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"Dell AC power adapter type cannot be determined" solution

By laptopsbattery - January 31st, 2009, 13:38, Category: General

How to solve the problem "Dell AC power adapter type cannot be determined"

The "Dell AC power adapter type cannot be determined" problem description

I have brand new Inspiron 1520.
Battery fully charged, when I unplug the charger from the wall, but let the plug in the Inspiron for a while (let's say a night), when I startup my computer, I get the message "The AC power adapter type cannot be determined. Your system will operate slower and the battery will not charge. Please connect a Dell 90W AC adapter or higher for best system operation" (needless to say that the power adapter IS a Dell 90W...).Unplugging and replugging the adapter solves the problem.

The problem happens frequently at Dell inspiron 1525,inspiron 6000, inspiron 600m, XPS m1330, latitude D600 and so on.

The "Dell AC power adapter type cannot be determined" problem cause :

There are many small silver wires creating a jacket around the cable that frequently fall out. After a few of them break from bending the cable during NORMAL usage there is a   drop in voltage but still PLENTY to run and charge the computer.

Break open the power brick. (Yes, really break, beacause there are no screws)

And yes .. as many people suspected the small pin of the connector  is the DATA line and is connected to a Dallas DS 2501 1-wire memory  chip in the power brick. The 2501 is 512 bit EPROM with also an unique  identification code. Measurement by oscilloscope made it clear that  this chip is indeed DEAD, the 'high' voltage on the DATA line was about  0.6 V while it should be at least 2.2 V.

When disconnecting the data line from the memory chip and measuring  the signal level on the DATA line when plugging in the connector in the  laptop the signal level is back to a perfect 3.3 V and the laptop is  clearly sending request signals, so the laptop should be o.k.

Of course this minor defect can't easily be repaired, because when  buying a new DS-2501 as a replacement, first it should be programmed  with the right data, so you need programming software/hardware and of  course a power brick with a still intact DS-2501 to copy the data from!

Dell's Customer service reply :

Hello All,
I am sorry for the frustration, but I am 100% confident there is no conspiracy afoot to sell ac adapters by designing them to fail. We warranty those parts and designing them to fail would drive up warranty costs. If your ac adapter needs to be replaced, I will be glad to dispatch you one myself [out-of-date information removed].

To all others on this thread, if you would like me to replace your ac adapter, please contact the site mods here to get my email address. Then email me your service tag, name and current ship to address. I will overnight you all replacement ac adapters and power cords. Thanks for your patience.

An expert's advise about "Dell AC power adapter type cannot be determined"


Concerning this problem, I was also disapointed with the limitations  imposed due to the PSID signal on my Dell Inspiron 1100 battery. So this is my  solution.

OK the ID function is there for a reason, Dell  designed it to help preserve the battery etc, but having emailed tech  support with a request for a software override or some other solution  to be able to switch off the PSID requirement, they either could or  would not help. Just recommended I purchase (as people have said) more  of their charging equipment etc. which I also think is a bit  unreasonable.

They could easily update the Bios to allow user selection of this function.

Anyway, I ummmed and errred for a while, and then thought why not move  the mysterious ID chip from the adapter to permanently inside the  Laptop and disconnect the middle ID pin so the laptop ALWAYS thinks it  has a correct adapter connected. Fine by me. And you can still adjust  the power saving mode on screen anyway.

Now I don't recommend this to most people as its quite tricky. I'm an  electronics engineer and have experience with circuits etc. and it took  me a couple of days to do it with inspiron 1300 battery. Remember warranties probably go out of  the window.

The first problem is to get your good Dell adapter apart. The case is  glued together, and withought butchering it completely, takes some  effort to get apart with blunt knives etc. Then unsolder the end of the  metal shield nearest the output cord to get to the back of the circuit  board.

The (Dallas semiconducter) chip is near the output wires, and  fortunately its a pretty simple circuit, just three components: The 6  pin chip of which only pins 1 and 2 are used, a protection diode across  them, and a tiny 100 Ohm resister.

