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Dell 4 cells 2200mAh inspiron Mini 9 battery test

By laptopsbattery - April 28th, 2009, 14:56, Category: General

Dell 4 cells 2200mAh inspiron Mini 9 battery test

Last night I ran a quick test on how long my new Dell Inspiron Mini 9’s battery would last under “normal netbook workload”.

This is the Dell inspiron Mini 9 battery Detail info:

14.8V 4Cells 32.4WAh Li-ion battery (As HP Pavilion DV4 battery, Pavilion DV5 battery, Pavilion DV7 battery, Pavilion DV3000 battery)

Dell inspiron Mini 9 batetry Test Details:

  • OS: Gentoo Linux (what else? )
  • Running programs: KDE 4, Konqueror, Thunderbird (fetching mail via IMAPS every 5 minutes)
  • Conditions:
  • Wireless connection to Internet, shell script kills and reloads Konqueror with three websites every two minutes (emulating a user who browses the WWW).
  • Display set to lowest brightness level, screensaver / standby / etc. deactivated so that it was switched on all the time.

Dell inspiron Mini 9 batetry Test Data capturing:

The ‘remaining capacity’ value from /proc/acpi/battery/BAT1/state and a timestamp were written to a file every minute:

#!/bin/bash  LOG="/home/pn/batterylog"  echo "Battery log, started $(date)" >$LOG  while ((1))  
do TIME=$(date "+%s")
REMAINING=$(grep "remaining capacity" /proc/acpi/battery/BAT1/state | cut -b 26- | cut -d' ' -f1)
echo "$TIME $REMAINING" >> $LOG sync sleep 60 done

Dell inspiron Mini 9 batetry Test Results:

The Inspiron Mini 9 battery lasted a little longer than 4 hours and 50 minutes which means approx. 6.7 watts average power consumption while browsing the web over WLAN.
This time I decided to use OpenOffice Calc to create the graph -

The test from: Patrick Blog
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Lenovo Thinkpad X300 further Review

By laptopsbattery - April 26th, 2009, 14:37, Category: General

Lenovo Thinkpad X300 further Review

ThinkPad X300 reason of concern because of its research and its technologies are used in many of today's popular ultra-portable notebook at the same time has always been the focus of attention. Light is the biggest selling point, ThinkPad X300 lightest to 1.33 kilograms (even if the choice of optical drive, weighs only 1.42 kilograms), the thinnest Department only 18.6 millimeters, at the same time with a 7 mm ultra-thin double-layer recordable DVD drive (Also Dell latitude D620 battery use this DVD driver), you can easily Add bags or luggage.

thinkpad X300

Thinkpad X300 Specs

  • Processor: 1.20GHz Intel Core 2 Duo L7100 (800Mhz FSB, 4MB   Cache)
  • Graphics: Intel X3100 as Thinkpad X200 battery
  • Screen: 13.3-inch WXGA+ (1440 x 900, 300 nit) LED backlit   display 
  • Memory: 2GB (up to 4GB configurable) 
  • Storage: 64GB SSD 
  • Optical Drive: Ultra-thin DVD Burner
  • Wireless and Communications: Intel 4965AGN (802.11 a/b/g/n   wi-fi), BlueTooth 2.0 EDR, Intel UWB, GPS, Verizon WWAN (EV-DO) 
  • Battery: 6-cell Li-Ion extended life battery 
  • Ports: 3 USB 2.0 ports, Monitor out port, AC adapter,   headphone/line-out, microphone/line-in, Gigabit Ethernet 
  • Dimensions: 12.4" x 9.1" x 0.73" - 0.92" 
  • Weight: from 2.93lbs with 3-cell battery and no optical   drive to 3.32lbs with 6-cell battery and DVD Burner in 
  • Port Replicator: Via USB 
  • Input: Full sized keyboard, trackpoint navigation, touchpad,   fingerprint reader 
  • Operating System: Windows XP or Windows Vista (in various   flavors) 
  • Other Features: Integrated web camera, powerful thinkpad X300 battery

It to a lot of people compare Apple Macbook Air Apple Macbook Air as "the ultimate thin and light" and the ThinkPad X300 is a "no compromise light" here refers to the uncompromising performance, the existence of Apple Macbook Air interface less than , non-standard optical disk drive, memory card there, and many other battery change not regret, and the ThinkPad X300 is more comprehensive.

