discharge data will of course be changed. If at this time "battery management chip" has no chance to re-read the newer, more complete data, it calculated the battery capacity will not be accurate of course, to the user the feeling seems to be reducing the capacity of the Satellite A100 battery, and the fact that the actual capacity of the battery has not really reduced. Some bring their own brand of rechargeable laptop management software working principle, the process is in charge refresh "charge-discharge control chip" memory of the data, thus ensuring the "battery management chips," the correctness of calculations.

A close look if you have the use of laptop manuals, will be found that "a month in the use of computer time, should make a full laptop battery charge and discharge operation" note. Its main purpose is to use the depth of charge and discharge the way to amend the charge and discharge control chip register data in the curve so that the battery charge control and battery nominal capacity and the actual situation, as a result the correct value of the battery capacity.

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How to identify the good battery and bad battery?

By laptopsbattery - July 2nd, 2009, 21:04, Category: General

How to identify the good battery and bad battery?

There are many laptop battery in the electronic market, a large number of substandard products into the market, including many original batteries counterfeit, take many potential to consumers. For non-professional consumers, we suggest the customer select the notebook battery following to the next tips:

1. Check packaging
Battery packaging should be sealed anti-static bags, anti-static foam lining, which is to protect the basic configuration of the VGP-BPS5 notebook battery.
Battery packaging should have a bar code serial code. Bar code is provided by the factory management of commodity standards to identify the authority logo.

2.check the appearance
Batteries should not be scratched or the appearance of the old sense, or readily available second-hand goods renovation as OEM satellite A100 battery.
Battery case should be clear parameters, performance, application of model identification.
Joints up and down the VGP-BPS5A battery cover should have no marks have been opened.

3. Check the official commitment to the protection of that and after-sale

Formal professional laptop battery grade qualified products cylindrical latitude d800 batteries, since the date of the factory, there are bonds for one year warranty. If you can not have this commitment, then the use of batteries and other materials may not be the quality of very qualified sub-grade batteries but batteries. At present the market with large number of obsolete Japan, South Korea and the poor laptop battery conversion, this product may seem cheap products are actually huge profits, as well as the normal use of notebook computers much damage, the explosion will be serious personal injury caused to consumers.

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