Very carefully (you only have one chip) unsolder those three bits  (actually its better to replace the resister with a standard 1/4W),  making note of the connections. Solder fine wires to the chip pins (I  used one strand of a cable). Then add the other two bits to the wires laptop battery.  Wrap in a little PVC tape with just the two connections showing.

The Laptop unfortunately needs a lot of dismantling to get to the back  of the power socket. I had to take of the inspiron 6400 battery, the keyboard, the  screen, unclip the wires etc. take out the hard drive, unscrew all the  screws in the back, and lift off the top cover. Needs care.

Cut the middle connection from the back of the power socket so you get  a little stub left down to the motherboard. Then just solder the  appropriate pins of your chip package to ground and the stub, so that  it sits in a good position clear of any screws etc.

The simple solution about "Dell AC power adapter type cannot be determined"

There are many small silver wires creating a jacket around the cable. After a few of them break from bending the cable during NORMAL usage there is a drop in voltage but still PLENTY to run and charge the computer. The whole thing about the CPU running at a slower speed is totally unnecessary and only there to further encourage a new purchase.

The wiring and AC adapter are DESIGNED to fail. I have never had one last longer than about a year. Oh, and if you try to get a non-Dell adapter (universal) it won't work either.My macbook 13 battery has not the same situation.

This is basically an engineered weakness causing many AC adapter orders and a borderline scam if you ask me.

There are many small silver wires creating a jacket around the cable. After a few of them break from bending the cable during NORMAL usage there is a drop in voltage but still PLENTY to run and charge the computer.

Start laptop as normally with AC supply, after complete booting of system, turn off AC plug, just press the cable (coming from adapter) towards the adapter (with normal force) and Turn On AC. Surprisingly it’s charging my laptop battery.

Put it all back together, and it works well. I now get no more  notifications of unrecognised adapters and full speed operation  whenever I want. :)

Some Dell customer say :

The excuse Dell gives for disabling the computer in this way, that the computer has to "adjust the performance to match the power available", is a joke. How does the computer know how much power is available if it can't identify the adapter? Why does running my computer at half speed somehow ensure that I will have enough power available, regardless of what adapter I might be using? If Dell really did have the customers' interests in mind when creating this "functionality", they would have provided a way to override it in the BIOS for those who know they have a powerful enough adapter. Clearly, this is simply a way to force people to replace lost or worn adapters (which typically are not under warranty) only from Dell.

Dell is notorious for these types of games. While researching this problem, I came across one case in which their desktop computers came with power supplies that looked identical to industry-standard ATX power supplies. However, if you attempted to use the power supply with a replacement motherboard that was not from Dell, it would destroy your computer. (see the wikipedia article on the ATX standard, where there is a section devoted to Dell: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atx .)

I was shocked to read one post in this forum in which someone describes having the same problem on their brand new XPS1530. I had this issue on my inspiron 8600 battery about four years ago. It's one thing for Dell to try to lock people into using only Dell adapters, but continuing to do it after so many years of knowing all the unintended grief it causes for customers makes me never want to buy a Dell again. I just canceled my order for an XPS1530 after reading Matias's post. (no joke. customer 95034710).

The Dell support solution about "Dell AC power adapter type cannot be determined"

1. Update the bios (I have A01, A03 is out). Ok, but I can't. In  order to do so, you must have the battery and the AC Adapter plugged in  or the update program gives an error and forces you to cancel.

2. Motherboard needs to be replaced. Don't think so, it worked just  fine before on the older AC Adapter. Plus if they searched this forum  they would see that that did not work for others with the same problem.
But obviously it is not helpful.

The all info is from Dell and getsatisfaction.com
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Dell XPS M1330 battery specs

By laptopsbattery - January 30th, 2009, 20:44, Category: General

Dell XPS M1330 battery specs

Worries about running out of battery power? Power your DELL XPS M1330 with this 9-Cell Lithium-Ion Primary Battery from Dell.  With a capacity of up to 85 WHr, the battery lets you work seamlessly when you are on the move for business trips or vacations. This battery provides uninterrupted reliable performance you need to get the most out of your system. This product has been tested and validated on Dell systems. It is supported by Dell Technical Support when used with a Dell system.