Light, is the beginning of thin ThinkPad X300 notebook to get the first impression, as is currently the lightest full-featured notebook 13 inches, really deserves. Whole transmission is still the appearance of the "black" appearance of the classic, although the machine has been monotonous black as main color, but it gives the feeling of losing fashion. Its powerful battery is litium battery as VGP-BPS8 VGP-BPS9 VGP-BPS11 VGP-BPS13. The reason why such a thin and light ThinkPad X300 with its use of the material body has a great relationship, X300 using CFRP carbon fiber and glass fiber GFRP as top and bottom of the body material, to ensure a solid body of good control at the same time weight machine.

Thinkpad X300 battery using locking design, unlock the front left is located in the fuselage, one-handed opening and closing of the notebook some difficulties, but the benefits of this design is the security of the notebook have a good guarantee. Of course, there are less than each notebook, I use the X300 for some time, found that the shaft resistance of a small notebook, so I do not know the design of the notebook, or more than the number of opening and closing of cause; In addition, the skin texture of the matte notebook region, if the user the situation in this touching and humid, it is easy to leave a mark, but it is very difficult to remove.

Thinkpad X300 interior design, in the whole extension of the ThinkPad is still the IBM traditional style, in the middle of the screen set up above the 1.3 million-pixel camera, the camera lights next to the keyboard, user-friendly to use in the dark. In the look down in the notebook inside of the two axes are the logo and the Lenovo logo X300.

Relatively rich interface X300 is a big selling point, many people give up Apple Macbook Air and X300 choose one of the major reasons is because this point. Although the X300 compared to the ordinary 13-inch notebook interface or worse, but has been used to meet the day-to-day. The following is a notebook specific distribution of the interface.

In fact, the whole performance of X300 can only say that it is ordinary, Core 2 Duo L7100 processor frequency of only 1.2GHz as thinkpad X200 battery, but the application of the ordinary day-to-day, or enough. In fact, the hardware configuration of the X300's biggest bright spot is the hard drive is equipped with, X300 uses SSD solid state hard drive, SSD solid state drive uses NAND flash memory, hard drive not have to worry about the collision of data loss, which greatly raised the hard disk data security.

Overall, this notebook is remarkable, 13-inch thin frame, 1.33 kilograms of whole weight, the excellent performance of the hard drive, LED screen, said to be worthy of the ThinkPad family of a milestone for inspiron 6000. But there are also many places with some regret that the general processor performance, interface, or a little weak, especially the price of the current wetlands, or some to be prohibitive. The X300 is currently priced at 24,999 yuan, more suitable for high-end business users, especially for a portable notebook and endurance than the value of this part of users.

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Dell XPS M1730 battery review

By laptopsbattery - April 23rd, 2009, 19:21, Category: General

Dell XPS M1730 battery review

Dell XPS M1730 battery is a standard Dell XPS sereies battery (XPS M1210 battery, XPS M1330 battery, XPS M1530 battery) for notebook. This XPS M1730 battery is a black 9cells 85WHr li-ion Dell battery. On XPS M1730 battery has six indicator lights. When you press the button the lights become green to show its capacitance. There are some battery's detail info on its back as replace code, capacity, using Attentions . Also the interface connect to laptop and bayonet are set on its side.

Excellent Specs :
# High capacity (85WHr) lets your XPS M1730 work longer.
# Quick-charging : fully charged in 3 hours.

Manufacturer Part# : WG317
Dell Part# : 312-0680
Please Notice this : the battery cant replace XPS M1530 battery

Tech Specs :

Product Type :     laptop Battery
 Features : For Dell XPS M1730 Notebook
Battery : 9-Cell Lithium-Ion
Power Provided : 85 WHr

Dell XPS M1730 battery problems:
Thats maybe the dell mainboard and adapter probelm : Just last night I started receiving a message saying,"The AC Power Adapter Type cannot be determined. Your system will operate slower and the battery will not charge. Please connect a Dell 230W AC Adapter or Higher for Best Results".

Customers Rating :

Doesn't hold much charge, maybe an hour (when it was NEW). Now that it is a year old, it holds ZERO charge. If I unplug my computer, the battery holds no charge and the computer crashes immediately. Poor quality, poor value.

