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How to Re-calibrate laptop battery

By laptopsbattery - February 28th, 2009, 14:36, Category: General

How to Re-calibrate laptop battery

In the last artcile we know how to calibrate laptop battery. Now let me introduce some tips about re-calibrate laptop battery.

It is difficult to predict how long a laptop battery charge will last because each computer user has different habits and needs. The rate at which you use laptop battery power will determine how long you can use the battery of your laptop. You can re-calibrate your laptop battery if the battery's life has gotten shorter over time. Your laptop battery might need a good calibration if it doesn't seem to be getting the mileage that it should. How to re-calibrate laptop battery? The following paragraphs will give you the answer.

First put the laptop computer to sleep by turning off the screensaver and other power management settings of the computer. Then fully charge the computer and allow it to run all the way down until the computer shuts off automatically. Once the laptop battery has fully drained, charge it back up again and restore the screensaver and power management settings.

Re-calibrate your battery every month or so by fully charging, fully discharging, and then fully charging again. Basically to have a chance to re-calibrate your laptop battery is to turn off all power-saving features completely and then fully recharge them. If it doesn't work for the first time then try two more full discharges and recharges.

The above way of re-calibrating the  laptop batteries works well with laptops using Ni-MH cells. But not with laptops using Li-Ion batteries because deep discharges will actually decrease the charge capacity and lifespan of Li-Ion cells. Moreover Li-ion batteries irreversibly lose approximately 20% capacity per year from the time of manufacture at a typical 100% charge level at 25deg.C, even when unused. Li-ion batteries irreversibly lose approximately 2%, 4%, 15% at 0deg.C, 25deg.C and 40deg.C respectively, when stored at 40% charge level. That is every deep discharge cycle decreases the capacity of the Li-ion batteries. As the Li-Ion batteries are chemical in nature, charging and recharging is not going to fix the problem once the chemical reactions stop happening. Therefore the best advice for re-calibrating the Li-Ion batteries is to store the battery at 40% charge if it kept unused for any unlimited period of time. Also don't leave the battery in the laptop if you don’t use the battery or if you plug the laptop into outlet power.

You can also re-calibrate your laptop battery using Thinkpad T61 Battery Maximizer in order to maximize your laptop battery’s life. If your laptop has IBM ThinkPad Battery MaxiMiser and Power Management features installed, you can verify the condition of the laptop battery. You can check the status of your battery using the Battery MaxiMiser Gauge in the taskbar tray. The ThinkPad's Lithium Ion battery pack that seems to be an intelligent battery uses a microprocessor to monitor its capacity. Then the microprocessor of the battery pack passes the information about the remaining battery capacity to the laptop. The laptop indicates the capacity with high accuracy.

Using the Dell inspiron 6400 Laptop Battery Learning Utility, a modified version of a Win98 boot floppy, can also help you. Just place it in the floppy drive, and then turn on the computer. The re-calibration process is automated and takes about six hours to finish. This utility is available in different versions for different models. You can run the utility every two months.

If the laptop battery is still bad then it must have developed a memory that cannot be erased easily. If calibration doesn't help, then it is the right time to purchase another battery.

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Acer aspire One battery specs

By laptopsbattery - February 25th, 2009, 13:53, Category: General

Acer aspire One battery specs

Aspire One OEM Power supply and Acer Battery
- 30 W adapter with power cord
- 24 W 2200 mAh 3-cell Li-ion battery pack
- 57 W 2600 mAh 6-cell Li-ion battery pack
- 3-hour battery life for SKUS with NAND flash module and 3-cell laptop battery pack
- 7-hour battery life for SKUS with NAND flash module and 6-cell battery pack

Extend Aspire one battery specs :
Chemistry: Li-ion
Volt: 11.1V
Capacity: 4400mAh
Dimension: 203.20 x 29.30 x 20.80 mm
Color: White or black

Just order a new 10-inch aspire one, you will find that its OEM 3 cell battery is too weak ( only can work about 2-3 hours). There are some extend aspire one batteries in the market as 6cells 4400mAh, 6Cells 5800mAh, 9cells 6600mAh. Their work time with wi-fi is 4400mAh 5-6 hours, 5800mAh ( inspiron 1300 battery) 8 hours, 6600mAh 9 hours. You can select one of these to meet your work or fun requirement.