This product comes with 1 year limited warranty. For more information about warranties, please click here: www.dell.com/warranty.

Device Type : laptop battery
Battery Enclosure Type: Internal
Technology : 9-cell lithium ion
Capacity : 85 Wh

Feartures :
85 WHr capacity lets you work seamlessly while on the move
Offers reliable power for dependable performance

Dell Part# : 312-0567
Work with : XPS M1330 battery

Customer Review
  I have just ordered a replacement battery 14 months after getting the xps. This is Dell's last chance. If this one quit after a year, it will be the last Dell I buy. If I am going to spend a few hundred each year, then I'll just buy a cheaper laptop & replace it when it inevitably becomes obsolete.

The battery recharged quickly and lasted up to 5 hours, and then BOTH of the new inspiron 6000 batteries began to loose the ability to charge after about 12-14 months. They were purchased and used in like. This seems a very poor life span for several hundred dollars.

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Dell inspiron 6400 battery

By laptopsbattery - January 20th, 2009, 20:19, Category: General

Dell inspiron 6400 laptop battery

  • 85 WHr capacity inspiron 6400 battery lets you work seamlessly while on the move
  • Provides very safe charging and discharging
  • Offers reliable power for dependable performance

Always on the go? No more worries about running out of battery power! You can back up your system with this 9-Cell Lithium-Ion Primary Battery from Dell?. With a capacity of up to 85 WHr, the battery lets you work seamlessly when you are on the move for business trips or vacations. It provides uninterrupted long life and consistently reliable performance you need to get the most out of your system. This product has been tested and validated on Dell systems. It is supported by Dell Technical Support when used with a Dell system.

Tech Specs: General
Device Type: inspiron 6400 Notebook battery
Battery Enclosure Type: Internal
Dimension : 8.1*2.4*0.9
Weight: 17 oz
Technology: 9-cell lithium ion
Voltage Provided: 11.1 V
Capacity: 85 Wh
Max Recharge Cycles: 500

Customer review:
Like so many others, I am completely dissatisfied with the price/performance of this battery. At 1.5 years old, it will no longer provide any usable life. $200 for a replacement is way out of line. But this is a "portable" computer after all, so I will have to hand over the cash for a new battery. I will certainly look at alternatives next time I'm in the market for a laptop.Dell really needs  to step up and address this problem. For a company that built its  reputation on quality products and customer support - it is totally  lacking here. If the short battery life can't be fixed, how about a  discounted trade in policy so owners won't feel like they are being  cheated. 

For only 500 theoretical cycles, this battery should be much cheaper. I took very good care of it (took it out when it was charged, and I was using AC) and it still only lasted about 2 years.

Dell Part# : 312-0428
   Fits for : Dell Inspiron e1505, Dell inspiron 6400, Vostro 1000, Inspiron 1501

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Simple introduce about dell inspiron 6400

By laptopsbattery - January 18th, 2009, 17:59, Category: General

Simple introduce about dell inspiron 6400

As far as we know, Dell inspiron 6400, like so much of the Dell range, has upped the memory to 2GB from the two 512MB modules of DDR 2 SDRAM featured in our version. It's pretty light and portable and offers high performance and great media options (like the Inspiron e1505). Basically, you get the best of both worlds, at a reasonable price.

Dell inspiron 6400 Specs :

  •   Intel Core Duo T2400 / 5 Mb Cache / 1.83 GHz / 667 MHZ FSB
  • 15.4" Wide-screen XGA Display with Truelife
  • 120 Gb 5400 rpm Sata Hard Drive
  • 1 Gb DDR2 SDRAM / 553 MHZ
  • 256 Mb ATI Mobility Radeon X1400 Hyper memory
  • Windows XP Media Center
  • 9 - Cell Battery

The Dell Inspiron 6400 is 36x27x4cm and weights a tad under 3kilos. It has a 15.4inch screen with display resolution of 1680x1050 that I am told is WSXGA+. The fonts looked a little strange but were very readable. Displaying folders gave the icons a rather larger separation but this was just a difference and not a problem.