The battery that came with my M1730 is so weak my computer shuts down 10 sec after I unplug it. I did not use the battery much - always plugged in. The price is absolutely ridiculous for something that only lasts a year and provides 1 hour of power.

In the end the xps m1730 battery is a new battery as sony VGP-BPS8 VGP-BPS9 VGP-BPS13.There maybe some replacement in the market, you can select a cheap replacement for your OEM battery when you long working with battery. As the frequent "long time discharging" can damage your OEM battery.

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Dell XPS M1530 battery specs

By laptopsbattery - April 21st, 2009, 16:39, Category: General

Dell XPS M1530 battery specs

Always on the way for business or journey? Take it easy about running out of battery power! You can power your XPS M1530 with this 9-Cell Lithium-Ion Primary Battery. With a capacity of up to 85 WHr, the battery lets you work seamlessly when you are on the move for business trips or vacations. This battery provides uninterrupted reliable performance you need to get the most out of your system. This product has been tested and validated on Dell systems. It is supported by Dell Technical Support when used with a Dell system.

Dell XPS M1530 battery Highlights :

# 85 WHr capacity lets you work seamlessly while on the move.
# Offers reliable power for dependable performance
# Up to 600 charge-discharge cycles.
# 1 year warranty for XPS M1530 battery quality

Manufacturer Part# : GP975
Dell Part# : 312-0664

Dell XPS M1530 Tech Specs :

Features : For Dell XPS M1530 Notebook
Battery: 9-Cell Lithium-IonPower Provided : 85 WHr
Product Type : Notebook Battery

Dell XPS M1530 battery customer ratings

Owerhouse of a battery. Charge lasted far longer than the 6 Cell I had prior. I still liked the look of my computer even though this battery was bigger (More bigger than inspiron 1520 1720 9cells battery). The extra weight was not a problem (I am female and not very big.)

It Made my computer (XPS M1530 Laptop) so hot I had to return it and buy the 6 Cell. I could feel the heat off the touch pad and where I place my left hand when typing (where the hard drive is located.)

ConsThis battery is nothing special. Yes it is 9 cells but the poor quality of the battery counteracts the fact that it has 2 extra cells as 9cells latitude D620 battery and latitude D820.

I called tech help who did verify that the battery has more "mass" therefore would be hotter. I was surprised by this because what I had read here had me thinking it would be cooler than the 6 cell. It wasn't. Too bad it was neat.

In all , this 9 Cells XPS M1530 battery is more powerful than 6 Cells XPS M1530 battery, also it become more hotter than 6 cells..

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The basic structure of electric cars

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The basic structure of electric cars

The composition of electric vehicles, including electric drives and control systems, power transmission and other mechanical drive system, complete installation tasks. Power driver and control system is the core of electric vehicles as well as internal combustion engines of motor vehicles from the largest difference. Power driver and control system by the drive motor, power supply and motor speed control device and so on. Electric vehicles equipped with the basic and the other the same internal combustion engine vehicle.

2.1. Of electric vehicles, electric power cars

Power for electric vehicles, electric cars provided by the drive motor power, motor power of the mechanical energy into electrical energy through the direct drive gear or wheel and the work device. At present, electric vehicles on the most widely used lead-acid laptop battery power source is, but with the development of electric vehicle technology, and many are developing new type of battery. These power supply (batteries) are mainly sodium sulfur batteries, nickel-chromium batteries, lithium batteries, fuel cells, flywheel batteries, etc. Application of the new power supply for the development of electric vehicles has opened up broad prospects.

2.2. Of electric vehicles, electric cars drive motor

The role of motor-driven power supply is the mechanical energy into electrical energy through the direct drive gear or wheel and the work device. At present, electric vehicles, electric cars on the widely used series-excited DC motor, this motor has a "soft" mechanical properties, and the car is very consistent with the traffic characteristics. However, due to the existence of DC motor commutation spark power than smaller, less efficient, maintenance workload, with the electric motor control technology and technological development, it is bound to gradually brushless DC motor (BCDM) (Latitude D620 battery), Switched Reluctance Motor (SRM) and replaced by the exchange of asynchronous motor.

2.3. Of electric vehicles, electric car motor speed control device

Motor speed control device for electric vehicles, such as variable speed and direction of change set, its role is to control the motor voltage or current, the completion of the drive motor torque and the control of rotation direction.