But in my opinion, the 6cell 4400mAh aspire one battery is the best, as it can work about 6 hours that means we have enough time to deal our works or watch a movie. Also it only has  4400mAh 6cells, so its weight is the light as its notebook. You can easily take it to any place. The 6600mAH 9cells aspire onr battery is too heavy that it is strang to meet the light aspire one notebook.

In the beginning, the aspire one  battery price is too expensive as its notebook. From engadge t: We fully understand that time is money, but damn. With quite a few folks up in arms over the $50 to $100 price hike on the 6-cell MSI Wind over the standard 3-cell version, we can only imagine the outcries that will come after seeing this. CDW has a product page up that describes an Acer Li-ion 6-cell 5,200mAh battery that's designed to fit snugly within the $379.99 Acer Aspire One netbook. Let's see here -- a $119.99 battery for a $379.99 computer. Is that the absurdity alarm sounding, or are our ears still ringing from all the weekend revelry? Also The VGP-BPS2 battery is only $120 .

Now the aspire one battery reduced , you can spend $76.53 and £56.17 or less to get it.

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Dell inspiron 1525 battery specs

By laptopsbattery - February 16th, 2009, 19:01, Category: General

6 Cell Dell inspiron 1525 battery specs

Power your inspiron 1525 with 6 Cell Primary battery. It allows you to work seamlessly when you are on the move for business.

The inspiron 1525 battery features :
    * 6-Cell lets you work seamlessly while on the move
* Offers reliable power for dependable performance

Over view : :
Always on the go? No more worries about running out of battery power! You can power your Laptop with this 6-Cell Primary Battery from Dell™. It allows you to work seamlessly when you are on the move for business trips or vacations. This battery provides uninterrupted reliable performance you need to get the most out of your system. This product has been tested and validated on Dell systems. It is supported by Dell Technical Support when used with a Dell system.

Manufacturer Part# : D608H
Dell Part# : 312-0625

Customer review :
This laptop battery drains very quickly. I get maybe 45 mins out of it while only using Word program. I have thought about buying another battery so that I may actually accomplish something while mobile, but at $149.99 forget it!!

As previous review...goes down within 28-29 minutes (not even for half an hour)....I too have no much programs running in my new system....Don't waste money in this cell plz....

This inspiron 1300 battery is a waste. Once your laptop is unplugged from the charger and relying solely on this battery, do not expect to use it for longer than 30 minutes to an hour at the most. And mine is brand new. The only program I have running is Itunes and with no notice, after only a short while, off goes the whole system...battery dead. Not cool considering how much they charge for this. 2 thumbs DOWN. BOOOOOOOOOOO.

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Extend laptop battery life

By laptopsbattery - February 10th, 2009, 13:02, Category: General

Extend laptop battery life

We prefer laptop to PC  most for portable office work, the laptop battery is the most important part of the laptop working.So we must take a high attention to the laptop battery life.

We say the laptop battery life is not the laptop battery working time, but the battery working time determine the laptop battery life. Also the laptop battery life means that the using time (charge-discharge cycle of the battery). Generally  this number always between 400-600 cycles. So we can prolong the charge and discharge rate to extend the battery life. That means you must try your best to extend the laptop battery working time. Also we can hack and revive the "dead laptop battery" to extend the laptop battery charge-discharge cycle.

As we all know, usually the 6 cell capacity laptop battery  are only can last work for 2-3 hours in natural working. So we can extend the laptop working time by using the following tips:  

Use high capacity battery : You can choise the higher capacity battery for longer working time. The inspiron 1300 battery prefers a partial rather than a full discharge. Frequent full discharges should be avoided when possible. Instead, charge the battery more often or use a larger battery.

Only run what you need. Keeping programs running in the background will require more system resources, and use more of the precious battery juice. There's a reason that some programs load slower than others, and that's because they need more system resources. Try to keep as few programs as possible open, and avoid programs that slow your computer down even at the best of times.

Dim the Lights :
Turn down the brightness of the LCD panel (via the Function-key combo, or in the Control Panel's Display Settings dialog) to the lowest level you can tolerate. The backlight sucks power like the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree.

Charge and discharge : For lithium ion batteries, you do not need to discharge them fully and recharge constantly. Since they don't have the same "memory" as older nickel-metal hydride batteries, it is actually better to discharge a lithium ion only partially before recharging. You need to do a full discharge only about every 30 charges.