The model we tested included a Core Duo 2600 processor, 1GB of memory and an 80GB hard drive, as well as a 256MB ATI Radeon X1400 graphics chip. A 6400 with these specifications will set you back AU$3,189.

If  you are a multi-tasker, you will love the Core Duo. For example, I was  installing software, playing a video, and chatting on Windows Live  Messenger at the same time with no troubles. Considering I didn't get  the highest processor, I was quite impressed. With 1 Gb of RAM, I had  no problems. Start-up time is very quick once you get rid of the  annoying stuff Dell includes. My start-up usually averages a minute.

The  Intel Wireless card (Intel Pro Wireless as inspiron 6000) is very good using my  standards. Dropped connections were limited and it was easy to use. You  can easily shut it off when you are not using it by pressing Fn + F2.  For this card, you can use the software Intel provides or the one  Windows has, Windows Zero. I personally prefer Zero because it's easier  to use.

Inspiron 6400 battery  life  is very respectable. I wasn't expecting much and I  almost ordered an extra to go with it. Under normal tasks (WiFi on, 75%  brightness, Windows Media Visualizations), the battery lasted about 3  hours and 15 minutes. With WiFi off, and playing games with low  brightness, I was able to get about 3 hours and 34 minutes. I bet that  you can squeeze 4 hours if you really wanted. It also can fit for inspiron 1501 battery.

Regardless, the 6400 will likely stay on your desk for most of its  existence. Its 2.8kg heft is far from feather-weight, and you'll  definitely start grumbling after walking with it for 20 minutes or  more. It's fine for shorter distances, but true mobility can only be  found in a sub-2kg offering such as the Sony VAIO VGN-TX27GP.

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Revive dead laptop battery

By laptopsbattery - January 15th, 2009, 21:23, Category: General

Revive dead laptop battery


We buy laptop for our daily life and office work. When we show a demo or PPC for our customers or work on non power supply rooms with laptops. We also worry about its laptop battery. As the all laptop battery have their life, after charging for about 600-800 cycles it cant work, we call them as "dead laptop battery". When we have no  latitude d630 battery replacement, we try to revive dead laptop batteries.


In fact revive dead laptop battery is simple work. You can use some physical methods to activation the dead battery cells. Usually you can revive dead laptop battery using familiar tools. You only need a refrigeratory, a locked bag, a charger. Then do the following works step by step. You shall revive your dead laptop battery.

  • First put the dead laptop battery in a zip lock.
  • Then put the zip into refrigeratory and keep it in freezer for 14 - 15 hours.
  • Afer waitinf for a long time, take the dead laptop battery out of refrigeratory .
  • Using clean and soft cloth to dry the battery and get the battery to room temperature (about 20° - 25°)
  • In the end fully charging and discharging the battery for 3 - 4 cycles.
  • Now you would see that your dead battery holding up charge for 1-2 hours.
  • See the detail video in metacafe.com

What are you waiting for, why not take a try to your dead laptop battery? Good luck.


The article is from : Revive laptop battery

Hack laptop battery

By laptopsbattery - January 15th, 2009, 21:21, Category: General

Hack dead laptop battery

As far as we know, the new 6 cells laptop battery die after 600-800 charging and discharging circles. Then we spend $80 or more to buy a replacement.Its too expensive, and these dead laptop batteries can pollute our environment if we dropped them random. Now I see a video about "hack dead laptop battery". Let me introduce the "hack laptop battery " for you.

Generally, our "dead laptop battery" is the laptop battery that cant work or cant supply any power. Most "dead laptop battery" are only power exhasut battery but not broken battery. Most accessories of these batteries are good, we can replace the battery cells to hack our laptop battery.