Early electric cars, electric cars, electric cars, electric cars using DC motor speed control or change the electrical series resistance of the magnetic field coil turns to achieve. Because there is a level of speed and will produce additional electrical energy consumption or use of the structure of the complex, it is now seldom used. At present, the application of electric vehicles is a wider range of speed control thyristor chopper through the uniform change of the terminal voltage motor control motor current, to realize stepless speed regulation motor. In the electronic power of the continuous development of technology, it also gradually by other power transistor (into the GTO, MOSFET, BTR and IGBT, inspiron e1505 battery etc.) to replace the chopper speed control devices. From technology development, along with the application of the new drive motor, electric vehicles into the speed control of DC Inverter technology, will become the inevitable trend.

Electric vehicles, electric cars in the drive to transform rotary motor control, DC motor armature to rely on contacts or change the current direction of the magnetic field, the spin motor to achieve the transformation, which makes circuit complexity, reliability, lower. When the exchange of asynchronous motor drive, the motor can turn to transform the magnetic field changes the phase sequence of three-phase current to enable simplified control circuitry. In addition, the use of AC motor and VVVF control technology, electric vehicles, electric cars the braking energy recovery control more convenient and more simple control circuit.

2.4. Of electric vehicles, electric cars gear

Electric vehicles, electric cars is the role of transmission of drive torque to the motor vehicle to the driveshaft, when the use of electric-wheel-drive, the transmission components are often the most can be ignored. Because the motor can be activated with the load, so no need for electric vehicles on the clutch of traditional internal combustion engine vehicle. Because of the rotary drive motor circuit can be controlled to achieve the transformation, so no internal combustion engine for electric vehicles in the auto reverse transmission. When motor stepless speed control, electric vehicles can be ignored traditional transmission vehicles. In the use of electric-wheel-drive, the electric vehicles can also be omitted from the traditional internal combustion engine vehicle of the differential transmission system. I also charge my inspiron 1520 battery in my electric vehicle.

2.5. Of electric vehicles, electric car driving device

Electric vehicles, electric car driving device which is driven by the motor torque through the wheels into force on the ground, the drive wheels running. It with other vehicle components are the same, by the wheels, tires and suspension components Pavilion DV4 Pavilion DV5 Pavilion DV7, Pavilion DV3000 and so on.

2.6. Of electric vehicles, electric car steering

Electric vehicles, electric cars for the realization of a special device is a vehicle set up by the turn by turn to drive, steering wheel, steering wheel and steering components, etc.. The role of control in the steering wheel through the steering and steering tilt steering wheel so that a certain point of view, towards the achievement of motor vehicles. Most electric vehicles for the front wheel steering, electric industrial forklift with rear-wheel steering is often used. Electric vehicles are equipped with a mechanical steering steering, hydraulic steering and hydraulic power steering VGP-BPS8 VGP-BPS9 VGP-BPS13 and so on.

2.7. Of electric vehicles, electric cars brake

The braking device for electric vehicles and other motor vehicles, is to slow down or stop and the car set up, usually by the brake control device and its components. In electric vehicles, the general also electromagnetic brake, which can be used to control motor-driven electrical power generation circuit to run, so that when the braking deceleration of energy conversion into the current battery, which has been recycled.

2.8. Electric Vehicle electric cars work device

Electric vehicles, electric cars is the work of installation of industrial electric vehicles operating requirements for the completion of specialized settings, such as electric forklift lifting devices, door frames, forks and so on. Fork lifting and tilting the door frame is usually motor-driven hydraulic systems.

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The HP notebook Problems in 2009

By laptopsbattery - April 17th, 2009, 14:13, Category: General

The HP notebook Problems in 2009

Problems with faulty Nvidia graphics chips that caused large numbers of notebook computers to fail last year may not be over yet -- at least for some.

Some HP users are complaining that their laptops, which were not included in the company's official list of affected machines, are facing problems similar to what other users experienced last year.

"When I boot up my laptop, it says there's no driver and I can't install one. That means my machine locks up and shuts down," says Dana Hight, a HP notebook user who runs a web development company. "It is clearly related to what happened with Nvidia chips last year." Hight has bought his laptop about a year and half ago.