Be careful with the external peripherals too. Unplug USB devices, PCMCIA devices and any other crazy things you've got plugged in if possible. as your system uses power to interact with them.

Run your laptop in less performance : the more performance of laptop, the more power expend.

Take out your battery : Consider   removing the inspiron 6000 battery from a laptop when running on fixed power.

Carefully maintain your battery : keep your battery in dry clean and cool place. Wet and dirty can erode your laptop battery. Avoid propping your laptop on a pillow, blanket, or other soft surface that can heat up. Your battery is a lot less efficient when not within its standard operating temperature range.

Revive dead laptop batterycontinue use dead battery by using some methods to activation them.

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Dell inspiron 1300 battery specs

By laptops-battery.co.uk - February 8th, 2009, 13:47, Category: General

6 Cell Dell inspiron 1300 battery

53 WHr 6-Cell Lithium-Ion Primary Battery for Dell Inspiron 1300/ B120/ B130/ Latitude 120L Laptops

Dell inspiron 1300 battery

Inspiron 1300 battery specs:
    * Provides 53 WHr capacity
    * Offers reliable power for dependable performance
    * Powers up your system for business trips and vacations
    * This product has been tested and validated on Dell systems to ensure it will work with your computer
    * Supported by Dell Technical Support when used with a Dell system

Lithium-Ion laptop battery are longer lived than conventional batteries and do not require replacement as often. This 6-Cell Lithium-Ion Primary Battery from Dell? helps you power up your system for business trips and vacations. With a capacity of 53 WHr this battery lets you work seamlessly when you are on the move. This product has been tested and validated on Dell systems. It is supported by Dell Technical Support when used with a Dell system.

This product comes with 1 year limited warranty. For more information about warranties, please click here: www.dell.com/warranty.

Dell Part# : 312-0416. Fits for : inspiron 1300, inspiron B.

Tech specs :
Device Type: Notebook battery
Battery Quantity: 1
Technology : 6-cell lithium ion
Voltage Provided: 11.1 V
Capacity: 53 Wh

Customer review :
My original battery worked for barely a year. Second one lasted 3 months, now it doesn't work at all. I follow all the recommendations for preserving battery power. It's a pretty cheap practice for Dell to try to make money off of repeated purchases of weak and bad batteries, weaker than inspiron 6000 battery. Between the bad batteries and the bad customer service, I'm never purchasing from Dell ever again.

    ConsBattery failure suddenly after warranty expired.Very inconvenient as battery indicator inaccurate and often indicates there is power when actually there is less than 2 minutes.
The expense of replacement battery is just ridiculous. I have enjoyed Dell products for the past 5 + years and now questioning the value and durability/reliability over time. One year is not enough!

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Laptop battery recall

By laptopsbattery - February 5th, 2009, 12:33, Category: General

Laptop battery recall

As you move into the final weeks of the semester, we want to send a brief reminder of the dangers of certain laptop batteries.  A laptop battery recall has been in effect since 2006, but there is still a chance that you are using a recalled battery.

We recommend that you visit your laptop manufacturer’s website to confirm whether or not your battery is safe. You can find information about product specific recalls at the following manufacturer websites:
  Apple laptop battery recall: https://support.apple.com/ibook_powerbook/batteryexchange/main?id=qp
  Toshiba laptop battery recall : http://www.csd.toshiba.com/cgi-bin/tais/su/su_sc_dtlView.jsp?soid=1482876
Gateway laptop battery recall :http://www.gateway.com/battery/
Acer laptop battery recall : http://www.acerbatteryrecall.com/AcerWeb/
IBM laptop battery recall : http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss/document.do?lndocid=BATT-LENOVO
Dell laptop battery recall : http://www.dellbatteryprogram.com/

A limited number of batteries in use with various Apple and Dell  Laptop models are being recalled.? Apple and Dell are taking a  proactive approach and recalling and replacing all batteries from  specific production runs.?

In cooperation with the U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and  other regulatory agencies worldwide, Dell announced on 08/14/06 the  voluntary recall of approximately 4.1 million Dell-branded lithium-ion  inspiron 6000 batteries with cells manufactured by Sony.? Under rare conditions, it  is possible for these batteries to overheat, which could cause a risk  of fire.

Dell is working diligently with us to identify and locate any potentially affected batteries within our install base.?


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