First you must prepaire some tools as  multimeter, electric welding tool, tin stick, 6 new cells, wire and so on. Then you can hack dead laptop battery  yourself following these steps:

  1. First take the dead laptop battery out of your laptop.
  2. Then take the battery apart.
  3. You will see 6 cells connected by wire. Carefully examine every cells by a multimeter to ensure the cells are powerless.
  4. Use a electric welding tool to separate cells from wires. Then take them out of battery shell.
  5. Then welding the new cells together by consulting the dead cells combination and blueprint.
  6. Put the new cells into battery pack and connect the wires and cells.
  7. In the end put the two peices of battery back together. Cool down it for about 48 hours.
  8. Now hack dead laptop battery complete. You will found that the new battery works again.
  9. Also some strange shape batteries like thinkpad T61 battery and inspiron 6400 battery are the unsuitable hack example.

This is the hack dead laptop battery video : Metacafe

Please note that: do everything carefully, as the cells can explode if you strike it hard or the cell is too hot when you weld them. In all if you are a DIY expert, dont try to hack dead laptop battery, buy a new one is the best choice.

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How to Calibrate laptop battery

By laptopsbattery - January 15th, 2009, 21:18, Category: General

How to Calibrate laptop battery

After using for months, the battery get weak and cant fully discharge. Also in this situation the laptop battery's 76% even less in work.Now we need to Calibrate laptop battery. I found a note about  recondition laptop battery from HP manufacturer’s handbook. Surprisingly, it offered some really helpful laptop battery calibration and maintenance tips, which I’d like to share with you:

Calibrating a Battery Pack

When to Calibrate inspiron 6000 battery
Even if a battery pack is heavily used, it should not be necessary to calibrate it more than once a month. It is not necessary to calibrate a new laptop battery pack before first use. However, make sure that the battery pack is fully charged, especially if it is the only power source.

Calibrate laptop battery pack under the following conditions:
? When the battery status display seems inaccurate.
? When you observe a significant change in normal batteryrun time.
? When the battery pack has not been used for one monthor more.

How to Calibrate laptop battery
To Calibrate laptop battery pack, you must fully charge, fullydischarge, and then fully recharge the battery pack.

Charging the Battery Pack

Fully charge the battery pack when the notebook is in use. To charge the battery pack:
1. Insert the battery pack into the notebook.
2. Connect the notebook to external power through an AC adapter. (The battery light turns on.)
The battery light turns off when the  battery pack is fully charged.

Discharging the inspiron 6400 battery Pack

Disabling Hibernation
To fully discharge the battery pack, disable Hibernation temporarily.
To disable Hibernation:
? Select the Power Meter icon on the taskbar or access Power Options > Hibernate, and clear the Enable Hibernate support check box.

Discharging the battery Pack
After the battery light turns off, which indicates that the battery pack is fully charged, begin discharging the battery pack.

    To fully discharge the inspiron 1501 battery pack:
  1. Select the Power Meter icon on the taskbar, or select Start > Control Panel > Performance and Maintenance > Power Options > Power Schemes.
  2. Write down the 3 settings in the Plugged In column and the
  3. settings in the Running on Batteries column, so you can reset them after calibration.
  4. Select the drop-down lists and set all 6 options in both columns to Never.
  5. Select the OK button.
  6. Disconnect the notebook from the external power source, but do not turn off the notebook.
  7. Run the notebook on battery power until the battery pack is fully discharged. The battery light begins to blink when the battery pack has discharged to a low-battery condition. When the battery pack is fully discharged, the power/Standby light turns off and the notebook shuts down.
      Recharging the Battery Pack 
  1. Connect the notebook to external power and keep the notebook connected until the battery pack is fully recharged and the battery light turns off.
  2. ?You can use the notebook while the battery pack is recharging, but the battery pack will charge faster if the notebook is turned off.
  3. Select the Power Meter icon on the taskbar or select Start > Control Panel > Performance and Maintenance > PowerOptions > Power Schemes.
  4. Reenter the 3 settings you wrote down for the 3 options in the Plugged In column and for the 3 options in the Running on Batteries column.
  5. Select the OK button.

Now you already Calibrate laptop battery

The article is from : http://www.eastwoodzhao.com/maintaining-and-calibrating-a-laptop-battery-pack/
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