But he, along with other users in one of HP's online support forums, say the company won't recognize his laptop model as one of the versions affected by the faulty Nvidia chips. Hight has the DV9549US model. HP did not respond to a request for comment about the complaints. Now Lenovo update its ThinkPad X200 to solve this probelm.

Last year many consumers saw notebooks and desktops PCs that refused to boot up, did not detect wireless networks or offer any video on the monitor. HP acknowledged problems with about 38 desktops and 14 notebook models, Pavilion DV5 battery. In October, 2008, HP issued BIOS fixes and a limited extended warranty for these machines.  Nvidia has said a problem with the packaging material for some of its chipsets led to the high failure rates. Dell and Apple also reported problems with Nvidia chips in 2008.

But Hight and other users in HP's forums complain that their notebook models from the dv95xx series are facing similar issues.

"About two months ago I started noticing flickering and the system locking up, shutting down and rebooting," says Hight. "It started getting worse but HP told me their technicians are not aware of anything with my chipset for HP newest notebook Pavilion DV7.

Hight, who had bought extended warranty with the now bankrupt Circuit City says he has two options: to pay up to $400 to get a new motherboard, but with the same chipset from Nvidia; or buy a new machine that will cost hundreds of dollars.

A quick look through a thread on one of HP's online support forums reveals similar complaints. HP technicians, say the users online, will not acknowledge their problems as being related to the bad Nvidia chips.

HP has not responded to Wired.com's request for comment. Pavilion DV4 battery

Hight says HP should step up and replace the faulty laptops instead of offering piecemeal fixes. "I would expect HP to give us a solution," says Hight. "Why should users who paid $800 to get a HP laptop have to pay now because they got a bad machine?"

The article is from http://blog.wired.com/

Newest battery coming

By laptopsbattery - April 14th, 2009, 20:28, Category: General

Newest battery coming

Now our factory have designed the newest laptop battery replacement for the recent popular notebook as Dell inspiron mini 9, HP Pavilion DV7, Pavilion DV7 and so on. Next let me introduce them to you one by one.

Dell Inspiron Mini 9 battery :
The Inspiron Mini 9 battery is a Li-ion 14.4V 4400mAh dell batetry. The battery dimension : 140 x 98.9 x 20 mm , Netweight : 482. Color : Black. Its OEM code is W953G and can work with Inspiron Mini 9 and Inspiron Mini 910.

HP mini 1000 battery :

The HP mini 1000 battery is a 3 cells 11.1V 2350mAh battery. The battery dimension 143  x  87 x  10 mm, Weight: 252, Color : Black. Its OEM code is N953G and can work with HP Mini 1000.

HP 2133 battery :

HP Mini-Note 2133 battery is a 3 cells 10.8V 2200mAh battery. Dimension : 20.9 x 3.84 x 2.25 cm, weight : 179. Its OEM code is HSTNN-DB63, HSTNN-DB64, 482262-001. The HP 2133 battery can work for : HP 2133 Mini-Note series Netbook.

HP Pavilion DV3000 battery:

HP Pavilion DV3000 battery is a 6Cells 10.8V 4400mAh battery. Dimension : 204.8 x 53.0 x 20.5 mm, weight : 225, Color: Balck. Its OEM code is 468816-001. The HP Pavilion DV3000 battery can work for : HP pavilion DV3000.

HP Pavilion DV7 battery :

HP Pavilion DV7 battery is a 8Cells 14.4V 4400mAh battery. Dimension : 271.4 x 52.5 x 21.7 mm, Color: Balck. Its OEM code is HSTNN-IB75, HSTNN-C50C, HSTNN-Q35C, 464059-121. The HP Pavilion DV7 battery can work for : HP pavilion DV7 Series.

Sony VGP-BPS8 battery :

Sony VGP-BPS8 is 6Cells 11.1V 4400mAh battery. Its OEM code : VGP-BPS8, BPS8, VGP-BPL8. This Sony VGP-BPS8 can fits for : SONY FZ Series.

Sony VGP-BPS9 battery :

Sony VGP-BPS9 is 6Cells 11.1V 4400mAh battery. Its OEM code : VGP-BPS9, VGP-BPS9A, VGP-BPL9, VGP-BPS9/B. This Sony VGP-BPS9 can fits for : VAIO VGN-AR Series, VAIO VGN-CR Series, VAIO VGN-SZ Series.

Sony VGP-BPS13 battery :

Sony VGP-BPS13 is 6Cells 11.1V 4400mAh battery. Its OEM code : VGP-BPS13, VGP-BSP13/S, VGP-BPS13A/B, VGP-BPS13B/B, VGP-BPL13. This Sony VGP-BPS13 can fits for : Vaio VGN TX series, Vaio FW Series, Vaio CS Series.

HP 510 battery :

HP 510 battery is a 8Cells 14.4V 4400mAh battery. Dimension : 269.9 x 42.0x 23.9 mm, Color : Black . Its OEM code : 440264-ABC, 440265-ABC, 440266-ABC, 440268-ABC, 440704001, 441674-001, 443063-001, HSTNN-FB40, HSTNN-IB45, RW557AA. The HP 510 can fits for : HP 510, HP 530.

Bacilli Cell

By laptopsbattery - April 13th, 2009, 13:44, Category: General

Bacilli  Cell

Biologist predicts that the 21st century will be the times of  bacilli power generating which benefit to mankind. As far as bacilli generation  mentioned, it can be traced back to 1910, the British botanist utilize platinum  as electrodes and put it into the coli-bacillus liquid  that produce the first bacilli battery in the world successfully. In 1984, U.S. scientist  work out a kind of bacilli cell used in spaceship, the active material of  electrode is comes from pilot’ urine and live bacteria.


However, the discharge efficiency of bacilli battery cell is very low at  that time. By the end of 80’s of  20th century, bacilli power generation has important breakthrough, the  British chemist make bacilli to decompose molecule in the cell pile, release  electron to do movement to anode so that generate power. Their measure is to  add some aroma compound, such as dyes into sugar liquid as diluents to improve  the electronic transmission ability of biological system. During bacilli power  generation period, the battery need to be inflated continuously to churn up the  mixture of bacilli liquid and oxidation substance. It has been calculated that utilize  such bacilli cell can get 1352930 Coulomb energy per 100g sugar, the efficiency up to 40%, the efficiency  is outclass the current cell we use, it also has 10% potential waiting to be dredge  up. You can get 2A  current as long as you add sugar to the cell continuously, and it can last for several  months. Now sony (VGP-BPS8) is research the apply of Bacilli  Cell.


Making use of the principle of bacilli power generating can build  up bacilli power station. A 10 meter cube container to full of germ-culture  liquid can establish a 1000 kw bacterial power station, The consumption of  sugar is 200kg per hour, the  cost of power generating is higher some, but this is a kind of green power  generation station which won’t pollute environment, much more, after technology  developed, the sugar liquid can be replaced by sawdust, straw, fallen leaves  and other waste organism. Hence, bacilli power generating has a very attractive  prospect.


At present, every developed countries looks like the eight  immortals crossing the sea, each demonstrating his skill: America schemed out a  sort of comprehensive bacteria cell, the single-cell make use of the sunlight  convert the dioxide and water to sugar, then let the bacilli utilize the sugar  to make power; Japan put two kinds of bacilli into special syrup, let one  bacilli devour sugar to generate acetate acid, then let the other bacilli  convert these acids to hydrogen, the hydrogen enter into phosphoric acid cell  to make power; United Kingdom think up a bacilli cell which take alcohol as  cell fluid and dehydrogenase platinum as electrode. Now thye Bacilli Cell cant be used in laptop battery.


It was also surprised to realize bacterial also has a special power  that it can catch solar energy and convert to electricity directly. Recently,  the America scientist find a  kind of halobacterium salinarium in Dead Sea and Great   Salt Lake, they contain a purple element, when they receive around  10% sunlight they can convert it to chemical substances, and then generate  electric charge. Scientists make use of them to create a small experimental  solar energy bacteria cell, it is proved that the halobacterium bacterial can  be used to generate electricity, the salt instead of sugar which lower the cost  greatly as VGP-BPS8. This shows that allow the bacteria supply electricity to human beings  is not a distant idea but the reality of the near future.


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Repair battery step two : maintain battery shell

By laptopsbattery - April 10th, 2009, 15:18, Category: General

In the last article we learn how to calibrate the battery cell. Now let me introduce how to repair the shell.

Points and then encountered trouble: it was soon filling power  (twice as fast than normal), in the course of discharge to 70% of the  time will suddenly prompt "The battery is dead, please insert the AC  power supply" warning capacity to show an immediate 5%. The beginning  of a long time thought it was not using the battery leads to memory  effect, we should do like a few of the deep cycle. But after several  full charge, after release and found that the improvement is very  small, only about 45 percent take power, with half an hour, we still  have the problem. The largest may be the Inspiron 1520 battery pack in more than one  section or "black sheep" in trouble, have to pull it out!

Red several times in the subsequent discharge cycle every place is  full of electricity and have finished after the battery power to open,  measuring the voltage of each battery pack to find a group of  "different": the per-charge when it voltage to reach 4.2V or even more  than the first, leading to cessation of the entire VGP-BPS2 battery charge, and  discharge when it was first to reach 3.6V or even less, is a typical  decline in capacity. And the largest of which may still be a battery  problem. This group of cells separated from the measurement of voltage,  respectively, found that a battery voltage is low, only about 3.2V, a  separate charge of their voltage quickly reach 4.2V, less than a minute  of time, The A1185 battery basically has no capacity to speak with a light bulb when  the discharge was found, it has the fundamental output current that can  not provide even less than 1mA, measuring its resistance, has reached  more than 2K seems to have been scrapped.
As a result of a "shock therapy" after the restoration of the  normal cells, but not charging voltage reached 4.0V, it seems that it  is "the pot boiled dumplings - do not put out an electric" soldering it  back a battery discharge followed by the use of time of up to 90  minutes, has been near normal level of the battery.

However, when the charge is quickly filled, and disturbed mind up  soon. Was a discharge, it is less than half an hour, open a test, just  fix the bad and the battery.

Not always have to use a "heart to recover," ah, so the value on the lost.

This section of the final decision to do a battery operation, and  then they can not, then replaced the batteries. Peeling of the  batteries, removed the insulation near the cathode cap and found a  slight corrosion around, but I do not like battery leakage and traces,  as well as save. With halogen lamp from the battery positive and  negative, there is no response  Taking into account the previous "Anatomy" the same symptoms when the  batteries are inside the battery with the battery cathode output  between cathode cap (the pressure on, not welded) oxide occurred,  resulting in increased resistance and end-of-life battery , and the  internal battery is still good. Oxide layer in the case is not serious  as long as the battery cap to strengthen the internal contacts and  battery resulting in the battery does not leak if damaged can be  restored. The simplest way is to step up the battery forceps are negative (one  pad insulation film), while measuring the inspiron E155 battery output voltage (or  current), while vertical extrusion batteries, once the battery output  voltage is increased, the current increase (the change is often the  jumping in nature, relatively large changes) to stop immediately, the  battery will be able to repair.
The top edge of the battery cathode cap next to the mouth  ventilation valve with cutting pliers, then immediately measured and  found that the battery has been restored, the output current increases  immediately. In order to insurance purposes, the battery cap in the  week between the edge of the chisel a few more in order to increase the  contact area to ensure that the use of effects.

The battery to re-wrap, solder back to the XPS M1210 battery pack, charge, discharge. The use of time to reach more than 90 minutes.

Again measured with test software and found that the current  capacity of smaller 38.88Wh from the original into a 32.07Wh, a  decrease of nearly 20 percent, but this is the real discharge process,  there is no jump of dropped. After several red discharge cycle, the  capacity has increased by some. Use has been made to the current two  months, everything will be all right.

Repair battery 1: calibrate cell

By laptopsbattery - April 9th, 2009, 2:25, Category: General

Repair battery 1: calibrate cell

First of all, the test voltage to zero, the machine can not start  naturally, can not use power when charging (the battery light does not  shine).

Disassemble the battery, more or less talk about the situation inside the battery.

Battery in a total of 9 can be placed 18 millimeters in diameter,  length 65 mm core CGH18650 models the location of lithium batteries,  Panasonic's 22 batteries in parallel, three groups of series (OK, then  my new Latitude D620 battery, the same, it appears that is 6), there is a very fine  control with a single chip - the protection of the circuit, the circuit  to the computer a total of five output contacts, respectively, are  negative, the clock and data.

First of all, check the sticky in the battery temperature  detection probe (temperature resistance), and temperature protection  insurance, are also normal. Test-retest the battery voltage of each  group, in which two sets of battery voltage of 3.8V, normal; a battery  voltage of 0V, appear to have lapsed. The total battery voltage of  7.6V, then the failure of the battery pack has not yet open, then  measuring the internal resistance was very small, almost in a state  short-circuit.

First of all, failure to deal with Thinkpad T60 batteries, battery repair based  on previous experience, the failure of the battery may not be  completely damaged, can be activated through a number of methods, in  particular the performance of state for the short-circuit the battery.  The voltage of the battery to 0 with one end connected to the circuit  board off line to avoid damage to circuit boards in operation.  Open-circuit battery voltage after the re-survey, is still 0V, ruled  out the possibility of short-circuit boards.

For short-circuit the battery failure, the method is more  effective high-voltage electric current moment method, using the old  IBM power supply (my back-up power), 16V maximum 3A output string on  the multimeter (a tributary of the current file 20A), first negative  power supply Even with the battery anode, and cathode power multimeter  then red table pen, table pen with black multimeter battery cathode  touch, speed, faster as far as possible, the former two degrees to see  the multimeter has reached close to the 2A (moment) and the third on  only 0.4 A about an immediate stop, measure the battery voltage has  been restored to about 3V, the internal battery short-circuit that  point has been an instant high-current boil (If you do not damage the  battery to stop immediately, even if so, battery life and capacity have  been the impact, if conditional, or recommend replacement, but if the  replacement, then try to replace the entire battery pack are). However,  the batteries need to be a separate charge (if the battery charge of  the whole group, this will result in the other two groups had  mesenchymal cells), plug in the charger to start charging ammeter to  monitor during the charge current to 500mA or so, current for the 3.6AH  battery pack is small, but the charger is the charge current is limited  and a small current to the xps m1330 battery charge is good for the resumption.  After about six hours, the charger showed the battery is already full,  continue to re-charge for about two hours, remove the battery, measure  voltage has reached 4.2V, with bright halogen bulb in the flashlight  (3V, 500mA) to discharge its , bulb sharp discharge current of 700mA,  the battery pack that has been basically restored, continue to  discharge until the battery voltage down to 3.8V, the purpose of the  two groups with the same battery voltage, charging time together so as  not to overcharge the Back to the whole battery pack battery circuit  welding.

Since the inspiron 6400 battery voltage while the circuit board there is no  output, then, surely have damaged circuit boards, after observation,  negative input circuit board (take battery) output (then output  contact) is directly connected, and the positive input and output of by  a high-power thyristor control, the thyristor remains cut-off state,  that is, the control circuit has not been output control signals to the  SCR control terminal, or simply the SCR has been destroyed. (Measured  after the control signals that I did not) because I do not have the  ability to repair single-chip microcomputer. IBM to take into account  the protection of the BB more perfect, is about to run out of battery  power will automatically shut down when, this battery is intended to be  used for entertainment, therefore, need not be too concerned about, so  I decided to shake the hp battery protection circuit, directly depend on  BB's protection circuit. SCR is in the input and output pin (that is,  cathode circuit board input and output pin) between the solder on a  small 2A fuse, fuse 2A select the reason is based on current usage, the  largest in the computer power consumption , the current does not exceed  1.9A, 2A capacity sufficient unusual circumstances (for example,  short-circuit accident) but also to ensure that the fuse of the time,  but also play a role in protection.

In fact, directly to the SCR control terminal so that it can also  be a high turn-on, but taking into account the current the battery must  be a reason to burn, and the reasons for the identification of  protective measures taken before or better in order to avoid greater  loss.

Well, the battery power has been the first non-stick, and on the  machine to try it! Normal boot, plug in the power immediately after the  charge on the flashing lights are up, the way when charging the battery  with a random look at battery information management software, was also  displayed, the battery circuit board This shows that the single chip is  still working.

Batteries battery is a Panasonic, the time the factory in June  2000, the first time in October 2000, the design capacity of 38.88Wh,  the current capacity 38.88Wh, is charging cycle: 0 times.

Oh, do not know how to engage in, the inspiron 1300 battery may be burned when  burning confused, even cycles to the zero, Now it maybe a new battery.

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